Friday, March 30, 2007

Fuso Santek 19

This afternoon at 13.00 hours the team of skilled professionals working for Santek Trailers in Riverside, California, USA, clocked out and got ready for the party.
Ruben went to a big Mexican supermarket with a restaurant section to pick up the food ordered the day before.
However, in the turmoil of the vivid supermarket, somehow the order had not made it. But because nothing is ever a problem in 20 minutes they would have the meals for 15 people ready.
Ruben had quickly some Pacifico’s, the best beer from Mexico, bought a supply of the international soft drink Coca Cola and once this was all done the food was ready.

In one of the halls the team improvised a table and chairs and enjoyed the food.
There were no speeches, no drinking of alcoholic beverages as they are not allowed on the Santek Trailer’s premises and nobody danced with the beautiful Gail Harris.
But it was a great atmosphere of comradeship and feeling of having accomplished something exceptional.
Roberto, the simpatico leader of the team, was told that not only had they managed to build a fabulous expedition vehicle but that also the whole process of building had been a great joy to experience.
Gratitude was expressed which was warmly returned.

Later this afternoon some shots were made of the finished Fuso Santek.
In an upcoming posting some specific details of this unique expedition vehicle will be highlighted.

The guys who did it !
Bravo ! Bravo ! Bravo !

Fuso Santek 18

Yesterday was a special day in the history of having a Lazy Daze motor home.
The happy new owner passed by to receive the Title and the keys.
The Lazy Daze will stay inside the buildings of Santek Trailers until after one month the new owner is able to drive it to his own location.
It is therefore a goodbye to the Lazy Daze while she is still very much present.
It might be interesting to dedicate an entire posting to the experiences of purchasing, owning and selling a Lazy Daze.
Fervent and loyal blogreaders are invited to express possible enthusiasm for this idea to motivate for writing this posting.

Today is a special day in the history of the process of building of the FUSO SANTEK expedition vehicle by Santek Trailers in Riverside, California, USA.
The fact is: she is ready.
After 10 weeks of hard and skilled work, she is ready to go.
There are some minor little details for this morning, but this afternoon the content owner of the FUSO SANTEK is throwing a party for the 15 persons Santek Trailers crew.

Later today, when the light is favourable, pictures of the glorious FUSO SANTEK in her final stage will be made and published on this blog.
Also pictures of the party.

Fervent and loyal blogreaders are invited to return later today to see all those images.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fuso Santek 17

The Fuso Santek came out of the building where it has been inside for several weeks.
This is because this expedition vehicle is almost ready.

Paul Westphal, the owner and general-manager of Santek Trailers, to the left, admires what his team of skilled workers accomplished.
One of the workers checks the list of tasks still to be done.

A very important moment.
The Tempur Pedic mattress is carried to the Fuso Santek to be put inside.

Today, everything which was inside the beautiful Lazy Daze, was taken out.
The Lazy Daze has found a new owner and he and his family are coming tomorrow to take it home.

This evening were the first hours spend living in the new Fuso Santek.
As from now the Fuso Santek is the centre of the Nomad life.
The place to live in and the mean of transportation.

Fuso Santek 16

Yesterday Mark A. Rolland came to see the Fuso Santek expedition vehicle in Riverside, California, USA.
He is one of the many visitors who have been coming to see the building going on at Santek Trailers.
Mr. Rolland is Associate Editor of the magazine "Sand Sports".
He came to make a reportage about the Fuso Santek and in one of the coming issues of "Sand Sports" we will be able to read his story and see his pictures of the Fuso Santek.

Meanwhile the building continues.
Now it is more finishing.
The major work has been done.

The mount for the spare tire has been custom made at Santek Trailers, like many parts of the Fuso Santek.
The hole in the one in the middle is to put a padlock protecting the spare tire from being stolen.

José working on making the plate which hill hold the spare tire in the mounting position.

The final result.

The yellow shock absorbers integrated in the pivotal system are being peinted black.

The two parts of metal sticking out in the middle were originally the place to put the license plate. As this is now on the back of the Fuso Santek, these will be eliminated.

One of the vital persons at Santek Trailers, Gail Harris, has been picking up the nosecone for the Fuso Santek.

It is being mounted for which several persons are needed. This nose cone will reduce fuel consumption with 5 %.

Today is exceptional because everything in the Lazy Daze motorhome will be moved next to the Fuso Santek awaiting final completion.
And this coming night will be spend in the Fuso Santek.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fuso Santek 15

The Fuso Santek expedition vehicle is approaching the final stage.

The doors have now been installed giving access to the storage space underneath the bed.

On the left side of this storage space a slide-out has been installed for hanging clothes.

In the cabin of the Mitusbishi Fuso FG truck the JVC radio and XM cradle have been installed.
The radio shows permanently the time which is on purpose because the dashboard of the Mitsubishi Fuso FG doesn't include a clock. The time on the JVC radio is controlled by the XM-satellite radio. Besides directly connected to XM-radio, this JVC radio is also iPod ready.

The special seats have been installed as well. They are having air pressure for shock absorbing and the air pressure can be used the inflate or deflate 3 airbags in the back and 2 on the side.

For the seats is an air compressor and an air tank behind the passenger's seat. Notice the different controls on the side of the seat.

All the solar panels were installed.

The installation of the flexible sewage drainpipe container. It is conveniently located above the diesel tank, near the dumpwater tanks and out of sight.

The fuse-box in one of the many cabinets. Here is also the main switch in case the Fuso Santek is stored for a while: the main switch stops all use of electricity. Underneath the red main switch we can see the low battery alarm. A very important instrument warning with a red flashing light and a sound when too much electricity is being used bringing the batteries to a level too low. If that would happen it could ruin the batteries.

The control panels. The white box is the thermostat for the heating. The HPV-22B is the control panel for the solar energy. It monitors the output of the solar panels and boosts it with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking).
Second row to the left the monitor panel of all the tanks. The fresh water, grey and black tanks. Also the LPG tank can be checked here. All electronically therefore very accurate. On this panel also the control for the water pump and the hot water boiler.
Last control panel is for the inverter/charger/converter.

The battery bank. Six batteries of six volt. Each battery is in a container and a frame keeps them in place. The box is vented.

All doors and windows are installed.

Installation of the sink in the bathroom. The counter is of stainless steel but still protected by a paper seal.

The bathroom wall has a large mirror.

The bumper installed. On the bumper the spare tire will be mounted. In the bumper are LED brake lights integrated.

The stainless steel stove.

Being installed. Also the kitchen counter is made of stainless steel.