Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Fuso Santek 8

The Santek crew tirelessly works on creating the Fuso Santek.

Today the side panels were mounted.
For this, first, the sides had to be made smooth.

The panels are made of aluminium and one side is painted white.
On the steel tubes double gluing tape is put, holding the panels when put on.

Another part of the process of building the Fuso Santek are the stairs.
After some serious deliberation Roberto Millan decided to use a three step factory build stairs unit, to have it cut in half to make the width 10 inches less.
To make it fit underneath the door of the Fuso Santek.
Manuel, a master welder, professionally performed this task.

The steps in place being tested.

On Monday the Fuso Santek came into broad daylight for another road test.
The fresh water tanks were mounted and the system of the front attachment needed to be tested.

The front attachment. In between is a piece of rubber.

Meanwhile parts and equipment are coming in for the Fuso Santek.

The propane tank of 24.2 gallons ( 91 liters )


Robert Hill said...

Thanks for the great images of the build, I talked with Paul yesterday and I hope to drive up from San Diego to view the Fuso Santek in person, Robert

Anonymous said...