Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Touched by an angel.

About a year ago time was spent with the family in Nowy Sacz, Poland.
Their neighbours are dentists who run a practice doing a lot of aesthetic dentistry.
Their clients include the family members who all have beautiful teeth thanks to the neighbours.

Eva, the female dentist and neighbour, suggested to fix up the teeth of this nomadic photographer as well and gave an invitation to come to her practice.
She came to the conclusion that all fillings needed to be replaced and 12 crowns installed.
Costing quite a substantial amount of money and the need to stay in Poland for weeks.

There were two main reasons why the offer of Eva was not accepted.
The most important one was that looking around in her operating theatre it was noticed it was not clean.
Because of bacteria’s and infections the space where a dentist works needs to be immaculately clean.
But when even the bowl in which a patient can spit out the blood is having fungus, one will think twice before to have a treatment in those unhygienic conditions.
The other reason was that Eva was very beautiful and a heavy drinking and smoking party girl.
Super attractive checking the teeth while showing a naked belly: it was feared that it would be all too much and things would get out of control seeing her also in the evenings at the family parties.

Returning to Mexico a stop was made in Holland.
The story with dentist Eva and the possible intention of fixing up the teeth was told to long time and best friend Mandira.
A powerful Russian woman from Odessa.
She explicitly protested against the intention.
Her objection was that it would be ridiculous to have an enormous contrast between the teeth and the face.
A face not showing the age at all, but clearly presenting what it had behind it:
2 wives, 1 stepson, 13 girlfriends, 897 transcontinental flights, 274.814 miles of running and the building of the Fuso Szulc.
Putting in that face super white unnaturally ideal teeth would make the personal presentation an opportunity for people to have one of the best laughs in their lives.
Like Richard Branson, owner of Virgin:

Mandira’s point was sharp and accurate: don’t make a fool of yourself.

And exactly in line with the opinion of dentist Arturo Cruz from the Angel’s Touch Dental Clinic in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

He had a look inside the mouth last Tuesday and his recommendation was stunning.
He said not to put 12 super white crowns, as it would look unnatural and ridiculous.
Dr. Arturo Cruz advised to put just 8 crowns and only a slight touch whiter than the existing teeth.
An advice not in line with the Polish dentist at all and the difference must have to do with in how far the dentist allows the influence in the advice of the own financial benefits.
Obviously Dr. Arturo Cruz has the benefit of the client as the most central.

The treatment starts on Thursday and it will be learned in how far Dr. Arturo Cruz has an Angel’s Touch.


The management of the Angel’s Touch Dental Clinic has of course been informed that reports on the experience will be published on this blog.
Fervent and loyal blog readers will know that, as always, no discount or any other benefit is coming nor accepted from the Angel’s Touch Dental Clinic in exchange for what could be considered publicity.
Everything written here, now and in the future, is therefore objective, impartial and unbiased.


Scary monsters visiting.

In 1962 the British director Alfred Hitchcock made a film called “The Birds”.
Based on a story written by Daphne du Maurier it tells how a couple and their child go to a rather abandoned holiday house when they start to notice that the birds are showing unusual behaviour.
Eventually these birds even start to attack them and they have to barricade themselves inside the house.

At the time, in 1963, when the film was released, seeing it at the age of 14, this film was most impressive and scared the hell out of the innocent and virginal young boy.
Not too long ago this film was seen again and because of time and experience it had changed from a scaring thriller to a hilarious comedy.
This because of the poor and simple special effects.
At the time it was believed what was seen but these days only the clumsiness of the way to make believe is enjoyed.

This film “The Birds” came to mind because recently, when spending the evening in the Fuso Szulc, it is being attacked by hundreds and thousands of insects.
This might have to do with the hurricane of last September that dropped huge amounts of rain on the land.
This resulted in a nature coming to life as never before.
It is green.
There are flowers.
And consequently this boosts the insect population.

During the day it is not specifically noticeable.
There are flies, bees and wasps but not too much.
But at night, when the lamp is on in the Fuso Szulc, the insects that are operating after dark, are attracted by the light.

They have a desperate urge to want to try to get as close to the light as possible.
The Fuso Szulc is equipped with the largest windows on the market and hence relatively lots of light shines into the dark offering insects large windows of opportunity to exercise their hobby.
Aren’t we lucky all the windows and the door opening are protected by screens?

The kind of insects differs by the time of year.
In August different insects were coming to visit as now in October.

Recently, a new kind of insect has appeared on the scene.
It is a large, black and shiny kind of beetle.

It has kamikaze tendencies: it flies full speed to the light banging its body on the screens and the glass of the windows.
There are hundreds and hundreds of them and when inside the Fuso Szulc, it sounds like it is raining small meteorites.

Outside it is pitch black as the moon has not come up yet, the friends of the Gonzales family are some distance away, Stephen Hill is playing on the XM Satellite Radio his slow ambient music for fast exciting times, and the fantasy inspired by the Hitchcock film “The Birds” runs away seeing the existence dissolve in translucency where written in the sky by magically formed clouds it says like a headline in a newspaper:

European photographer tragically devoured by millions of vicious black beetles.

To promote the fear and repulsion for these threatening animals, doing their constant nightly attacks, some of these Halloween creatures magically manage to even get inside the Fuso Szulc.
How they do it, they only know, but frequently suddenly one drops down next to the MacBook Pro computer scaring the living shit out of the hard working photographer.

Of course every opening through which they are believed to enter has been plugged with Kleenex tissues, but nevertheless they get in.

After their arrival inside the Fuso Szulc though, they are immediately picked up and collected in a small container to be set free the next morning.


If you want to learn more about the film “The Birds” click on:


Monday, October 29, 2007

A matter of life or death.

These days serious attacks of nervousness are experienced.
And all this because of a woman called Rosa Peña.

Nervous because of this woman?

Many fervent and loyal blog readers may think this is simply a case of springtime fever in autumn.
Or an invasion of butterflies in the belly.
Cupid having had a hit.

It was wished that the faithful blog readers were right.

However, Rosa Peña, the woman responsible for all the terrible tremors in the current existence, is a dentist in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

So, this man who travelled the whole world several times, who has been arrested and jailed in dubious countries like Sudan and Sri Lanka, who was in plane and car crashes, walked the streets of the Bronx at night, survived rebel attacks in Surinam and brain malaria in Guyana, is afraid of a dentist?


Have a look what this particular dentist is doing to her patients to understand the fear:

That scares the hell out of any body.
Looks more like the dental experiment room of the Auschwitz camp.

Probably the fervent and loyal blog readers will not mind when this posting is used to boost the morale and the courage of this person facing Dr. Rosa Peña today.
It should be known that Dr. Rosa Peña graduated at the top of her class with High Honors at the National University Autonomous of Mexico in Mexico City.
She was the first woman President of the Baja Sur Dental Association and recipient of a Mexican Government Medal in a National Dentistry Competition.
Dr. Peña has even been featured on ABC Good Morning America.

So what are those horror full Halloween portrait pictures about?
They belong to sets where you see a person before having been treated by Dr. Rosa Peña and after.
Have a look:

The meeting with Dr. Rosa Peña will be about fixing the teeth of this nomadic photographer.
During childhood a dentist in the Netherlands has been making quite a mess of the teeth and it is about time things get properly organized in there.

Of course this will be covered in different postings in the weeks to come.
This in case Dr. Peña allows the patient to walk out her torture chamber alive.


To learn more about Dr. Rosa Peña’s “Angel’s Touch Dental Care”, click on:


No wonder they lost the war.

A cook working in the kitchen of a restaurant has a different approach to food and eating compared to a gourmand who goes out to dine.
This is the same with a photographer.
The approach to images a photographer has is very different compared to the average person looking at pictures.

One result of being specialised in a certain discipline is that the mind is more sophisticated and hence critical when seeing results from others in the own profession.
Logically, the higher the level one has reached the less interesting the results of others become.

Since a long time this particular photographer is not looking at the work of others.
There are two reasons.
First is that most results are boring and uninteresting.
Secondly, in the rare cases interesting results are seen this particular photographer dies of jealousy.

So, what images are looked at if the particular photographer wishes to be fascinated by photography?

These days, when emotional and intellectual excitement wants to be experienced, a specific website is visited.
The website, created by a Canadian by the name of George Parada, is called “Achtung Panzer” and is dedicated to the history of tanks and people of the German Panzertruppe during World War II.
It describes most of the armoured fighting vehicles used by the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS Panzer Divisions from September 1939 to May 1945.

It is fascinating what can be seen on that website and some images trigger many moments of deep reflection.
Like these ones:

How can people imagine winning a war when using a vehicle like this one called a “Kleines Kettenkraftrad Sd.Kfz.2”?
But the Germans have build almost 9.000 of them and without embarrassment thought to be able to conquer the world using this vehicle.
It had a four cylinder Opel engine and could reach a speed of 80 kilometers/50 miles per hour.

Another fascinating truck they used was this one:

Powered by a 6 cylinder, 115 hp gasoline engine, using on a normal road 1 litre of gas for every 1,5 kilometre.
That’s 3,7 miles to the gallon.

Of course there is a deeper reason why there is such a high interest for a website like this one.
Why there is fascination for German armoured fighting vehicles from World War 2.

Opposite of all these German vehicles, made to destroy others and enforce Nazism, was, in an American made Sherman tank, the father of this blogpublisher.


The website with German armoured vehicles from World War II:


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bits and pieces.

Today from the Fuso Szulc we are catching up on current issues.


Bits and pieces #1.

There is very good news concerning Gorba the dog.

Within a few weeks Gorba is going to leave the rancho and the dubious care of his master Alfredo.
It has been arranged Gorba is going to live at the rancho of good friend Don Rafael and his son Eric Ojeda Salgado near the town of La Paz.
At this rancho are no goats.
As Gorba has developed this obsession of biting to death any goat he can come close to, he is currently chained because at Rancho Punta Boca del Salado a large herd of goats is kept roaming the land during the day.
Gorba is a very useful dog when a ranchero on a horse wants to go out in nature to round up cows and drive them back to the corrals of the rancho.
Gorba has the intelligence and the training to be helpful and enjoys doing it.
This he can do plentiful at the new rancho and on top of that, he can live freely there without a chain.
Isn’t that nice?


Bits and pieces #2.
Yesterday hundreds of thousands of people were demonstrating all over the USA against the war in Iraq.
Also at Punta Boca del Salado there was a very small demonstration.
What could be heard here was the slogan yelled by the protester:
“Don’t sign !" Don’t sign!”.
This is referring to the fact that for more than a year the USA Government is pressing the Iraqi Government to sign the “Oil and Gas Bill”.
If they do it will be legally regulated how to divide the oil profits between the different Iraqi ethnic groups.
But most important, and this is why the US-Government is pushing so hard, is that this “Oil and Gas Bill” would end more than three decades of Iraq's nationalized oil industry.
It would give 10-year exploration and development rights to foreign oil companies — at least those willing to start drilling in a country where hundreds of contractors have been killed and pipelines are regularly blow up.
Once the exploration deals expire, the companies can negotiate to produce the oil for another 20 years in partnership with the state-owned Iraq National Oil Company.
Foreign oil companies would then pay the government 12.5% royalties of the oil's value, and be able to export the rest of whatever oil they find — potentially massive amounts at enormous profits.
This explains why the US-army is currently building military basis in Iraq intended to be kept and occupied for at least another 30 years.
Protection is needed for the American oil companies to make their windfall profits in the future.
Meanwhile many US-citizens still believe it is all about fighting terrorism that their billions of tax dollars are used for.


Bits and pieces #3.
Recently we have been seeing Villa Las Dunas compared to Rancho Punta Boca del Salado.
Going deeper into the comparison makes sense because the situation is very exemplary for many situations worldwide.
The criterion for the Gonzales family, many years ago, to decide to settle at their specific location and start a rancho was the presence of water.
Somehow they found out that in the dry river bed at Punta Boca del Salado was water.
They dug a water well and this gives still plenty of water.
It made living at that location possible and doing cattle ranching.
Creating an income, hence surviving and possibly prospering.
This is a logical way of doing.

The criterion of building Villa Las Dunas at its specific location was the view.
This is basically a very wrong primary criterion to build somewhere a house.
Because more essential criterions are not considered and they come back later as problems.
Of course the people deciding to build Villa Las Dunas were aware of bypassing essential criterions.
But they are imagining they can solve the problems with money.
This is because the location and the house, contrary to the Gonzales family, does not need to bring in money to live.
The money for the extremely high operating costs of Villa Las Dunas comes from somewhere else.
From the Silicone Valley or another large urban area in the USA.
But this circumventing of the local aspects by simply pumping in money has a devastating effect on the environment.
It is a 19th century mentality and therefore retarded.


Bits and pieces #4

Many fervent and loyal blog readers will remember how the Fuso Szulc had, from the beginning, problems with the water pump.

Most recently, in La Paz, Hector the mechanic, relocated the water pump.
It is now underneath the water tank very close to the exit of the water.
However, the disturbing news is that the problem the Fuso Szulc was having with the water supply persists.

Frequently, when a faucet is opened, there is no water.
The pump is not pumping.
When the switch on the SeeLevel Tank monitor is changed a few times from the on to the off position and back, suddenly the pump seems to wake up, starts to pump and water comes from the faucet.

All the connections of the plumbing have been checked to see if maybe air gets into the system between the pump and the faucets.
There are no leaks and everything seems fine.

Several e-mails have been send to the service desk of Shurflo water pumps to ask if they have an idea what is the problem here.
However, the service of Shurflo consists in not replying at all.


Bits and pieces #5.
In two days is the birthday of Grace Barnett Wing.
Something to celebrate.
Many fervent and loyal blog readers will ask: " Who is Grace Barnett Wing".
She is better known as Grace Slick and was a singer/composer/musician in the bands called “The Jefferson Airplane” and “Jefferson Starship”.

The extraordinary music these bands made can never be forgotten and this is partly because of her contribution.

Grace Slick was born in Chicago on October 30, 1939 and besides her being a fantastic musician, she played another important role.
Like Janis Joplin, Grace Slick's uncompromising persona and powerful voice helped to open up new modes of expression for female performers.
Giving a new legitimacy to the role of the female lead singer in the male-dominated world of rock music.
She became a role model for women to stand up, to be expressive, to be self assured and accomplishing.

No wonder Grace Slick was politically active as well and strongly opposing the war in Vietnam.
She is from an era in which musicians were not compromising and not only going for the money, as most contemporary musicians do these days.
She demonstrated that besides singing and being a public figure, one must take responsibility for the situation in society and let a strong voice hear.
This example is followed these days by people like Bonnie Rait and Bono from U2.

Grace Slick, a great American woman.

Singing in 1969:

Look what’s happening out in the streets
Got a revolution got to revolution
Hey I’m dancing down the streets
Got a revolution got to revolution
Isn’t it amazing all the people I meet
Got a revolution got to revolution
One generation got old
One generation got soul
This generation got no destination to hold
Pick up the cry
Hey now its time for you and me
Got a revolution got to revolution
Come on now were marching to the sea
Got a revolution got to revolution
Who will take it from you?
We will and who are we
We are volunteers of America

To learn more about the "Oil and Gas Bill" threatening to become law in Iraq, click on:,8599,1576593,00.html

To learn more about Grace Slick, click on:


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Which way to go?

Two days ago the fervent and loyal blog readers have been on a tour of Villa Las Dunas.
This pompous and extravagant house for sale for 12 million and 700 hundred thousand greenbacks.

We have seen how Villa Las Dunas is built and equipped if it were on a location with all the necessary municipal amenities available.
But the Villa Las Dunas has no access to municipal water and electricity because this is the boondocks and not Malibu, Los Angeles, USA.

Therefore solutions to these problems have been found by having water trucked in for the 5 bathrooms and 3 swimming pools and all the water to irrigate the palm trees, clean the house and do the dishes.
Having a big diesel generator for electricity to power among others all the many lights, the refrigerators, the air conditioning and the TV’s.

Now, today, let’s make a tour of the rancho where the Gonzales family is living.
For many decades and about a half hour walk from Villa Las Dunas.

What can immediately be noticed is that the way the rancho is build and operated concerning energy is an integration in the natural situation.
It is not choosing to conflict.
It is choosing to harmonize.
For example, Villa Las Dunas is equipped with an air-conditioning system.
Inside there are huge spaces and a lot of energy is needed to cool therefore.
At the Gonzales Rancho is no air conditioning.
Most spaces have no walls.
It is a roof of palm leaves to make shadow and underneath it is very comfortable.
The breeze cools sufficiently even on the hottest day.

In Villa Las Dunas the bedrooms are small, except one, and have just a small window.
This again based on the idea that the room is mechanically cooled.
At the Gonzales Rancho the people sleep outside.
They put their beds under palm trees and enjoy the fresh air and the view of the stars.

Concerning electricity, at the Gonzales Rancho is no generator whatsoever.
No generator like Villa Las Dunas that consumes a fossil fuel, diesel, and highly pollutes the atmosphere.
There are some light bulbs at strategic places at the rancho of the Gonzales that are turned on at night only when needed.
These lights are powered by solar energy.
On the roof of the only stone building they have 4 solar panels.
This powers all the lights and the small TV.

The Gonzales family has two old refrigerators.
Powered by bottled propane gas.
A relative clean fossil fuel.
Propane is costing in Mexico about 0,35 Euro per litre.
Or 1,95 $ per gallon.

The cooking of their food is on fire made of dead wood they find in the area.
And partly on a stove using propane gas.

Recently they purchased a freezer working on electricity.
Powered by solar energy.
Two 100 watts solar panels and two Trojan batteries.

The Gonzales family has one bathroom with one toilet for the whole family.
And they take a shower once a day.

We can see that the way the Gonzales live in this part of the world is very much in balance with nature.
And that the way people will live in Villa Las Dunas is consuming high volumes of water and energy and will highly pollute the environment.

This matter is a real and serious issue.
Last Thursday a report was published by the United Nations saying that the human population is living far beyond its means and inflicting damage to the environment that could pass points of no return.
“The human population is now so large that the amount of resources needed to sustain it exceeds what is available at current consumption patterns,”
Achim Steiner, the executive director of the Environment Program of the United Nations explained.

The hard truth is that we must start immediately avoiding making use of the natural resources that are running out and are polluting.
Villa Las Dunas, with its garage doors opening and closing electrically, is one big monument of the opposite of what we must do.
It is a life style of people who refuse to see the truth.
Who do not care a damn about the environment and about the future of this planet and its population.

Villa Las Dunas and the Gonzales Rancho.
What way of living is best to follow?


To learn more about the fourth Global Environmental Outlook of the United Nations, click on:


Friday, October 26, 2007

Locked up in the toilet.

I can think of no street in America, or of people inhabiting such a street, capable of leading one on toward the discovery of the self.
I have walked the streets in many countries of the world but nowhere have I felt so degraded and humiliated as in America.
I think of all the streets in America combined as forming a huge cesspool.
A cesspool of the spirit in which everything is sucked down and drained away to everlasting shit.
Over this cesspool the spirit of work weaves a magic wand; palaces and factories spring up side by side, and munitions plants and chemical works and steel mills and sanatoriums and prisons and insane asylums.
The whole continent is a nightmare producing the greatest misery of the greatest number.

The whole continent of America is a huge volcano whose crater is temporarily concealed by a moving panorama which is partly dream , partly fear, partly despair.
Everywhere is the same fundamental urge to slay, to ravage, to plunder.
Outwardly they seem like a fine outstanding people: healthy, optimistic, courageous.
Inwardly they are filled with worms.
A tiny spark and they blow up.

In America they are constantly running amok.
What they need is an outlet for their energy, for their blood lust.
Europe is bled regularly by war.
America is pacifistic and cannibalistic.
Outwardly it seems to be a beautiful honeycomb, with all the drones crawling over each other in a frenzy of work; inwardly it is a slaughterhouse, each man killing off his neighbour and sucking the juice from his bones.
Superficially it looks like a bold, masculine world; actually it’s a whorehouse run by women, with the native sons acting as pimps and the bloody foreigners selling their flesh.
Nobody knows what it is to sit on his ass and be content.
That happens only in the films where everything is faked, even the fires of hell.
The whole continent is sound asleep and in that sleep a grand nightmare is taking place.

Every time something critical about the United States is published on this blog, several fervent and loyal blog readers send hate mail.
Anonymously of course and in the worst language only found in the gutter.
Reading today’s posting and the opinion expressed above about the United States, the hate mailers will jump on the opportunity.
But they are too quick.

The text about America we are reading today in this posting is not written nor representing the opinion of this nomadic photographer.
It comes from an author called Henry Miller and can be found in his book “Tropic of Capricorn” written in 1938….

Henry Miller, born in New York, who lived from December 26, 1891 to June 7, 1980, is considered one of the greatest American authors.

Several of his books were banned in the United States for decades because he wrote rather explicitly about sexuality.

As a student at art school in the late 60’s, Henry Miller’s books Tropic of Cancer, Nexus, Plexus and Sexus were read.
At the time fascinating books to read but only for the explicit sexuality.

Recently, in the Paperback Shack in Temecula, California, a second hand bookstore where most books are purchased to have in the library in the Fuso Szulc, Henry Miller’s “Tropic of Capricorn” was found.
As this particular book of Miller was never read it was purchased.
In the last couple of days a serious effort was made to read “Tropic of Capricorn”.
The truth is that half way, deeply disgusted, Henry Miller’s book was thrown into the farthest corner.

Also in this book is explicit sexuality but contrary to the 60’s, in this epoch it is not shocking or even interesting anymore.
The rest of the story is such a strong demonstration of nihilism that it is sickening.

But most shocking is what is Henry Miller’s opinion about his own country and his compatriots.
He seemed to need to justify at the time his move to Paris, France, where he lived as the lover boy of Anais Nin who paid his food and the publication of his first book “Tropic of cancer”.
His emigration to Europe made him piss and shit on where he came from in a flagrant way.

There are American writers who lived and worked during the era of Henry Miller who are highly admired and appreciated.
But Henry Miller is locked up in the toilet for now and forever.


Henry Miller's book "Tropic of capricorn" can be found by clicking on:,M1


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Feel lucky and happy.

Not far from the rancho where the Gonzales family live and farm a man from Silicone Valley has built a huge house.

It’s right on the beach in between a dry riverbed called Arroyo Brazil and a gigantic sand dune.

It has taken years to build this house.
Craftsman from mainland Mexico and the best materials were brought in to make it one of the most beautiful houses in this area.

The man from Silicone Valley had the house designed to his taste and to his family situation.
When it was ready, he decided to sell it.
It is on the market now for 12.700.000 $.
That is 12 million and 700 hundred thousand Dollars.
Plus costs.

In order to be of excellent service again to the fervent and loyal blog readers, this house, called Villa Las Dunas, was visited yesterday to photograph it for publication on this blog.
Therefore, sit back, relax and enjoy the images of Villa Las Dunas.

Many fervent and loyal blog readers may be impressed by this house.
And feel depressed it is something they will never been able to neither purchase nor live in.
Let alone visit it.
This is a very wrong response.
The correct reaction should be that we must be all feel very happy and lucky not to own this house.
Consider this:
  • The house has no water supply. Water needs to be bought and trucked in. And a lot of water is needed. There are 3 swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, two fountains and 3 bathrooms. And all the palm trees and plants surrounding the house need irrigation.
  • The house has no electricity. Electricity is coming from a big diesel generator needing fuel and maintenance.
  • The house has only three bedrooms. A huge master bedroom with a view of the sea and two small bedrooms with a poor view of the mountains.
  • The house is not hurricane proof. Each year, when the hurricanes come, all windows and glass doors need to be covered with wooden panels.
  • Of the space inside the house, much is taken by the impressive stairway. Useless space except for intimidation.
  • The house is in an area to be reached by a bad dirt road only. In case of emergency, like a medical issue, it will take hours to reach help. And in the hurricane season this area is sometimes completely closed off by washed away roads for days and days.
  • The beach in front of the house and the dry riverbed are public. Anybody has the right to come and stay there. Like last winter. Next to the 12 million and 700 hundred thousand Dollars Villa Las Dunas was a Mexican family from Tecate in a trailer enjoying themselves camping there for weeks. Mexican fishermen come to launch their boats and like last year, slaughter the sharks there leaving the carcasses on the beach.
  • Close by is this huge sand dune. Exactly where all Winter strong winds blow from. Carrying the sand straight on and into the house. Better cover the swimming pools and dust the porcelain daily.
  • Do not invite your physically challenged family and friends. The house has all kinds of different levels. No wheel chair can make much distance.
  • The 12 million and 700 hundred thousand Dollars do not include any furniture.

Aren’t we lucky and happy not to own this house?
Aren’t we fortunate we are not spending 12 million and 700 hundred thousand Dollars plus substantial costs?
Aren’t we content when we compare Villa Las Dunas with where we are living now?


Interested to buy Villa Las Dunas anyway? Click on: