Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's about sexuality

In India there is the world-renowned temple town of Khajuraho in northern Madhya Pradesh that is designated by UNESCO as a world heritage site for its archaeological and historical monuments.
We find there the famous erotic sculptures on the sides of the temples.

Made in the 10th century A.D., at the time in that society, no objections nor restrictions were present to openly show images of sexuality.

If we are conscious of the current situation concerning sexuality we must realize that the way a society relates to sexuality can change.
And can differ from another society.

There can be a time and a society where openly exhibiting erotic sculptures is no problem and a society and a time where one bare breast on TV creates a general uproar.

We also see social geographic differences.
What is possible in one country, is forbidden in another country in the same time.

For example nudity on beaches in Europe is common while nudity on American beaches is banned.

Another example occurred last night when there was a conversation with 3 Polish women who explained that all of them were wearing G-strings as underwear.

And that in summer time they are not wearing underwear at all.
Because it is cool and gives a special feeling.
Not only was this information revealing but also the fact that these women were openly talking about it without any hesitation or shame.
Not in any other country was this experienced yet.

A last example is that in Brazil, for some time already, many people shave their pubic hair.
In that society this is not an issue and has become a socially accepted way of dealing with the body.
This shaving of pubic hair has now also reached Europe where it has become a common practice as well.
In places like the sauna and the beach this can be witnessed.

These are examples how people live their sexuality.
Experiment, test and liberate themselves without being punished, jailed or made feel guilty.
You’re lucky when you are living in a liberal and tolerant society.

But fortunately worldwide something is evading and escaping the scrutiny of the religious and political authorities in more strict countries.
Although they try in many ways to control the people and limit them in their personal growing process, there is not much they can do by demonstrations of sexuality that are presented on the Internet.

The Indian sculptures on the temple walls now in cyberspace.
Wherever a person lives, access to Internet is most of the time possible.
And there are websites where people can be seen enjoying sexuality without limitations, restrictions, shame and shyness.

If one would make the effort to find these examples one would see thousands of people who are all openly and publicly celebrating sexuality and using it as a way of liberating, to have pleasure and promote growing.

In general it is a most interesting process to look for boundaries inside oneself.
Planted there by education, religion and tradition.
This works very well concerning sexuality.
To imagine a sexual activity and feel the fear, the shyness and the impossibility to respond to the imagination.
Personal growing and becoming more complete as a person is exactly that though.
To look for the boundaries and restrictions and to break them down.
To pass them to reach new territory that is owned by oneself.
Where one can be one and oneself.

This liberal attitude towards sexuality should preferably be experienced together with another person who is in the same process.
Embedded in love and affection, in a situation of total trust, respect and support, both protagonists can challenge and help each other to proceed to where religion and tradition don’t want them to go.

This is important to do.
Because finding liberty in sexuality spreads to all other areas in the thinking and in the feeling.
A liberated person has a different value in society compared to a person ruled by restrictions, taboos and dogmas.
It is the difference between the glorious avenue and the dead end street.


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