Sunday, September 30, 2007


It cannot be denied that there is special excitement raging inside today.
The retreat at El Triple, Baja California, Mexico, is now in its 23rd day and supplies have run very low.
Hardly any more fresh fruit and vegetables.
It is time to break up the camp and make the 3-hour trip to the town of La Paz.

This is a very hard thing to do.
One enormous side wants desperately to stay at El Triple and continue peacefully this life of living healthy and being fully focused on making new conceptual photography.
A much smaller side sees that for practical reasons a trip to La Paz is unavoidable.

In the end it is a forced departure.
No more drinking water.
No more food.

In La Paz there are several things to do besides getting new supplies.
Seeing friends.
Seeing a lawyer.
Returning to the mechanic to have rubber put between the camper box and the Fuso chassis.

The plan was also to pick up the parcel transported by UPS to La Paz containing a new Seelevel Tank Monitor panel.
But that seems not to be an option.
The parcel had been sent to Tijuana, Mexico, but then back to the USA.
Next, it was sent to Mexico City where it is being on hold for 4 days now.

According to UPS this is because of Mexican Customs.
There is the NAFTA-agreement between Canada, the USA and Mexico.
North American Free Trade Agreement.
Free trade means that a parcel containing a part with a value of less than $ 50 takes more than 10 days to ship from one country to the other…
But there is no worry about this stagnating trade between the USA and Mexico.
The water pump is working well now based on instructions by Don Shapansky of Garnet Instruments, the makers of the Seelevel Tank Monitor.

In all this turbulence of parcels lost in bureaucracy and having to quit being in the peaceful existence of El Triple to have to return to the dazzling town of La Paz, only one person comes to mind.

Mowlana Jalaluddin Rumi.

Rumi lived in Turkey in the 12th century and was an accomplished scholar in religious and positive sciences.
He wrote many beautiful poems and as it is Sunday today we take the opportunity to enjoy this one:

From these depths depart towards heaven,
may your soul be happy, journey joyfully.

You have escaped from the city full of fear and trembling,
happily become a resident of the Abode of Security.

If the body’s image has gone, await the image-maker,
if the body is utterly ruined, become all soul.

If your face has become saffron pale through death,
become a dweller among tulip beds and Judas trees.

If the doors of repose have been barred to you,
depart by way of the roof and the ladder.

If you are alone from friends and companions,
by the help of God become a Lord of happy circumstance.

If you have been secluded from water and bread,
like bread,
become the food of the souls,
and so,


To learn more about the Sufi mystic Mowlana Jalaluddin Rumi, click on:


Saturday, September 29, 2007

No naked man today.

Many fervent and loyal blog readers will know Robert Benton.
He is the film director who made in 1979 the famous film “Kramer vs. Kramer”.
It won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Now, Robert Benton has made a new film called “Feast of Love”.
An adaptation of the novel by author Charles Baxter.

Recently Robert Benton had an interview on National Public Radio with Bob Edwards because of the release of his new film.

Benton explained how he was limited in his artistic expression by a system existing in the USA called the film rating.
Every film maker who wants to present his film in American movie theatres need to have his film rated by the rating board of the Classification and Rating Administration (“CARA”).
CARA attempts to select a diverse group of raters who represent the diversity of American parents such as parents from different parts of the country, including small towns and big cities.
Each member of the rating board is a parent and has no affiliation with the entertainment industry outside their employment with CARA.
There are 10-13 members of the Board who serve for periods of varying length.
They work for this Classification and Rating Administration, which is funded by fees charged to producers/distributors for the rating of their films.

There are 5 ratings possible: G, PG, PG-13, R, and, NC-17.
Issues like violence and nudity play an important role in deciding the rating.

For filmmakers the rating they get for their film is very important.
It decides to how large an audience they can present their film.
And hence have it commercially successful.

The complain of Robert Benton is that female frontal nudity is not a big issue for the Rating Board.
A film with frontal female nudity could get a PG-13 rating, reach a wide audience and therefore get a chance to make money.
But as soon as there is male frontal nudity in a film, the Rating Board will give the film an R or even the feared NC-17 and condemn the film to a marginal marketing and distribution and hence little chance to make money.

Jim McBride who runs a website called that chronicles nude scenes in films, notes that full-frontal male nude scenes pop up only every few years.
And most of those films are rated R or NC-17 and are limited to art-house releases.

This is why no film director in his right mind will have frontal male nudity in his or her film in case that director wants to reach a large audience and be commercially successful.
Frontal female nudity yes, but male frontal nudity a big no.

By itself it is a scaring situation that a film maker’s creative liberty and freedom of expression is decided by opinions about nudity of 13 average Americans all of them parents.

We may wonder why there is such a discrepancy between accepting female frontal nudity and banning male frontal nudity.

Mark Kingwell, a professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto, says:
“As a society, North America has more hang-ups about male nudity than female, and censorship and/or regulatory strictures tend to reflect that.”
“In other words, a film is much more likely to get a severe rating in the U.S. if male frontal nudity is depicted.
This explains why big-budget mainstream films tend to shy away from male frontal nudity”.

Originally it was planned to illustrate this posting with a picture showing frontal male nudity.
To demonstrate a lack of hang-up concerning frontal male nudity.
And to enforce equality between men and women.
Right here, on this posting, because in the end, Blogger informs us that:
“Blogger is a free service for communication, self-expression and freedom of speech.
We believe Blogger increases the availability of information, encourages healthy debate, and makes possible new connections between people.
We respect our users' ownership of and responsibility for the content they choose to share.
It is our belief that censoring this content is contrary to a service that bases itself on freedom of expression”.

But how re-assuring this may sound, Blogger also says:
“Pornography and Obscenity: Image and video content that contains nudity, sexually graphic material, or material that is otherwise deemed explicit by Google should be made private. Otherwise, we may put such content behind an interstitial.”

This puts every blogger in the same situation as Robert Benton.
One picture of a naked man and probably the fervent and blog reader has here no more postings to enjoy.


Friday, September 28, 2007

Are you spick and span ?

When NASA successfully had a team of astronauts land on the moon, there were people who denied this truly happened.
They claimed that it was all a set up.
The landing of the moon was enacted in a large hall on Earth.

When President Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald immediately there were conspiracy stories launched that it all had been a complot with many more organizations and people involved than just Oswald.

It seems when most impressing events take place, part of humanity resists believing it.
This phenomenon has now also spread to the 9/11 events.

A video documentary was made that is explaining that it was not an airplane that hit the Pentagon but a missile.
And that the Twin Towers were loaded with explosives that were ignited after the planes flew into the buildings.
In other words, the 9/11 events were orchestrated by the Bush Government, claims this documentary.

The issue is not whether the event actually happened or not.
Or in the way the Government says or not.
The issue is whether the people believe the authorities.
And many do not.
Many members of the population have no trust in the authorities.
They deeply distrust politicians.
And for good reason.
There are many examples how politicians have been fooling the people.
Hiding and lying about things, twisting and spinning reality and denying and obscuring the truth.

This is a situation not only relevant in the USA.
We see the same thing in most other countries as well.

In business it is accepted not to reveal the truth about the own position.
It is called wheeling and dealing.
Like going to a market and negotiating the price.
The discussion between the two sides has nothing to do with truth.
One could for example say that the price asked is too high and cannot be afforded while it could be that the price is rather low and could easily be paid.
But it is part of a game.
Both sides know this game and play it as well as they can.

Politicians, although there are some exceptions, have created reputations comparable to second hand car salespeople.
When a second hand car salesperson is met he or she makes the customer feel a new and wonderful friend has been made.
The salesperson knows how to make the customer feel good and relaxed.
But once the deal is done, the customer notices that this pretended new friendship lasted only for as long as the money was still in the own pocket.
The priorities of the salesperson abruptly change.
Most people know about this and are very careful when buying a second had car.

Many people give politicians like Tony Blair, Jacques Chirac, General Musharaf, Nouri al-Maliki and George Bush no credit whatsoever.
They have come to realize and accepted that these politicians cannot be trusted.

Hence the conspiracy theories every time a major event takes place.

Lack of trust creates paranoia.
And that is what those conspiracy theories are.

Paranoia is a sad thing.
It corrupts the daily life in a damaging way.

Better to think that it doesn’t matter that maybe the world is full of lies.
If one personally lives in complete truth, at least the personal domain is spic and span.


To see this documentary about the conspiracy behind the 9/11 events, click on:


Thursday, September 27, 2007

The travelling parcel

Most fervent and loyal blog readers will remember how the Seelevel Tank Monitor in the Fuso Szulc almost caught fire.

But fortunately Garnet Industries Ltd, producer of the Seelevel Tank Monitors, has excellent service.
They made a complete new monitor available to replace the one that burned out.
As well as a relay to have less strain of amps on the Seelevel Tank Monitor.

All this in a small parcel shipped by UPS to an address in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.

UPS has a website where one can follow the journey of a parcel by filling in a tracking number.
This is fascinating.
It shows us how a courier like UPS is handling the request to send a small parcel from Granbury in Texas, USA to La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.

UPS picked the parcel up in Granbury, Texas and brought it to Fort Worth in Texas.
From Fort Worth, Texas, the parcel went to Louisville in Kentucky.
From Louisville, Kentucky, it went to Ontario in California.
From Ontario, California, it went back to Louisville in Kentucky.
From Louisville in Kentucky the parcel went back to Ontario in California.
From Ontario, California it was send to Tijuana in Mexico.
The parcel has arrived now in Mexico!
And close to La Paz: there are airplanes with direct flights from Tijuana to La Paz: a journey of 2 hours.
However, the parcel is sent from Tijuana, Mexico to Louisville in Kentucky again.
The parcel likes to go there very much!
But now the parcel is send from Louisville in Kentucky to Mexico City in Mexico.

On this Thursday morning there is no news yet what will happen with the parcel today.

If fervent and loyal blog readers want to remain updated they can go to the UPS website and fill in the tracking number to follow the adventures of the parcel.
Tracking number: 1ZA46F450446639190

The parcel was picked up from Garnet Industries LTD on September 20.
It is traveling for one week now…

There might be a reason for these logistic maneuvers.
It is full moon!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What's our bussiness?

One of the persons the most highly respected in futurology in our days is the world-renowned theoretical physicist and cosmologist, the English professor Stephen Hawking.

He wrote the influential best sellers “A brief history of time” and “The universe in a nutshell”.

One of the things Professor Hawking is saying is that the future of mankind must be found in the universe.
He sees us surviving only if we manage to colonize other planets.

It is understandable a professor like Stephen Hawking comes to this conclusion because he has a mind that thinks in a rational way.

However, we must hope the professor is wrong.

In a way man is still a rather primitive creature.
Man still operates with methods from the days he was a caveman.
Evolution from being a caveman into a more enlightened and spiritual person has been happening but with only extreme minorities.

Colonizing space will copy situations as we are witnessing in our days.
Simply watch films like “Starwars” to get an idea how the colonization of space by humans will be going.
There will be conflicts, trouble, wars, deaths, pollution, catastrophes, and disasters.

There is though another approach seeing the future.
Professor Stephen Hawking predictions are all based on the fact that the world population will expand.
And that eventually the world will be too small for all of us.
This is similar to the “Lebensraum”-doctrine of Adolf Hitler and his Nazis in the 1930’s.
And we all know what disaster that resulted in.

A different approach is to NOT think from the assumption that the world population will grow.

There are two reasons for this assumption.

One is that overpopulation of Earth will initiate reactions from the environment.
Nature is already responding with ways making it harder for people to live on this planet.
These confrontations will only increase and the humans will not be able to win this war.
Therefore the amount of people living on this planet is regulated by nature.
No unlimited grow of world population will be possible.
Many will be massacred by natural disasters.

Second reason NOT to think having the assumption that the world population will grow so much we will need to colonize space is that evolution of the mind might result in humans that are conscious, aware, sensible and pragmatic.
If humans in enough numbers achieve this state, they will manage a world community where all have a prosperous life.
Once there, humans will understand that to have children is neither a necessity nor an obligation.
Already, a conscious person in our days, living in a developed country, will think twice before to have children.

Earth is a good place but only if we are not with too many.
If we don’t want to accept that idea and see the solution in colonizing planets in space, we will export and plant over there the mess we have created here.

It is a taboo to speak of limiting the amount of children.
It is a concept that initiates indignation.
It shakes and rocks the roots and foundation of a human.
But it is an unavoidable truth coming our way.
Unless we want to perish either here by natural catastrophe or eventually in space.

We have no business in space.
We have business here on Earth.


To learn more about Professor Stephen Hawking, click on:


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Welcome to heaven

Is this visit of heaven something exclusively for the own pleasure and satisfaction and for other people to look at and be jealous about?
Or is there a totally different intention?

Yesterday the posting was about the effects of deprivation being in retreat for weeks.

There are some people who create a privileged situation in their lives eventually making them feel elated.
They even communicate about it and because the purpose is only personal benefit, the audience becomes passive witnesses.
A very ugly way of egotism.
Exhibitionistic self- centeredness.

The only purpose of the retreat at El Triple is to achieve a state of purity, simplicity and balance because from there it is possible to create images that possibly can touch the audience and have meaning for them.
The images become a meeting point.
It offers the audience to be there as well.
To experience the same state of being.
To join on the level arrived.

Therefore, loyal and fervent blog readers must realise that they are not witnessing some eccentric behaviour of a self-centred person.
To the contrary!
Fervent and loyal blog readers are participants in a process of creating images to serve to open more the consciousness of people now and in the future.

This is why today we make it a special day.
We are going to see some examples of the images that were made here at El Triple.
Called the “PS-series”.

There are more images of the “PS-series” to see.
Go to the website and click on “Recent news”.
And continue your visit to heaven.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Where is heaven?

There are still some scattered clouds in the sky above El Triple.
Remnants of what was first a hurricane, then a tropical storm and eventually some minor wind and rain.

The excitement of the need to evacuate El Triple and find shelter at La Ballena has subsided.
Yesterday the tarpaulins protecting the Fuso Szulc against the salty winds were put back in place after they had been put down and stored the day before.
Rather ironic and crazy this 2-hour job, like the neurotic behaviour of a patient in a madhouse, but with hurricanes it is wise to be cautious.
Better to be prepared just in case dramatic natural phenomenons do happen than to be hesitant and timid.

One fabulous result of all the meteorological turbulence of the last days is that the temperature of the ocean water is very high now.
It is a fantastic experience to dive into the water and to be surrounded by such warm liquid.
However, the waves are still big and strong because of the recent storm.
Before one knows a wave knocks one off the feet.
Or a strong current pulls the person away from the beach.
This is rather scary.
As was almost fatally experienced in Puerto Escondido in the south of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean can be a cruel and mortal enemy.
Therefore bathing is with much caution as no lifeguard is on duty on the beach of El Triple.

Now that 18 days are spent here and the effects of the retreat are becoming stronger and stronger, one aspect is becoming more and more dominant.
It is the self-confrontation.
This meeting with oneself, as one really is, focuses on a delicate question:

“Why are you here?”

There are many answers to that question and they can be divided into two categories.

The evading and simple answers.
For example:
  • To get a tan.
  • To live healthy and to get in shape.
  • To get away from the crazy world.
  • To remember all the lovers and partners.
  • To enjoy tranquillity and pure nature.

The confrontational and psychological answers.
For example:
  • To work out the issues in life.
  • To progress on the way to enlightenment.
  • To go through the emotions of past experiences.
  • To find balance and harmony.
  • To be able to be angry without hurting anyone.

But guess what eventually an extended retreat is making the ascetic believe and understand:
it is all nonsense what one thinks about life.

All these simple and complicated answers to the question of why someone is somewhere are simply illusions and games of the mind.

One is here.
In this case El Triple.
Getting completely out of thinking.
And into simply being.
To be amazed, surprised and enjoyed by everything that wants to happen.

To be.
Just that.

No more questions.
No more answers needed.

As the band Traffic sings:
“Guiding your visions to heaven
and heaven is in your mind”.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

A hollow hurricane

Last night at 4 am the raindrops falling on the roof of the Fuso Szulc woke up the peaceful sleeper.

Immediately there was an acceleration of heartbeat, blood flow, adrenaline production and of the thinking process.
Because the sound of the raindrops falling was indicating that tropical storm Ivo had reached El Triple.

Surprisingly, because the National Hurricane Centre had informed on Saturday evening that Ivo would hit land late Sunday afternoon.
But with these tropical storms you never know.
They can become stronger or weaker.
And they can change course unexpectedly as well.

Already everything outside the Fuso Szulc had been stored away yesterday.
All the tarpaulins protecting for the wind and all the furniture.
The only thing to do at 4 am on Sunday morning was closing the Seitz roof vents.

Suddenly a flash like someone making a picture.
But it was lightning above the ocean.

Besides strong winds, lightning at El Triple is highly feared.
Because the Fuso Szulc is positioned in open field without any protection nearby of trees, buildings or the 911 rescue team.

Checking the barometer it was not down much: 1007 HPA.
Even the wind was not strong and violent as it always is before the storm really starts.

Back in bed contemplating the situation and trying to keep the fantasy limited in imagining dramatic disasters that could happen, the rain stopped.
The lightning as well.

This morning there was light rain and dark clouds in the west and a sunrise in a relative open sky in the east.
Resulting in spectacular rainbows above the ocean.

After breakfast the Datastorm Satellite System was switched on and, although heavy clouds covering the sky, connection was established with the Satmex 5 satellite anyway.

And this is what the National Hurricane Centre has to report:

Tropical Depression IVO Public Advisory
Home Public Adv Fcst/Adv Discussion Wind Probs Maps/Charts Archive

WTPZ32 KNHC 231132
500 AM PDT SUN SEP 23 2007








800 AM PDT.


So, Ivo got weak.
Ivo got disorganized.
And changed course now versus the southern tip of Baja California to surprise the tourists in Cabo San Lucas.

All right, Ivo, you make the Fuso Szulc stay at El Triple then.
No evacuation.
Thanks for the excitement!


Saturday, September 22, 2007

A new hurricane approaching.

One of the gadgets of the Fuso Szulc is the LaCrosse Wireless Weather Station.

Well, wireless, wireless.
Not really because after one year the transmitter gave up and is now connected to the base station with a cable.

This handicapped transmitter is underneath the Fuso Szulc and measures the outside temperature and the humidity.
It also transmits the wind speed and direction coming by cable from a third device.

LaCrosse Wireless Weather Station is showing the time and date and obtains this information from a satellite that gets it from an atomic clock somewhere in Colorado, USA.
Even here in Mexico that works.

There is the possibility to hook up the LaCrosse Wireless Weather Station to a computer and download data.
Like the minimum/maximum of temperatures.
However this works only with a PC, not with an Apple computer.

Therefore, by hand certain data is written down and later introduced in a spreadsheet document in the MacBook Pro computer.
By now minimum and maximum temperatures have been collected at El Triple during several years.

Today we read from the LaCrosse Wireless Weather Station that the pressure is high: 1007,8 HPA.
Therefore it predicts bright sunshine and a mounting barometer.

But what the LaCrosse Wireless Weather Station not yet knows and not indicates is that a new hurricane is on its way…

This one, called Ivo, has started west of El Triple above the Pacific Ocean and is heading straight for the Fuso Szulc.

This will bring new heavy rainfall and winds are expected of over 100 km. per hour. (62 miles per hour).

These are unsafe conditions to remain at El Triple.
Already this morning the hurricane could be seen coming.

The nucleus of the hurricane is supposed to arrive at El Triple Sunday at 11 PM according to the National Hurricane Centre.
This gives time to think what to do.

There are three options:
  1. Return to the town of La Paz,
  2. Go and find shelter with Cosme at La Ballena half an hour from here,
  3. Stay at El Triple.

Because hurricanes are unpredictable concerning their path and because with Internet the exact track of the hurricane can be monitored, for the moment no activity of running away is deployed.

But it is highly likely that action has to be taken.
Either today or tomorrow.
We may expect extraordinary circumstances.

Not being able for example to put up the Datastorm satellite disk and get on line.
If there is an interruption in the daily publication on this blog, don’t blame it on the Bossanova.
It probably will be because of Ivo.


To follow the track of hurricane Ivo, click on:

To learn more about the WS-2315AL Weather Pro Centre, click on:

To learn more about La Paz, click on:

To learn more about the Bossanova, click on:


Friday, September 21, 2007

Sparta in Mexico.

The other day a Mexican battleship sailed by at a safe distance from the coast.
And very near the beach a smaller landing craft with a team of Mexican Navy personnel passed by inspecting with binoculars carefully the land.

Yesterday a small single engine military plane came over real low obviously inspecting anything suspicious.

This must have to do with the war against drugs.

It is true that frequently so-called “pangas”, the kind of boat local fishermen use, pass by obviously not fishing.
They go at a distance not very close to the coast and hurry from the south to the north and back.
This is new.
There have always been occasionally “pangas” fishing in eyesight of El Triple and it could be seen how nets were put out, lobster traps and fishing lines.
But these “pangas” hurrying up and down is probably a different story.

In other parts of Mexico a true drugs war is going on where local rival gangs got angry and threw five cut off heads into a bar.
Therefore the attitude at El Triple is to mind only the own business.

This is the 15th day of the 2nd period of retreat.
The effects of the deprivation are becoming noticeable.
Pure feelings of being elated whirl in the heart like a fresh and cooling wind.

This is also because the problems making life in the Fuso Szulc unpleasant have momentarily disappeared.
The attachment of the camper box to the Fuso chassis is something that will be looked at again on the next trip to town.
The problem with the water pump and the Seelevel Tankmonitor threatening to set the Fuso Szulc on fire is solved.
The pump operates now without the Seelevel Tankmonitor and an e-mail was received from Don Shapansky:

We have discussed this problem with our engineers and we think the trouble is also related to the draw the pump makes on the circuit.
We will replace the console with a new one and include a relay to be installed to operate the pump without stress on the console.
Let us know where to ship the parts and we will also prewire the relay as much as possible with a schematic included as to how it is to be installed.

Donald J (Don) Shapansky
Garnet Technologies Inc.
Granbury, TX 76049”

In about 10 days, due to supplies getting too low, a trip to the town of La Paz will be made and the parcel from Don Shapansky picked up to install a brand new and more sophisticated Seelevel Tankmonitor.

Right now, after 15 days in the boondocks, supplies are still more or less OK.
There are of course no more papayas, melons and mangoes.
But still enough apples, oranges, vegetables, cheese, toasted bread and margarine.
Still enough fruit juice, drinking water and propane.

By the day the life becomes more ascetic and Spartan-like but this process of simplification is appreciated.
Because it is very nurturing to sit on the terrace and to enjoy the view in peace and harmony.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Terrific terrace.

In all the years time has been spent at El Triple, Baja California, Mexico, the RV in use has always been parked at exactly the same spot.

It is where now the Fuso Szulc is proudly showing itself.

This spot became so popular because it has this incredible view of the Pacific Ocean while having some protection for the often-strong north-western winds blowing.

Over the years a terrace has been built and each retreat magically it extends.
Some driftwood is found or the idea is born to make the terrace larger and soon some square meters are added.

It is here that books are read and the siesta is enjoyed.
With the magical view and the protection against the wind.

This is all what a person needs.
Just a peaceful and simple location to breathe and be happy.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Making things right.

That is all very well to publish on a blog a list of inventors.

This happened yesterday and during the post-siesta beach walk there was reflection about this inspiring initiative.

And it was realised that all the inventors presented to the fervent and loyal blog readers were male...

This, of course, is unforgivable.
Have there not been female inventors?

Hedy Lamarr (November 9, 1913 – January 19, 2000) was an Austrian-born actress and communications technology innovator.

Though known primarily for her great beauty and her successful film career, she also co-invented the first form of spread spectrum, a key to modern wireless communication.

Mária Telkes (1900 - 1995) was a Hungarian scientist and inventor who worked on solar energy technologies.

Telkes is known for creating the first thermoelectric power generator in 1947 and the first thermoelectric refrigerator in 1953 using the principles of semiconductor thermoelectricity.

Maria Skodowska-Curie (born Maria Skodowska; November 7, 1867 – July 4, 1934) was a physicist and chemist of Polish upbringing and, subsequently, French citizenship.

She was a pioneer in the field of radioactivity, the first twice-honoured Nobel laureate (and still the only one in two different sciences) and the first female professor at the Sorbonne University in Paris, France.


To learn more about female inventors, click on


The saga about the Shurflo Extreme Series Smart Sensor 5.7 water pump and the SeeLevel II Tank Monitor has come in what looks like the final stages.

The conclusion of Don Shapansky of Garnet Technologies Inc., the manufacturer of the SeeLevel II Tank Monitor, is that something has caused excessive draw that exceeded the capacity of the circuit inside the Monitor.
Don suspects the excessive draw was because of the way the water pump was grounded.
This is the first time, Don says, this particular problem has occurred.
They have made over 10.000 of these switches in 5 years and never there was this problem.

The solution is in three steps.
  • Step one is to ground the water pump in the proper way.
  • Step two is to disconnect the water pump from the SeeLevel II Tank Monitor as its circuit board is burned out and connect the two wires twisting them together.
  • Step three is to buy, once out of the current boondocks and back into town, a 12 volt 15 amp + switch and have that installed.

Step one and two have been performed.
Step three in about 10 days.

The last issue to resolve is that the SeeLevel II Tank Monitor has to be replaced.
The front is burned and black and melted and the numbers showing when checking the level of the tanks cannot be seen anymore.
Who is responsible and is going to take care of getting a new SeeLevel II Tank Monitor into the Fuso Szulc?

Besides all the annoyances, aggravation, puzzlement and the fear experienced when the Fuso Szulc almost went up in flames, the positive side is the involvement of several persons solving this problem.
Most importantly Don Shapansky of Garnet Technologies Inc., the manufacturer of the SeeLevel II Tank Monitor.
Thanks, Don: great service!!!


To learn more about the Seelevel II Tank Monitor, click on:


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What do you want to be invented ?

This is a beautiful morning fit to look back at history and admire some of the men from the past:

Like Alessandro Volta.

Count Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta (February 18, 1745 - March 5, 1827) was an Italian physicist known especially for the development of the electric battery in 1800.

Or Alexander Graham Bell.

Alexander Graham Bell (3 March 1847 - 2 August 1922) was a Scottish scientist, inventor and innovator.
Recognized as an eminent scientist and inventor, Alexander Graham Bell is most often associated with the invention of the telephone.

And Alfred Bernhard Nobel.

Alfred Bernhard Nobel (October 21, 1833, Stockholm, Sweden – December 10, 1896, Sanremo, Italy) was a Swedish chemist, engineer, innovator, armaments manufacturer and the inventor of dynamite.

Or Blaise Pascal.

Blaise Pascal (June 19, 1623 – August 19, 1662) was a French mathematician, physicist, and religious philosopher.
Inventor of the (early computer) mechanical adding machine.

And Guglielmo Marchese Marconi.

Marconi (25 April 1874 - 20 July 1937) was an Italian inventor, best known for his development of a radiotelegraph system.
Unfortunately a fascist later in life as well.

Or Heinrich Rudolf Hertz.

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (February 22, 1857 - January 1, 1894) was the German physicist and technician for whom the hertz, an SI unit, is named.
He devised a transmitting oscillator, from which electric waves were made to radiate.

And Louis Pasteur.

Louis Pasteur (December 27, 1822 – September 28, 1895) was a French chemist best known for his remarkable breakthroughs in microbiology.

Or Michael Faraday.

Michael Faraday, (September 22, 1791 – August 25, 1867) was an English chemist and physicist (or natural philosopher, in the terminology of that time) who contributed significantly to the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry.
He was the founder of the science of electromagnetism.

And Samuel Morse.

Samuel Finley Breese Morse (April 27, 1791 – April 2, 1872) was an American painter of portraits and historic scenes, the creator of a single wire telegraph system, and co-inventor, with Alfred Vail, of the Morse Code.

All these men used their heads and came up with great inventions influencing the existence of humankind.

These days we live in a time we still need great inventors.
Although we as humans have become sophisticated in many fields, some issues we continue to struggle with because no proper inventions have been made yet to stop those issues bothering us.

Fervent and loyal blog readers are invited to send in their suggestion what would be the great invention everybody is waiting for.

Like the total worldwide eradication through genetical manipulation of the mosquito.
That this useless and dangerous animal dies out completely.

We are also waiting for a way to store energy in a better way.
Now we need batteries that are heavy and inefficient.
Please, a device as small and light as a matchbox containing at least as much energy as a truck battery.

Mobile phones that can communicate directly with each other worldwide for free.

Ice-cream that cannot melt.

What would the fervent and loyal blog reader welcome as a life improving invention?


Monday, September 17, 2007

Dinner at Denny's.

At El Triple the sole inhabitant keeps strictly to a rigorous dietary regime of feeding.
Consisting of minimum amounts that are low in calories and high in vitamins and proteins.

With this specific awareness of food and health and consequent feeding habit, it is fascinating to learn how other people handle the necessity to eat.

To respond to the necessity to eat, in towns, there are restaurants.
Today we focus on one in particular.

A chain of restaurants in the USA called “Denny’s”.

It is America's largest family-style restaurant chain in terms of market share and number of units.
The Denny's brand consists of 1,545 restaurants, 521 of which are company-owned and operated and 1,024 of which are franchised/licensed restaurants.

A hungry person can buy a dinner at Denny’s for $ 9,99 (7,20 Euro).
It consists of three courses: an appetizer, a main dish and a dessert.
This is an unbelievable low price for a dinner in a restaurant and we may wonder how they can make any profit.
But they do!
In the second quarter of 2007, Denny’s profit was $ 11.5 million.

However, part of Denny’s profit probably will go now to the Green family from St. Louis.

The Green family, 15 members of them, decided in November 2003, to all go and have a bite in the local Denny’s restaurant.
Quite a party to invade a restaurant.

They probably had not enough just having one booth.
Probably the staff of the restaurant even had to re-arrange some tables to comfort the big party.

It is not known yet how the Green family entered the restaurant.
Were they polite and respectful?
Or were they loud and cheering?

Whatever the situation was, the 15-member family was served by one waiter, so the story goes.
Quite a job.
Serving everyone a glass of cool water.
Taking the orders.

But according to the Green family, the waiter ignored them.
While he did attend other patrons of the restaurant.

Obviously there was interaction between the waiter and the 15-member family.
What the Green’s said to the waiter is not known.
But they claim the waiter used racial slurs.
The Green family is African American.
They say themselves: “We are a black family”.

What did the family do after this experience?

They went to a lawyer who sued Denny’s.
And after 4 years there is a verdict.
Each member of the Green family gets $5,000 in compensatory damages and $35,000 in punitive damages.
$ 600.000 goes into the pockets of the Green family.
Good appetite!

"It's not really about the money,” says family member Charles Tart Sr.
“We don't want another black family or our children to have to go through what we went through".

Denny’s has fired the waiter and is considering now appealing the verdict.
They should.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Champagne and heroin.

The temperature of the water of the Pacific Ocean is considerably higher compared to the weeks before.
This means that bathing has become an ultimate pleasure performed a few times a day.

Yesterday a bathing session became noteworthy.
What is called “a champagne moment”.
Coming out of the water and walking towards the belongings on the beach, a pelican flew by.
It saw the humanoid coming out of the ocean where itself dives into in order to catch fish.
The pelican changed course and made a sharp turn to the right.
Flying now straight on a course towards the humanoid.
Somehow the pelican had developed a curiosity to see what was coming there out of the ocean.

And it must be confessed, bathing at El Triple takes place without wearing any clothes.
It also must be admitted that after more than a month at El Triple, living healthy, eating little, exercising a lot, the humanoid is deeply tanned, slim and in excellent shape.

It always will remain a question whether this was what arose the curiosity of the particular pelican.
It could be.
Any the way, the flying trajectory of the pelican was now straight at the naked and tanned person on the beach and rather quickly it became clear that a crash would very likely occur.

Just to inform the fervent and loyal blog readers: a pelican is a big bird.
And has a sharp hook at the end of its long beak.
Nobody wants that to penetrate any part of the body.

Usually pelicans are very shy animals.
They stay away from humans.
They watch them but preferably while flying by at a safe distance.
Therefore the performance of this sympathetic pelican was very, very unusual.

Being naked no manual was on hand to check what exactly to do when a pelican flies straight at a person.
And it was hard to understand.
Why was the pathetic pelican doing this?
It was difficult to believe it confused the person on the beach with a tasteful sardine to swallow soon.

Being totally Zen these days, except when thinking of the continuing water pump problem, the destiny of dying due to a collision with a kamikaze pelican was fully accepted.
While the insisting flying instigator continued its fatal course the arms were spread doing a perfect imitation of a bird.
This genial action was by intuition.
By impulse as if this was the thing to do.

So now we have a pelican, acting like an idiot, flying straight onto a humanoid while that person acts also like an idiot by pretending to be a bird.
Oh, those things that happen at El Triple!

Many smart fervent and loyal blog readers have already figured out that it did not come to a dramatic collision with the long beak of the pelican driving like an arrow into the right eye socket of the poor human and leaving from his left ear resulting in two dead creatures on the beach for the vultures to eat already waiting in the dunes.
If this had happened there would not have been exactly a posting on the blog today.

The pelican, already labelled sympathetic, at the very last moment, changed course and veered away.
A strong stream of air was felt on the face.
And a “zzzzoooooffff” sound.
That is how close the encounter was.
But what a good pilot!

This is what is called “a champagne moment”.

The same day though a “heroin moment” was experienced.
Based on the advices of Donald Shapansky of Garnet Instruments Ltd, Mr. Chip Haven, the best expert in the USA concerning expedition vehicles and several concerned loyal and fervent blog readers, the way the water pump was grounded was changed.
The wooden panel around the place where Santek Trailers had mounted the grounding was cut away.
The grounding put back but now tight against the metal of the steel beam of the camper box.
This gave such an enlightened feeling.
Believing that now the water pump would work properly and that the danger of the Fuso Szulc going up into flames was over.

But soon a cold turkey was experienced.
The landing back into reality after having been in heaven.
A faucet was opened and no water came out.
The problem had not been solved…

One of the expert advices was to take off the ground from the frame of the camper box and connect it to the chassis of the truck.
The true place of ground.

This morning when water was needed, again nothing.
But becoming more and more smart, while the faucet was opened, the water pump was checked outside to see if it was actually running.
It was not and this is good news.
The switch on the Seelevel Tank Monitor to the “on”-position, the faucets turned open and the water pump not working.
It means that the problem has nothing to do with the flow from the water tanks to the water pump.
And that it might very well be that the ground the water pump has now is not effective enough.
Therefore this morning the ground will be disconnected from where it is attached now and re-routed to a ground on the chassis of the Mitsubishi Fuso truck.
To see if the “heroin moment” wants to come to an end.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Attacked by flying monsters.

These days are with extraordinary weather.
There is a high pressure above this area of over 1010 millibar.
This means blue skies, hardly any wind and a temperature of about 31 degrees Centigrade (87 F.)
While people in the town of La Paz, on the east coast of the peninsula, are suffering of weather too hot and humid, at El Triple it is paradise.
Nice, warm weather while nature is green and full of flowers, tan is getting deeper and deeper with an occasional dive into the warm ocean.

Of course the daily semi-marathon changed due to the meteorological circumstances.
With no wind to cool and temperatures at that time of day of over 30 degrees Centigrade (86 F) the body refuses to do what it can when it is cooler and windier.
But that is OK.
It is understandable and peacefully accepted.
Same distance is made but partly running and partly fast walking.

After the hurricane and the beautiful weather now one consequence is that there are many more insects.
The combination of the rainfall and the plants and flowers flourishing.
During the day it is not so noticeable but in the evening, when in the Fuso Szulc cooking the daily meal and the light is turned on, millions and millions of insects come to visit.
The screens in front of the many windows and of the door are full of all kinds of mini monsters with wings.
Many manage somehow to get inside and at the end of the evening the Fuso Szulc interior looks like a sanctuary for insects.
Hundreds and hundreds of them are crawling on the ceiling, circling the lamp, walking the walls and dancing on the table.
There are small black ones who like to creep between the body and the chair and bite.
That is pretty irritating.
However, in the morning those small black ones and many others are all dead: they all seem to have a short life span.
And this is the great thing of the nightly visits of the colonies of insects.
In the morning the interior of the Fuso Szulc is full with dead corpses and before anything it needs cleaning before breakfast, writing in the journal and starting to work on the MacBook Pro computer can begin.
This means that these days the Fuso Szulc is spic and span every day and this is very much enjoyed.

Meanwhile the problem with the water pump and the overheating of the Seelevel monitor has still not been solved.
It has been reported to Santek Trailers and to the Canadian manufacturer of the Seelevel monitor Garnet Instruments Ltd. requesting advice what to do.
From Santek Trailers no response but a most friendly person with Garnet Instruments Ltd., Mr. Don Shapansky, has become very involved.
This is a great thing that there are people who are concerned and helpful.

According to Mr. Don Shapansky of Garnet Instruments Ltd., the problem is caused by inadequate grounding of the water pump.
A research has been made to find out how the water pump is actually grounded.
And this was found:

The ground cable goes to a wall covered with a wooden panel.
A self-tapping screw goes through the wall and into the steel frame of the Fuso Szulc.
It means that the end of the ground cable of the water pump gets ground through the screw.
The eye of the ground cable itself is not touching the steel frame.
It touches the wooden panel.
Mr. Don Shapansky of Garnet Instruments Ltd advised to focus on this method of grounding.
With a volt meter the ground cable has been measured and result is zero volts.
This means that the grounding should be adequate.
But meanwhile the water pump continues to work in an erratic way.
Frequently, when switched on, no water comes from the faucet.
And if the water flows in high volume it overheats the on/off switch on the Seelevel monitor.

This morning an experiment will take place.
The ground cable of the water pump will be disconnected.
Next, the wooden panel at that particular location will be cut away.
To re-install the ground connection of the water pump but now touching 100 % the steel frame.

This idea from Mr. Don Shapansky of Garnet Instruments Ltd concerning the ground cable seems to make sense because before the Fuso Szulc was first equipped with another water pump.
That water pump worked erratically as well and it was believed it had to do with the pump and the tubing.
But now that the new water pump demonstrates the same trouble, and as it is wired in the same way, Mr. Don Shapansky of Garnet Instruments Ltd suggestion might have suggested the key to an adequate and effective solution.

This is highly anticipated because now, each time when the water pump is being used, there is this slight feeling of fear and panic that fire might break out as it did before.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Flowers flourish.

The recent hurricane Henriette has been bringing a lot of rain.
This has been good for nature.

At El Triple the landscape is desert like.
Super dry and everything in hibernation waiting for better times.
For rainfall.

Last year this happened and this year again therefore climate change is good for El Triple.

The whole landscape has changed now.
It turned green.
What looked before the hurricane like dead brushes and plants, now they have leaves and look gloriously alive.

And suddenly the plants are getting flowers.
Brilliant, beautiful flowers.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Truckers trapped.

On January 1, 1994 the North American Free Trade Agreement was signed between Canada, Mexico and the United States.
The agreement is better known by the name of NAFTA.

It’s objective is to promote the free trade between the three countries.

But from the beginning the USA did not permit trucks from Mexico to cross into their country.
As this was in violation of the agreement a NAFTA arbitration panel ruled that the USA was violating the agreement.

Until now Mexican trucks are still not free to deliver or haul goods in the USA.
An amazing situation.

Fortunately the Bush administration has been trying to do something about this.
They developed a pilot program to start soon where during one year Mexican trucks can enter the USA.
However, the Mexican trucks and their drivers will undergo rigorous safety checks, including a 39-point, front-to-back inspection of their trucks and drug testing for the drivers.

Last night in Congress there was a vote on this Bush initiative.
75 Senators were opposed.
23 were in favour.
The Mexican trucks continue to be banned to enter the USA.
The violation of the NAFTA-agreement also.

This is an incredible situation.

"I think it's a very serious matter when two countries come together and agree to do something and then one party doesn't fulfil its obligation." said John H. Hill, head of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
“The USA has no credibility calling on other countries to meet their obligations under trade agreements if we refuse to keep our own." said Thomas J. Donahue, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The reasons given by the opponents of having Mexican trucks come into the USA is safety.
Mexican trucks are considered not to be safe enough.
Of course this is simply a false excuse.
The real reason, although obviously not publicly stated by the politicians, is protectionism.
Fear of loosing jobs and business.

Last night on an ABC radio talk show a 59-year-old man called in and explained he worked in the Los Angeles harbour.
If Mexican trucks were allowed into the USA, ships would unload in Mexico, where it is cheaper, and Mexican trucks would next deliver the containers in the USA.
Taking away jobs in the Los Angeles harbour and jobs in the trucking industry.

This is exactly the core of the problem.
On the one hand free trade is promoted and looked for.
But there is a restriction.
It must not be to the disadvantage of the USA.

This is a short-term view with negative long-term economic effects.

If Mexican harbours and truckers are cheaper, capitalism dictates that the solution is not protectionism.
The solution is to become more competitive.
Protectionism results in stagnation and eventually economic decline.

The current situation will not change easily.
President Bush has stated that he will veto the blocking of his proposal.
But because of the large majority opposing, this will not work.

Meanwhile the American economy stagnates, its international reputation continues to be damaged, an international agreement continues to be violated, the Mexican Government complains, the bilateral relationship with that country gets more strained and hundreds of Mexicans are blocked of making a decent living.


To learn more about NAFTA, click on:

To learn more about the vote in Congress to block Mexican trucks into the USA, click on:,1,4157828.story?ctrack=1&cset=true


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It is painful.

Well, how is the mood today?
After this disastrous day yesterday?

Has it been possible to find out what is causing the Seelevel II monitor to catch fire?
Is the Lacrosse wireless weather station working properly now?
The squeaking and moaning of the floor, was it found where it needs better attachment to the frame?
And the ventilator of the Fantastic Fan, broken for the second time and not working anymore, is it cooling and refreshing the bathroom again?
Presumably nothing was done to the problem of the attachment of the camper box to the chassis of the truck?
And any progress in the communication with National Seating about the noisy Fuso seats they sold?

It is with nostalgia that the Lazy Daze is remembered.
It was limited in where it could go, but where it went it was without any problems.

There are two reasons why issues with the Fuso Szulc are not very much appreciated.

The first and most important is that the objective is not to have to spend time solving and managing technical problems with the Fuso Szulc.
The purpose of having the Fuso Szulc is not to simply travel around and has that as the major event with all with what it comes.
The Fuso Szulc has been designed, created and ordered to be built to serve a specific purpose.
To be able to go to particular locations where more conceptual and other photography can be made.
That, fervent and loyal blog readers, is the relevant and essential purpose.
Any technical problem needing attention, takes away time and energy of what is much more important.

This set up makes it more complicated to quickly solve a technical problem.
Because many fervent and loyal blog readers will know that an effective solving of a technical problem depends partly of the mental state one is in.
If one is really interested in a technical problem, even fascinated, the attention and concentration will help tremendously to quickly find a solution and fix it.
But if one is not interested to begin with, even deeply annoyed a problem occurs, not very likely the technical problem will go away easily.
In this case it is a matter of giving up the original ambition and replace it by the one forced upon.
A very difficult exercise especially when being temperamental and fanatic about something else.

The second reason issues with the Fuso Szulc are not appreciated.
Yesterday a research was made in how the water pump was grounded.
This meant taking down all the tarpaulins covering the Fuso Szulc against the northwestern wind.
Getting underneath the Fuso Szulc.
And lots more of physical activity.
This results in pain.
Caused by the scoliosis.
Mean and strong pain.
In general the scoliosis is under control.
But it requires a certain regime of activity.
Specific physical actions are to be avoided in order not to suffer pain.
As long as this regime is respected, life is a party.
But when forced to be physical active beyond what is allowed, the price to pay is high.

Pain is a bad thing.
Not only is it horrible as an experience, but it tends also to influence the mood.
It is hard to feel happy and content when experiencing strong pains.
For which a technical problem can be responsible.
And therefore deeply hated.

In spite of everything, after some serious attention, the Lacrosse wireless weather station is working properly again.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Fuso Szulc on fire.

Because there are clouds this morning, the new technical challenges of the Fuso Szulc confronted with are accepted as the source of a bad mood.

Life is simply not a non-stop party.
There are moments of exhilaration.
And moments that things happen making even a sane and balanced person swear like a sailor.

Last night the Fuso Szulc almost caught fire.

While cooking a beautiful meal of pasta with tofu and veggies, suddenly a strong smell was noticed.
The odour of burning plastic.
Immediately resulting in a feeling of panic.
Of hurry to quickly and promptly find the source of this horrible smell.

It was the panel of the SeeLevel II tank monitor on fire.
Rapidly the fire was stopped.

This is supposed to be a new challenge while it is experienced as a bad pain in the neck.
Feeling pissed off and annoyed and irritated and inflamed.
This morning is specially reserved to feel those emotions.

Besides all the emotions, what needs to be done is find out what is causing this problem.
There is a huge resistance to get involved in that.
In the end, it is a brand new and costly expedition vehicle not purchased to spend time fixing it.

An e-mail was sent to Garnet Instruments Ltd.
The manufacturer of the SeeLevel II tank monitor.
Receiving a prompt answer: they believe that it is a problem with the wiring.
That the ground cable the SeeLevel II tank monitor should have is not well connected.

Good luck.
How to find out what is the ground cable and where it goes?
All wires are behind walls and in floors.

It is believed that the catching fire of the SeeLevel II tank monitor is related to the water pump.

The water pump has been demonstrating erratic behaviour.
When switched on, on many occasions no water would come out of the faucet.
Switching the pump off, with a switch on the SeeLevel II tank monitor, and switching it on again would make the water pump work again.
And on many occasions the water pump would be running like mad while no faucet was open at all or water pumped out from the tanks.
A photographer knows everything about photography but in this case is no expert in these kinds of technical problems.
Suspicion is though that it might be a problem of the water pump not properly grounded.

Another problem still to be solved is the inadequate mounting of the camper box to the chassis.

Another new issue is also bothering.
One of the floor plates has come loose and when walking on it cracks and squeaks like walking in a ghost house.

To confirm the cluster theory, it can also be reported that the Datastrom Satellite System has slowed down to a snail pace of 2KB per second and that the Lacrosse wireless weather station is refusing to work properly.

Time to have a dive in the cool Pacific Ocean and leave there the bad mood and all the troubling and annoying Fuso Szulc issues.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Mystical things happening.

Away from the turmoil life is when in a city, living it in a most simplified way, in retreat camping at a deserted location near the ocean, the way life likes to work becomes more clear.
It is like opening a machine to discover how it actually works.

Often it has been stated that life is a mystery.
But in fact this statement expresses something else.
It says that the mystified person has been unable to discover the way life likes to work.
Funny enough, persons who have been able to solve part of the many mysteries of life are called “mystics”.
A mystic is a woman or a man who manages to find the truth beyond the intellect.

Being a simple-minded photographer and not a mystic at all, nevertheless, yesterday things happened beyond the intellect.

Here at El Triple rarely people show up.
Before the hurricane, during the three weeks in retreat at El Triple, only one person came by and that was arranged.
Besides the sweet and helpful friend, during 22 days nobody was seen.

Now the second retreat is in action and it is day 4.

After the simple but nutritious lunch always a walk on the beach is made of one hour and a half.
One day to the north, next day to the south.
Yesterday it was to the north and the tide was low.

Because of the hurricane the waves of the ocean have been very big and strong and carried away a lot of the sand from the beach.
This makes rocks exposed at low tide.
On those rocks oysters are living and Mexicans come to hammer them off.

While peacefully walking suddenly a voice from behind said: “Hola”.
Quickly turning around, in total surprise, a Chevy 1500 4x4 pick up truck was right behind with 4 Mexican men looking to harvest oysters.
Very friendly fellows who wanted to know how far they could get without being obstructed by too many rocks.
A chat and off they went after their oysters.

Coming back to the camp at El Triple two men were spotted walking on the beach of the long bay in front of the Fuso Szulc.
They were in a Chevy Suburban parked on the other side of the dry riverbed.
Exactly like one year ago when Jeff Knaus, the new owner of all the land north and south and east of El Triple, came by.
The two men saw the return of the photographer and came to the Fuso Szulc camp. Sure enough, it was Jeff Knaus with a friend.
Coming to inspect his property.
After a nice chat they returned to the beach and their vehicle.

Some time later, reading Luis Alberto Urrea’s book called “The Hummingbird’s daughter”, a car arrived at El Triple.
A blue Ford Explorer with a winch mounted at the front.
Four men came out and two approached the photographer.
It was Mario.
The man Cosme, the friend working as a guard of La Ballena, the resort to be, had been talking about.
It is believed Mario works for a contracting company that will build the resort for Jeff Knaus.
A chat with Mario and off they went.

These, as attentive loyal and fervent blog readers will have noticed, were 3 meetings with people in one afternoon.
For weeks nobody shows up uninvited, and suddenly there is a conglomeration.
A cluster being pressed together.
An intensification of events like as if they were attracting each other.

Is this simply an example of coincidence?
Yes, it is, in case one likes to believe that.
Or is it the structure of the matrix of events?
The mystic will confirm this as positive.

Things happen in clusters and we don’t know why.
Or not yet.

But what we do know is that the clusters can only be observed and realised after they have been taking place.
In retrospect for which a certain level of awareness is needed.

But never we can observe the cluster while it is happening.
For example, if an event takes place and we think that very moment it might be the first of a series creating the beginning of a cluster, it is not going to happen.
A cluster is beyond the intellect.
Where El Triple is.


Sunday, September 9, 2007

A fishy fish.

Before to return to El Triple, the last night in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico, was dinner in a very fancy restaurant called “Las Très Virgenes”.
It is considered the best restaurant in town and probably also the most expensive.
Located near the main square of La Paz in a refurbished older Spanish colonial style townhouse with an open courtyard and kitchen.
For the guests appreciating a good glass of wine, there is a well-stocked air-conditioned wine cellar.

One wall of this restaurant is made look like it is only half finished.
A broken window and crack in the walls, bricks and plaster falling out.
An extravaganza of the interior decorator.
Coming into a whole new perspective as the day before was an earthquake.
It looked like the restaurant had suffered serious damage and had not managed yet to have the bricklayer come by to have it fixed.

The dinner was with two friends working in the hospitality industry in Baja California.
Both highly intelligent, up to date and aware.

It is one of the ultimate pleasures in life to dine while having fascinating conversations with nice friends.

One of the topics was the question why people who practice a religion often feel they need to convince others to follow their believes.
The question why they cannot simply be happy with their religion and not be imperialistic about it.
Live and let live.

Jihadism became the subject of conversation.
Considered the sixth pillar of Islam originally understood by Muslims as a struggle to improve one’s self and society.
But over time Jihadism has become a concept that says to conquer the world and turn it into one big Islamic state whether peacefully or by force.

However, on the other end is the Christian Fundamentalism trying to impose their believes on the rest of the world as well.
They practise a similar thing like the Jihad of the Muslims and this is resulting now in major worldwide conflicts.
Politics getting mixed with religion.

The other effect is societies becoming introvert and monolithic.
The population made to believe the country is attacked and needing to be protected.
Justifying regulations in conflict with the Constitution like checking on phone calls and mail and locking up civilians without trials while torturing them for years.

Meanwhile the fish was served in the beautiful restaurant and one of the friends asked the waiter if it was fresh.
Because the day before had been the hurricane and the fishermen had been unable to go out and fish.
“Yes, it is fresh”, the waiter replied.
He was asked if the fish was of today then?
“No, it is not”.
Weird: fresh fish but not caught today and even not the day before.
Probably the waiter meant the fish was fresh from the freezer?

Living in a time where religions and political systems limit the freedom to live as one would like, the next question discussed between the friends was what to do about it?
Shut up and suffer and simply have it happen?
Or to refuse to be muzzled and in spite of possible consequences always continue to have the attitude to speak out without fear?
This is a very fundamental question and each individual has to give an answer.

One of the last guests to leave the restaurant, because the fascinating discussion had been taken a long time, the bill was asked and paid.
A hefty bill because restaurant “Las Très Virgenes” is expensive.
For the price of one meal three others can be ordered in the nearby popular restaurant “Los Fargos”.

Standing outside the restaurant to walk to the respective homes suddenly the waiter came running out of the restaurant.
“Sorry but we forgot to put this bottle of wine you had on the bill”.
An innocent bystander might have thought the customers had been trying to leave the restaurant without paying.
An extra 280 Mexican Pesos ( 18 Euros / 25 $ ) had to be paid.
The waiter got money and went into the restaurant to look for change.
This took a long time and when checked it turned out no change was available.
The waiter was asking the cook and the other people working there if they could change a 100 Pesos bill to return the customers their change.
It was a rather embarrassing situation.

Exactly like the current geopolitical state of affairs.


Saturday, September 8, 2007

Four wheel driving.

It was a most exciting trip to drive to El Triple.
This because after the hurricane the roads were partly washed away.
Reaching destinies was only possible for the brave and well equipped.

Going to El Triple means that the Fuso Szulc is heavily loaded with supplies.
The water and propane tanks filled up.
Food for 21 days.
Fruit and vegetables.
Fruit juices and soymilk.
Toasted bread, margarine, cheese, marmalade, raisins, and cereal.
A heavy loaded truck is harder to have negotiate difficult dirt roads.

One rule though negotiating difficult dirt roads is to go slow.
Second important rule is to get out of the truck to inspect first extra difficult terrain before to drive on it.

For most part of the road to El Triple the Fuso Szulc was the first to show up after the hurricane Henriette of last Tuesday.
This is a reason for extra caution.
When no tracks can be seen of cars already having been driving on the road, one cannot be sure the road is actually negotiable and open.
And the last thing one wants is to get stuck out in the boondocks with a heavy loaded Fuso Szulc.
If that would happen digging out is no option.
In any case, no digging helps when stuck in the mud.
Only a 4x4 tractor could possibly get a heavy vehicle out of mud.

On the road to El Triple there were many situations that the four-wheel drive system had to be activated.
And in one situation even in combination with the low gear.
Twice, advancing had to be stopped because the front wheels were going too deep into the mud.
Up till the front axle.
But each time it seemed to be piece of cake for the Fuso Szulc to get out.

Often, when a deep dip in the road needed to be crossed there was the option to stay on drier ground by using the left or right bank.
But in many cases those banks were obviously in an angle.
To the left or to the right.
And sometimes so steep that it was feared the Fuso Szulc might roll over on its side.
The Fuso Szulc is relatively high and has the weight of 6 solar panels and the Datastorm satellite disk on its roof.
There is a maximum to the angle it can take before to collapse on its side.
It is unknown what that angle exactly is and there is no ambition to test it and find out.
When a bank looked steep, the middle of the road was kept and the Fuso Szulc plunged in the water and the mud.

The Fuso Szulc simply has a fantastic four wheel drive system that includes limited slip differential, an invention made in 1932 by one of the contracting companies in Germany of Ferdinand Porsche.
Those deep dips were crossed like blowing comfortably the nose in a large handkerchief.

Possible visitors getting at El Triple now will wonder how the heck the Fuso Szulc got here as the roads are like in hell.
The answer is simple.
The Mitsubishi Fuso FG 4x4 is a very well built truck with an excellent four-wheel drive system.
Who needs a Mercedes Unimog ?

At El Triple not much has changed because of hurricane Henriette.
It can be observed that lots of rain came down here and nature is slowly turning greener now.
The ocean has dumped some uprooted trees and a cactus on the beach.

After a most exciting and fantastic week in La Paz it is back to the simple and solitary life.
Because of the almost impassable roads, more far away from civilisation than ever.


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