Saturday, March 24, 2007

A National Park turned into a boot camp.

It may seem that so many events are reported on this blog, that one may wonder how come this can all happen in the life of one person.
The events are so frequent and often so extreme.
It seems not much is going in a quiet and ordinary way.
Must have to do with aura.

Now this.
Having been suffocated enough by the pollution of Riverside, California, and the process of building the Fuso Santek slowing down during the weekend, an escape was made to Joshua Tree National Park.
The campground called “Black Rock Canyon”.

After making camp, the hiking shoes were put on to make one of the long walks in nature with relative clean air.

At the administration building of the Joshua Tree National Park the map was studied to choose an interesting hiking trail.
Suddenly a loud voice was heard.
Yelling, screaming, ordering, bullying.
Inspecting what this was about in a quiet and peaceful National Park where official rule 36CFR2.34(a)(3) of the Code of Regulations is saying:

“Unreasonable noise is prohibited at any time of day or night”.

A yellow school bus had arrived and a man dressed as an American soldier from Iraq was yelling and screaming at young boys and girls coming out of that bus.
Some of the boys and girls were dressed in camouflage clothes like an army costume.
Some were in civilian clothes.

“Get your buts out of that bus.
Hurry up.
Don’t be so slow.
Hop. Hop. Hop.
And in rows of 4”.

The young boys and girls, ranging in age from 10 to 15, were rather overwhelmed and intimidated and clumsily formed 4 rows.
The soldier positioned himself in front of the scared youth and gave a speech.

“I am a marine.
I have been in Iraq.
I am a martial arts expert.
If you play with me, I will play with you.
See that mountain over there?"

(Some mumble, yes).
"Don’t speak to me when not asked.
I can make you run up that mountain in a way you will never forget.
I don’t get tired easily. Understand ?"

(Some mumbling)
(Some say, yes. Some say, yes Sir)
"When I ask you, understand, you reply: “Yes, Sir”.
Understand ?"

(Yes, Sir)
(yes, Sir)
"Have you lost your voices ? UNDERSTAND ?"
"You are here now and I will order you what to do and you will listen to my orders. If not, I will play with you.
Now, get your luggage out of the bus.
You have one minute.
GO ".

(The boys and girls run to the backside of the bus and start taking out the bags.
They are like in a panic, so it goes nowhere.
The drill sergeant intervenes.)
"You are only making fun here.
I will help you".

(He pushes the young girls and boys aside and grabs bags and throws them away as far as he can.
Some boys and girls obviously feel humiliated and go look for their bags.)
"Get back in rows and put your luggage in front of you.

I will teach you to follow my orders.
Understand ?"

(Yes, Sir).
"Get down.
You play with me, eh ?
I will teach you !
No, not on your hands, the push-ups.
On your fingertips.

And count them with a loud voice.
ONE ".

" TWO and louder ".
Put your buts down.
Keep a straight bodyline.

(Some of the young boys and girls are obese.
No way they can do push-ups.
They kind of pretend and are in a weird position with their huge bodies.
The Marine from Iraq ignores that.
No way he can win that.)
"Get back on your feet.
Hands on your pockets.
Don’t look at me.
Straight ahead.
Understand ? "


There are several more military people.
One military woman now goes to a 13 year old girl and screams agressively and hatefully in her face:
"Get that stupid grin of your face.
You think it is funny what the sergeant is saying?
You better watch it !"
Fear can be seen on the girl's face.

The Marine sergeant, his sleeves rolled up high so everybody can see his well-developed biceps, continues as if he hates and despises all these young boys and girls:
" You are under the rules of the army here.
I give orders and you follow them up.

Now you go the campsite.
You have 30 seconds.
Start moving.
RUN !!!
NOW !!!"

They start running like rabbits seeing a fox come.

This experience gives a whole new dimension to staying in a National Park.

It also gives an idea how young boys and girls are made to experience how it is to loose the identity they have build up until that moment.
To become a non-entity.
Without a will of their own.
Without thinking of their own.
To simply become a tool in the hands of people involved in violence and destruction.
Boys and girls between 10 and 15 years old.
A shocking experience.

Returning from the long walk it was decided to pass by the group of tents where these young people were located under the rule of the group of militaries.
The Marine drill sergeant was spotted and approached.
Politely, the question was asked what this was all about.
Were these children maybe juveniles ?
Having been involved in crime and needing to learn discipline ?
The Marine sergeant explained, rather hesitantly, this was not the case.
They were normal, ordinary boys and girls.
He was saying that the Army collaborates with schools and offers weekends to the young students to experience how it is to be in the Army.
According to him, the boys and girls voluntarily apply and participate in these boot camps.

It may not be surprising that after one night at Black Rock Canyon Campground departure is eminent.
To see those young boys and girls, now all in army clothes, being bullied, disciplined, seeing their individuality being destroyed, seeing them brainwashed into joining the Army later, witnessing how schools collaborate with the Army to have this happen to the flowers of the nation, observing them being prepared to possibly die in a new military conflict for idiotic political reasons, and all this in a National Park, is sickening.
Better leave and find peace and harmony somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

Google National Parks under un control and find thisgs like this. Should answer some of your questions!!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly, this is how you make a good military. You do not want a military full of weenies like some countries have. Name another country where living conditions are better. These living conditions are fought for by our military. If there was a country with better living conditions, why are you not there, instead of here?

Anonymous said...

And the next time the lilly livered Europeans get their butts in trouble they'll be soooo happy that the USA has a strong and mighty armed forces to bail them out once again! I'm amazed at how totally clueless you seem to be. Your camper is very interesting - your political positions are a joke.

Anonymous said...

Accept that this is a nation of violence and war. At least the kids got a first hand experience of what they may be in for. Anybody who would join the army after that is nuts.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks maybe you should come back to Mexico, it's safer here for you.

Your amigo,
Man who's back is wet..

Joe said...

I don't need to be anomymous. Its a good thing for these kids to learn dicipline. Later, they'll learn teamwork and pride in themselves and their team. Go to a public school in this country, or better yet talk to a middle school teacher and see what they have to say about the lack of dicipline in their class. Then, talk to a high school teacher and see if its any better for them in class.
Not every child in this program will join the service. But the lessons taught to them can last a lifetime.
I played Pop Warner football at 13 years old. I was yelled at, hit (in pads) I ran my ass off when I screwed up in practice, I was called out when I let my teammates down. And, I was praised when I did well and my team did well. These are lessons I've kept with me for the last 33 years. More young people need to be taught this.

Anonymous said...

The very military that you speak of is protecting you while you stay in the USA, and in reality, most of the world. You need to face it, while "peace" and "peace talks" and "treaties" may work in a perfect world, the world is far from perfect. Peace and Peace Treaties were signed in World War II. Look how far that got the world. Millions of Jews Killed. Additionally, the entire world would be speaking German today. Stop living in a fantasy world, the concepts of peace and peace treaties only work for rational people. Hiter, Kim Jong Ill, the Iranian president, etc are not rational. The only thing that means anything to them is military force.

Anonymous said...

Amen. Peace!

tmcca said...

Go Army, be An Army of One, be Army Strong. Gotta love it.
Retired US Army

Anonymous said...

Michael, you are visiting the land of the free. You have the right to express your opinions. God be with you always.

Clarke Hockwald said...

Michael....this may have been a "boot camp" for children who have become incorrigible. In some cases this is a last resort for parents to regain, or gain for the first time, control of their children. To someone looking in on this "boot camp" it would seem over the top, but when done right, they work, and return kids to their parents who respect the authority of their parents, who now know team work, and respect for their peers, are dependable, reliable and productive as citizens.

Obviously, Michael, the military by it's very nature must have team work. Each soldier must be able to trust his life in the hands of his fellow soldier. Individuality does not work well in the military. Those who enter voluntarily learn honor, discipline, integrity, dependability, self confidence, problem solving under adverse conditions, and teamwork. I know many retired, and active duty military personnel, and they are anything but scared, mindless automatons.

Your view of the military is typically European. The military life is not for everyone, but please do not denegrate those who choose that life. It is because these young men and women volunteer to serve their country that you and I have the freedoms we do...the freedom to say what you wish, without government persecution, or interferance, and the freedom to be whatever you wish to be.....very unlike Europe and Canada these days where speech codes violations can result in fines and/or imprisonment.