Saturday, September 1, 2007

Holding tight.

The morning can be spend as usual.
But this afternoon has to be devoted to breaking up the El Triple camp.
A task taking approximately two hours.

Meanwhile the tropical storm Henriette that might develop into a hurricane heading this way is approaching.

The matrix of existence shows its beauty again to have Henriette’s approach coincides with needing to go to La Paz.

One of the issues to give attention to when in La Paz is the way the camper box is attached to the chassis of the Mitsubishi Fuso.
This is an issue that is playing for some time now and obviously it still not as it should be.
As of the time the camper box was attached to the chassis with U-bolts there are those sounds coming from underneath like metal fighting.
At Kearny Mesa Mitsubishi Dealer it was believed the springs are responsible for these noises and they were oiled.
Because these noises continue it is now believed they are more related to the U-bolts holding the camper box to the chassis.

In the manual of Mitsubishi Fuso it was discovered that the U-bolts are not attached in the proper way.

The chassis is a piece of metal in a U-form with the opening on the side.
Around this goes the U-bolt but obviously the forces squeeze the U-form of the chassis.
Therefore Mitsubishi recommends filling up the space of the U-formed chassis with a wooden block or a metal pipe.
So that the U-form cannot bend due to the forces of the U-bolt.
A mechanic in La Paz will have to take a look at this issue.
It is an easy job if not for the fact that inside the U-shaped chassis Mitsubishi has put all kinds of cables and pipes.
Some genius will have to come up with ideas how to get around all that.
And for that Mexico is the best place.
What also needs reflection is the fact that Santek Trailers has installed the U-bolts with the nuts on the groundside.
Not on the top like we can see in the official drawing of Mitsubishi.
The question is if that matters.
Once spacers have been installed it will become clear if the lack of them was responsible for the strong sounds of metal fighting.

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Anonymous said...

No matter who works on your u-bolt problem, DO NOT let anyone weld or drill the actual frame of the truck. It can lead to breaking the frame under heavy load.