Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fuso Santek 15

The Fuso Santek expedition vehicle is approaching the final stage.

The doors have now been installed giving access to the storage space underneath the bed.

On the left side of this storage space a slide-out has been installed for hanging clothes.

In the cabin of the Mitusbishi Fuso FG truck the JVC radio and XM cradle have been installed.
The radio shows permanently the time which is on purpose because the dashboard of the Mitsubishi Fuso FG doesn't include a clock. The time on the JVC radio is controlled by the XM-satellite radio. Besides directly connected to XM-radio, this JVC radio is also iPod ready.

The special seats have been installed as well. They are having air pressure for shock absorbing and the air pressure can be used the inflate or deflate 3 airbags in the back and 2 on the side.

For the seats is an air compressor and an air tank behind the passenger's seat. Notice the different controls on the side of the seat.

All the solar panels were installed.

The installation of the flexible sewage drainpipe container. It is conveniently located above the diesel tank, near the dumpwater tanks and out of sight.

The fuse-box in one of the many cabinets. Here is also the main switch in case the Fuso Santek is stored for a while: the main switch stops all use of electricity. Underneath the red main switch we can see the low battery alarm. A very important instrument warning with a red flashing light and a sound when too much electricity is being used bringing the batteries to a level too low. If that would happen it could ruin the batteries.

The control panels. The white box is the thermostat for the heating. The HPV-22B is the control panel for the solar energy. It monitors the output of the solar panels and boosts it with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking).
Second row to the left the monitor panel of all the tanks. The fresh water, grey and black tanks. Also the LPG tank can be checked here. All electronically therefore very accurate. On this panel also the control for the water pump and the hot water boiler.
Last control panel is for the inverter/charger/converter.

The battery bank. Six batteries of six volt. Each battery is in a container and a frame keeps them in place. The box is vented.

All doors and windows are installed.

Installation of the sink in the bathroom. The counter is of stainless steel but still protected by a paper seal.

The bathroom wall has a large mirror.

The bumper installed. On the bumper the spare tire will be mounted. In the bumper are LED brake lights integrated.

The stainless steel stove.

Being installed. Also the kitchen counter is made of stainless steel.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful! How exciting! Will the solar panels tilt for better energy collection?