Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sugar you, sugar me.

The last couple of days the air quality in Riverside, California, was extremely low.
The weather was warm and almost no wind.
In this industrialised area with millions of cars and trucks driving around and many industries producing, the pollution of the air is at an incredible high level.
It even can be seen. Looking towards the San Bernardino Mountains a grey, dark and dirty layer lies on the face of the Earth.
It can also be noticed.
It stinks.
A bad smell is in the air.
And breathing is not easy. The body wants to refuse the bad quality air.
The nose and the throat get irritated.

To escape this unhealthy situation, refuge is found high in the San Bernardino Mountains, in the Cucamonga Wilderness, above the layer of smudge.
Near the small settlement of Lyttle Creek is a National Park Campground called “Angle White”.
It is at “Angle White” that finally fresh air can fill the lungs again.

In Lyttle Creek is a street with this sign:
The following conversations were overheard while trying to make a phone call:

“Hello, hello, Miss Sutton?”
“Yes, this is Miss Sutton. Who’s calling?”
“It’s John Davis. Your neighbour”
“Oooh, hi Mr. Davis. What can I do for you?”
“Well, Janie, I ran out of sugar and was wondering if you have some for me?”
“Mmmm, unfortunately I have no sugar myself anymore, Mr. Davis. But you may want to ask Mr. Ciccone”

Damned woman. She just doesn’t get it. By herself and not wanting company.

“Hello, hello, Mr. Ciccone ?”
“Yes, this is Mr. Ciccone”
“Hi, this is Miss Sutton, you know, your neighbour”
“Oh yes, how are you Miss Ciccone?”
“Fine, fine, but you have any sugar?”
“What do you mean, Miss Sutton ?”
“Well, Mr. Ciccone, do not misunderstand me but it is about Mr. Davis. He may call you asking for sugar”

I hope he didn’t think I was trying to get involved with him asking this question about sugar.

“Hello, hello, Mrs. Wadleigh?”
“Yes, this is Mrs Wadleigh speaking”
“Good afternoon, Mrs. Wadleigh, this is Mr. Ciccone speaking”
“Oh hi, Jim”
“Excuse me, Mrs. Wadleigh, but you happen to have any sugar?”
“Sure I do, Jim. Plenty. You want to come over?”

Hell. She got me wrong. Now she thinks I fancy her.

“Hello, hello, Spivey ?”
“Yes, this is Spivey”
“Hi, Spivey, this is Madeleine Wadleigh speaking. Guess what, Jim Ciccone called me and said he needs sugar. He seems to be desperately craving for me”

This Madeleine gets things in her mind. Jim would never do such a thing.

“Hello, hello Chuck?”
“No, it’s Lou”
“Oh, hi Lou. It’s Spivey”
“What’s up, Spivey?”
“Madeleine Wadleigh just called me and she needs sugar”
“Well, think, she needs sugar”
“Spivey, please, Chuck is away”

My Chuck getting involved with that bitch of a Madeleine arranged by Spivey, could you believe that?

“Hello, hello, Father Tomitich?”
“Yes, this is Father Tomitich”
“Father Tomitich, this is Lou Hewitson”
“Hi Lou, may the Lord bless you”
“Well, not really. Chuck is targeted by evil powers, Father Tomitich”
“How so?”
“Madeleine Wadleigh pretends to need sugar and wants it from my Chuck”

What is all this nonsense about sugar? My sheep are getting confused in these uncertain times.

“Hello, hello, this is Clarke Kent speaking”
“Hi Clarke, this is Bernie Witherspoon”
“Listen, Bernie, we have trouble in our street”
“How come?”
“You know that our neighbours, the Masters, the Pierces, crazy Nellis, Carl Harbour, these lesbians of Westwood, the Milagros from Guadalajara, bossy Bert Huntington, and Scotty who is pretending to live in a castle, this Vollmering the German and the Huberts, they all ran out of sugar”
“What is this about, Clarke?”
“Something happened here. I don’t know what. But it seems suddenly everyone needs sugar and are asking each other for sugar and magically, nobody has sugar.”
“This is crazy, Clarke. We used to have such a quiet neighbourhood”
“Yes, very quiet. “
“And everybody needs sugar?”
“True but I believe to know what is really going on here”
“What is it, Clarke?”
“Another crazy posting on this blog”


Anonymous said...

Michel, You are so FUNNY!

Anonymous said...

You are supposed to be an art-photographer, right ? But then you KNOW so much, like about orphans in Hungary while you are also very funny sometimes. What kind of unusual man are you ?