Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Human contact.

Last week, when on the way in the Fuso Szulc to El Triple, a stop was made at La Ballena.
La Ballena is a large valley not far from the Pacific Ocean and at a 45 minutes walk from El Triple.
There used to be a rancho at La Ballena but the Mexican family had to give up because of drought.
Nature was not offering enough food for their grazing cows.

Now La Ballena and all the land around it belongs to an American project developing company whose intention it is to build a resort.

The old rancho building has been knocked down and a metal hangar has been constructed.
The well with salty water got a pump and a pump house.

To protect this property in an area where hardly anybody comes, an old motor home has been hauled to La Ballena.
In this RV Cosme lives.
A friendly Mexican who lost his upper front teeth and who has a tremendous stutter and both characteristics make it very hard to understand what he is saying.
But he is a nice guy and has a charming wife and two adorable children.

Last week Cosme complained that he had no light.
He has batteries and a solar panel but somehow it is not working.
He asked to come by in a few days to check it out.

So today was the day to visit Cosme and check out his solar system.

The solar panel was on a pole and in an angle.
That was good.
But the angle was towards the north.
Quite a job to change the position because the pole was in a large concrete block in the sand.
The solar panel was fixed to the pole impossible to turn, hence the solution is to dig up the pole, turn it and burry it again.

The cable going from the solar panel to the solar controller was a mismatch of 354 different cables all fixed together with tape or simply twisted.
An incredible mess.
Having the voltmeter available, it could be measured that miraculously plenty of amps were entering from the solar panel into the solar controller.
Also into the battery.
But no juice from the solar controller into the motor home.
Obviously something inside the solar controller was not well.
It being an electronic device, no solution came to mind to fix that problem.
Except to advice Cosme to change the position of the solar panel and charge during the day the battery.
And to connect the battery directly to the motor home electrical system in the evening to have light.

Cosme a happy man.
Also because his wife and kids are coming tomorrow.


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