Thursday, March 1, 2007

Fuso Santek 7

Many images today showing the progress of the building of the FUSO SANTEK.

Roberto Millan, the production manager, in his office masterminding all the many details concerning building the FUSO SANTEK.
A lot of time has to be spend, besides designing and engineering, doing research to find adequate parts, tools and equipment.

Welding the cargo boxes underneath the camper box and wiring taking place.

To install the JVC radio in the cabin of the Mitsubishi FG truck, the whole panel of the mid-section of the dashboard had to be dismantled. No easy installation because special screws are needed and the plug provided by Mitsubishi with the power and loudpeakers cables is not of a universal standard.
Roberto Millan's career includes building audio equipment into vehicles and he claims:
"I'll figure it out !".
Next day he found the right screws.

In order to mount the fresh water tanks underneath the camper box and finish the front connections of the camper box to the chassis, the whole camper box needs to be taken off.

Now that the camper box is lifted up, a clear view can be seen of the pivotal system.

The truck's engine is started and the Mitsubishi FG is driven forewards.

Meeting underneath the camper box to discuss and plan the installation of the fresh water tanks.

Decisions are made where to make the openings in the tanks.

To the right we see Gail Harris, the person at Santek Trailers skillfully and warmly responsible for all the ordering, administration, communication and 100 other things.

Now that the bottom of the camper box is accessible, the cargo boxes are sealed.

And spray painted.

And the wheelhouses as well.

In the coming days, next steps are to install and connect the fresh water tanks after which the camper box can return on the chassis of the truck.

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