Friday, March 23, 2007

Fuso Santek 14

The lights on the back of the Fuso Santek are being installed.
They are LED-lights which are very, very bright.

The lights are installed.
Next step will be to design and construct the bumper which will serve as a carrier for the spare tire as well.
Also integrated in the bumper will be 3 small brake lights.
The South Dakota license plate will be mounted underneath the left side brake light getting its own small light.
The yellow shock absorbers will be painted black later.

On the back wall Roberto Millan installs the La Crosse Technology digital clock, the XM-satellite radio, a CD player and the Sony FM/AM/SW radio.

The Sony radio was specially imported from Dubai, United Emirates.
It is the only car radio having short wave band.
This short wave band serves to listen to transmissions of a radiostation from the Netherlands.

The XM-satellite radio has two cradles.
One here and another one in the cabin of the truck.
This means that each time the receiver unit needs to be taken out of its cradle and placed where time will be spend.
Reason is that XM-satellite radio works paying a monthly fee.
The subscription is dedicated to one particular receiver only.

The La Crosse Technology clock shows the time in the European way.
24 hours instead of 12 and AM and PM.
It also shows the inside temperature, the date and the day and the appearance of the moon.

On the roof is the antenna for the Sony radio and for the XM-satellite radio.

Opposite the dinette at the back of the shower all the control panels will be mounted and the fuse-boxes.

The city water connection and behind the small door is the opening to fill the two watertanks. It is a door which can be locked to avoid vandals messing with the water supply.

The Santek Trailers crew has put a list of "Things to do" on the Fuso Santek expedition vehicle.

When someone buys a Mitsubishi Fuso FG, it doesn't come with a spare tire and the tools to change a tire.
The tools have been found and also a spare tire.
An Iranian friend, of Pathfinder Tires in Riverside, had a second hand tire available for 20 Dollars.

The kitchen counter.
To the left will be the sink.
It was decided to change this cooking stove for a steel one.
This because the kitchen counter will be made of stainless steel.

It is a two burner stove.
When eating vegetarian only rice and vegetables are cooked therefore a larger cooking stove would only take space and would not serve.

The Magnum converter/inverter. An impressive machine.

Meanwhile holes are made in the wall for the ventilation of the battery compartment.
Flexible pipes will go from the battery box to the ventilation holes.

The door has been mounted for the bathroom.

Roberto Millan sorting out the wiring for the back up camera and the XM-satellite radio to be installed in the cabin of the Fuso Santek.

The 4 cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger and intercooling.

Wiring the XM-satellite radio and the back up camera.
The dashboard needed to be partly removed.

The radio in the truck cabin is made by JVC.
Purchased at Frysk.
This particular model was selected because it has the largest display.
And an AUX to directly connect the XM-satellite radio.
Sound is better in this way compared through FM modulation.

The final version of the head of the bed.
On the ceiling are lights mounted for the different situations occuring in a bed.
There are the two loudspeakers: the radio, CD player and XM-satellite radio can be controlled by remotes from the bed.
The lower cabinet is made in an angle to put pillows on for comfortable reading.
Special handles to open the cabinets are mounted not molesting when pillows are put there.

Mike Apache, from Corvina, is one of the best Datastorm installers in the Western States.
The Fuso Santek was very lucky to have him install the Datastorm internet system.

The forklift plays a very important role in the different activities of Santek Trailers.
It can serve in multi purpose and versatile ways doing many different jobs.
It runs on environmentally friendly propane.

Roberto Milland and Mike Apache decide together where exactly to mount the Datastorm satellite disk.
The Fuso Santek has been specially designed for this: in the roof are extra steel beams on which to mount the Datastorm satellite disk.
To know the exact location of those beams underneath the aluminum roof cover, Roberto Millan uses a large magnet.


Anonymous said...

I've been watching your Fuso-Santek project with much fascination. A few comments:

I wonder why you didn't transfer the Motosat from your current vehicle. They are very expensive!

Your aluminum roof will become very hot in the Mexican sun. A coating of white reflective paint would help greatly.


Anonymous said...

I recently found this recall information and hope it doesn't affect you:


Mitsubishi Fuso is recalling 5,904 MY 2006-2007 FE84D, FE85D and FG84D trucks. The brake vacuum hose may have been manufactured with insufficient wall thickness, allowing the hose to collapse during normal vehicle operation. Continued operation of the vehicle in this condition could restrict proper operation of the brake power-assist and compromise braking performance; or restrict proper operation of the exhaust brake system. Either occurrence could lead to compromised braking performance and increased braking distance, which could cause a crash without warning. Dealers will inspect the brake vacuum hose and will replace the hose. The recall was expected to begin on December 20, 2006. This recall was the subject of a Preliminary Evaluation, PE06-041, conducted by the Office of Defects Investigation. 06V-477

Robert Hill said...

Amazing!!! Thanks again for all the great images, Robert