Sunday, November 26, 2006

Back to the chain.

Originally it was planned to have a 5.000 word piece published today on this blog about the “archaeology of patriotism in photography” where it not that a serious incident took place this morning.
At 5.30 am Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski awoke while the first glimpses of light announced a new beautiful day in Mexico.
He quickly dressed while he realised he had been dreaming again of his Princess.
He put on his cap, cuddled Gorba, grabbed his fishing pole and headed for the beach.
The night before he had a successful fishing expedition catching 3 roosterfish. These days a lot of sardines are feeding in front of this coast, the pelicans are diving like crazy swallowing the small fish and big predator fish join the party. It is those predators Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski is after. Over the years he has learned how to catch fish and if they are there, he gets them. Often biggies of 5 to 7 kilo approximately. They serve to feed his friends, the Gonzales family, who are most happy to see their diet enriched by fresh fish.
Gorba loves to be company on these fishing expeditions and waits patiently on the beach for results. Because when a fish is caught and placed on the beach, Gorba is fascinated and gets extremely excited to see a fish jump up and down and die.
This morning fishing while the sun was rising from the Sea of Cortez, Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski saw a woman walking his way. He interrupted his activity to greet the lady thinking he might know her. It was Mimi, an American lady who with her husband has recently acquired a holiday house in the resort not far from the Gonzales rancho. They made acquaintance and while chatting, suddenly, out of the blue, like a flash, Gorba bit the lady in her leg.
She screamed while Gorba retreated immediately to lay down nearby in his “I feel very guilty”-mode.
What an embarrassing situation.
Fortunately, no blood was coming from Mimi’s leg and she remained cool and composed while receiving the apologies and concerns of the unfortunate dog supervisor. But she was shocked nevertheless. She told that the other Americans living in the resort were afraid to come near the Gonzales-rancho because of the dogs.
And this is true: if they come by on their ATV’s (four wheel motors), Gorba, followed by the other dogs, runs after the Americans pretending to attack.
Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski realized that now he could not trust Gorba anymore. Whenever he would be on the beach again, to make his daily walk or to fish, Gorba would be a liability. Possibly causing serious trouble again. But also Gorba would make people afraid who simply would like to be on the beach.
Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski realized there was only one solution. Gorba, killing goats and attacking people, had to go back to the chain. He continues to get fresh water and delicious dog food, but he lost his freedom.
This afternoon Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski will go and visit Mimi. To see how she is doing. And to bring her as a present a book.

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