Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hopeless hotel.

In a hotel again.
The Travelodge on University Avenue in Berkeley, California, USA.
A large room with two double beds, a small desk, a round table with two comfy chairs, a large TV and a coffee machine.
Home for the next two days.
The Fuso Szulc has been parked next to the room and is not on duty.

It is all very well that the room has two double beds and all the other facilities but it is really inconvenient that the promise made on the website of the Travelodge Hotel, that every room has high speed Internet access is not delivered.
There is no high speeds Internet access in the room.
There is a signal but it is too weak to get on line.
The lady from the reception was asked what was going on.
Her name Sheila Huckaby.
Claiming to have a British passport and this might be true as she talks like a woman from London.
The answer she gave is simple.
According to her too many people are on line at the same time.
Not only people from the hotel but from the neighbourhood as well.
This is because the Travelodge WIFI system works without a password.
Anybody in the neighbourhood can use it.
Why doesn’t Travelodge have a password protected WIFI systrem servicing adequately their guests paying 120 $ (88 Euros) a night ?
To deliver on the promises they make on their website?
Because, according to Sheila Huckaby, this would mean having to change the password every day.
Is that more trouble ?

Not to have Internet access is very much to the disadvantage of the frequent traveller.
No knowledge about the recently received e-mails.
No chance to reply nor send any message.
No witnessing of the historic high level of the Dow Jones (over 14.000) and no option to consequently contact the bank to take adequate action.
No option to do more research in preparation of the sessions tomorrow.
No possibility to use SKYPE and communicate with family and friends through this system.
No access to the websites booked under favourites as there is and

Probably some fervent and loyal blog readers may wonder why on earth the foothills of the Sierra Nevada have been changed for Berkeley.
And why in a hotel and not in a campground or a Walmart parking lot.
Plus reasons why in Berkeley suddenly.

It must be puzzling and probably considered erratic when learning the travel itinerary of this nomad.

Tomorrow morning at 10 will be a meeting in Dr. Keasling’s laboratories in the Biocenter in Berkeley.
And Thursday a meeting in Dr. Chu’s laboratories in the Hildebrand Building on the campus of the University of Berkeley.

But meanwhile somewhere up in the air two wounded birds are circling higher and higher on the warm air.
In different places but somehow together.
They are not wounded nor incapicated to fly properly.
To the contrary: they are flying like the best birds in the sky.
Their wounds happen to be inside.
In their bird’s hearts.
Wounds made when the birds were vulnerable and innocent and too young to defend against cruelty.

But the two birds have met by incredible coincidence and while continuing their wild flying in their own areas of the sky they keep an eye on each other from far away in the immense sky.
Because they now know about each other.
How afraid they are of life.
How fearful they are of anything besides using the own wings to fly.

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Jodi said...

I would like to offer a suggestion regarding hotels and internet access...

Before checking in, simply ask to first see the room the ensure it meets your requirements. This is a common practice for business travellers. The desk clerk will happily provide you access and while in the room you can verify the Internet access is functional.

If the desk clerk refuses to allow you to first inspect the room, believe me you may not want to stay there.