Thursday, September 6, 2007

On the way to heaven.

Driving through the town of La Paz, Baja California, Mexico, early in the morning after the class 1 hurricane Henriette had battered it the night before.
There was relatively little damage.
Some trees uprooted.
Streets full of garbage.
Some deep pools.
But that was it.

In the course of the day, meeting inhabitants, the people were relieved.
The winds of Henriette had not been too strong but fortunately she had dumped a lot of water.
Because La Paz is depending for drinking water of rainfall, like the regional agriculture and the raising of cattle, now some more prosperity can be expected.
The hurricane therefore, at least in La Paz and its region, has not been a bad thing at all.

Nonetheless, there was disruption.
North of town is a deep river bed with no bridge and this now blocks all traffic except for buses and trucks.
No passenger car could go to the USA or to the tourist resort of Cabo San Lucas.

People living in suburbs north of town were also stuck.
They couldn’t go to their jobs or businesses in town.

But this is a temporary problem.
Soon the water level will be down enough for all traffic to go anywhere they want.

The good news was that the mechanic booked to work on the Fuso Szulc was open and ready to do his job.

He got under the Fuso Szulc and had already prepared a square steel block to put in between the U-formed chassis.
However, Mitsubishi has placed inside the U-form of the chassis all kinds of cables, tubes and pipes and there is no room to put anything there.
This is rather paradoxical because in the Mitsubishi manual it is indicated. even with a drawing, to put support inside the U-shaped chassis.
What kind of joke is that to tell to put support when there is no room?

The solution seems to be to make a steel piece, also in a U, and slide that, with its back to the outside, inside the U of the chassis.
The booked mechanic could not do this job.
But because nothing is a problem in Mexico, he called a friend, who is a mechanic as well, but with more sophisticated tools.
Unfortunately, that friend had a funeral and was not available.
But maƱana for sure.

This delays solving the issue with the Fuso Szulc another day.
But it is not really a delay.
It is simply how things go.

The roads to El Triple are not passable anyway.
Most will be washed away or deep river beds block filled with water too high.
The roads need time to be able for adventurers to cross them again.

And staying in La Paz, with all the friends, is a fabulous privilege and pleasure.
Deeply enjoyed and getting involved in all kinds of events and activities.

But nevertheless, there is an itching feeling to wish to return to El Triple.
Not so much to be there.
But the need is strongly felt to work more on the conceptual photography.
To create again as if it is the last time possible before to go to heaven.


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