Monday, May 31, 2010

Who creates terrorism?

Not too long ago a South Korean warship was sunk.
An investigation revealed it had been hit by a torpedo.
Presumably fired by a North Korean submarine.

North Korea denies this vehemently.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of the USA though, travels around condemning North Korea and is looking for support of other countries to punish, possibly militarily, North Korea.

Israel attacks, in international waters, a convoy of commercial ships carrying humanitarian aid for 1,5 million Palestinians it forces to live in ultimate misery in the Gaza Strip.
At least 10 people of the peaceful and humanitarian people on board those civilian ships were killed by the Israelian army.
What has the USA Government to say about this barbaric behavior?
Only this: it "deeply regrets the loss of life" and is "working to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragedy".

Now there are massive protests in Turkey because of the Israelian attack that the USA sees as only "a tragedy" and not as a condemnable crime.
Thousands marched in protest in Istanbul, some setting Israeli flags on fire after trying to storm the Israeli consulate.
Israel quickly advised to its citizens to avoid travel to Turkey.
In neighboring Jordan, hundreds demonstrated in the capital Amman to protest the Israeli action and demand that their government breaks diplomatic relations with the Jewish state.

What North Korea possibly has done justifies harsh condemnation and sanctions.
What Israel does is only a "tragedy" and is so complicated for the US-Government that circumstances need to be understood.

With this kind of policy, measuring with two different kind of rulers, no wonder there is terrorism in the world.
We must ask ourselves therefore: who is responsible for this terrorism?
Who is creating it?


Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Sunday tour

Today is Sunday and therefore the tour brings the visitors to a special place inside the Fuso Szulc.
The area on the table that is considered to be the altar.

Here certain relics are exposed to influence positively the life of the inhabitants.

First of all we find a statue of Bhudda.

Siddhartha Gautama was a spiritual teacher from India who founded Bhuddism.
He lived about 400 years before Christ and after becoming enlightened, at the age of 35, he obtained insight into the nature and cause of human suffering.
His teachings include the steps necessary to eliminate the ignorance causing this suffering and can be found in his Four Noble Truths:

1. There is suffering.
2. There is a cause of suffering.
3. There is the cessation of suffering.
4. There is the eigthfold path leading to the cessation of suffering.

On the altar are also different stones.
First we find on the altar a small pyramid of mountain crystal.
Mountain crystal is a colorless and clear quartz.
It is a stone of force that harmonizes and brings enlightenment.

The stone in the shape of a heart is of pink quartz.
Pink quartz is a stone of love and forgiveness.

The round purple mineral on the altar is an amethyst stone.
That heals, purifies and creates inner peace.

Finally, we see a beautiful necklace on the altar.
Made of the stone called jade.
That gives peace, harmony and wisdom.

When it is full moon all these stones are put outside and placed in the bright light.
A very old tradition.
In this way the stones are charged with energy to radiate this later from the altar.

There is also an image on the altar.
A woman caring for a child.
This is a copy of a painting by Pablo Picasso
titled "Motherhood".

Last, we see a small statue on the altar that consists of two parts connected to each other.
When closed, the outside shows two hands.
Opened, we see two statues carved in the wood that represent two Hindu gods.
One is Shiva, the destroyer of negativity.
The other Ganesha, the God of wisdom.

In the evening, when the sun is about to set, candles are lighted and put on the altar.
While nearby, from the wall an image of Osho is looking what is going on.
And shares love and harmony.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

A reprimand for killing 34 civilians

It happened on February 21, 2010.
A group of Americans in Nevada were on a military base sitting behind screens looking at images coming from a Predator-drone flying in Afghanistan.

They saw three cars driving on a road.
One pick-up truck and two closed cars.
They followed these three cars for hours and saw they were women and children traveling.
The Americans in Nevada decided this convoy of cars should be attacked nevertheless.
They ordered a Bell OH-58D helicopter to fire deadly rockets on the cars.

23 Afghan civilians were killed.
12 Afghan civilians were wounded.

After initially denying the whole episode, an investigation was made by NATO and recently Major-General McHale published a report.
He had to admit that major mistakes had been made.
In other words, those Afghan civilians were killed without justification.

What does an army do in such a case?
Put the assassins on trial?
One must be kidding.
A foreign army, when strong enough, can enter any country, massacre civilians and pretend it was an unfortunate mistake.

Only four American soldiers have been found responsible for the unjustified, unlawful and brutal killing of the Afghan men, women and children.
And what is their punishment?
An official reprimand.
Like a naughty boy in school: don't do that again.
And classes continue as usual.

It is like a mass-murder that have been committed on a sandy square.
The place is drained with the blood of the victims.
The ones responsible for the killings put fresh sand on the blood drained soil and pretend nothing ever happened.
But the family of the victims and the compatriots will always remember .
And the memory will be even more hateful when they have to realize that the culprits got away with it in a mini minimal way.

This is a war that is being fought by the United States and several European countries.
Where many civilians live.
Like us.
And our interests, the politicians say and decide, need to be defended by sending an army to Afghanistan.
And sorry for the many Afghan civilians killed there.
Do we believe that is OK?


Friday, May 28, 2010

Heaving the hive

There is more excitement as usual.
This is not only because it is full moon today.
And because the ocean has calmed down after a storm and the weather is sweet and nice.
And because Juaquin came by and all water tanks are filled to the brim now.
And because the nights are of deep sleep with nice dreams and warm company.

It is also because in about two weeks a journey will start.
From Los Cabos in Mexico to Los Angeles in the USA.
And then from Los Angeles to London in the UK.
To continue from London to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Some days after the arrival will be the opening of a one man show in a reputed photo gallery in Amsterdam.
The first show in that city since a long time.

These days, progressive managers of photo galleries understand that their job is not only putting images on the wall, serve champagne at the opening and next sit behind a desk during the exhibition watching people come in.
Much more needs to be done to make the exhibition a success.
To have many people come and to have commercial benefit of the show.

Three events that are organized around the Amsterdam show are lectures, workshops and consultations.

A lecture is a Powerpoint/Keynote presentation of all the work that has been made to illustrate and explain the philosophy in photography that has and is been used as a foundation for the images.
This lecture is held inside the photo gallery where on the walls the work can be seen.

The workshops bring people together interested in photography and making a career in this profession .
A workshop can be around a certain theme.
Like how to create an idea for a photo project and how to develop this in a complete workable product.
Or how to market successfully a series of pictures.
Also the workshops are inside the photo gallery.

The consultations are probably the most exciting.
For example, there will be consultations available for students in photography who are finishing this time their education and are about to begin life as a professional photographer.
They should have a career strategy: a perfect plan how to become successful.
In a 1-hour consultation they show their portfolio with photographic work and reveal their career plan.
Next, the work and the plan are analyzed and evaluated.
For the debutant to leave after one hour more self convinced and self-assured having upgraded the chances to make it.

Workshops, lectures and consultations can only be successful when enough people get interested and decide to join and participate.
So now it is all about creating a momentum.
Making it a very busy time at El Triple.
Informing all those that might be interested with direct mail campaigns and by having the press publish the news about these events.
To have people come to the exhibition like bees to the hive.


Thursday, May 27, 2010


The builders of the Fuso Szulc in Riverside, California, USA never had in mind that the expedition vehicle was also going to be used as a discotheque with a dance floor.
Like last night.

There is an excellent sound system in the Fuso Szulc with four Kicker loudspeakers, an XM satellite radio receiver, a Sony XR-CA640X car radio with cassette player and a separate 10 CD player and available is also an iPod.
There is also a system that music on a computer can be played from the Fuso Szulc sound system.
And when the office chair is pushed underneath the table, a dance floor is created for two people.

The vogue these days for the ones loving to dance is music from the Balkans.
Super exciting music of a hypnotic rhythm.
To dance into oblivion next to heaven.
In the Netherlands they organize special evenings to dance on Balkan music: "Balkan Beats".
And the Fuso Szulc, having Balkan music on board, did as well.

The Balkan is an area in the southeast of Europe.

Consisting of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.

An area with high mountains, isolated villages, beautiful cities and a rich tradition and culture.
Where music comes from that is so exciting, so full of vitality and so melodic that nobody can remain in a chair when hearing it.
It forces anybody to get up and move.
That will often look like dancing.

Top of the bill for Balkan music are "Kayah i Bregovic".
Check this link and have the dance of your life:


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Going out of the way for beauty

Boats keep on passing by El Triple at the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Baja California, Mexico.
At a frequency of about one boat a week.
Which is extremely high because during former stays at El Triple no boats were seen for months and months.

About a week ago Canadian friend Mike came by in his battered Chevrolet Blazer.
Therefore the perfect car for the Baja roads and especially to reach El Triple.
Mike lives in La Paz for 15 years and knows a lot about the different aspects of life in this part of Mexico.
He has also been hired by yacht and sailing boat owners to bring their boats from the south of Baja California, La Paz or Cabo San Lucas, back to San Diego in the USA.
Cruising along the Baja west coast on the Pacific Ocean.

Mike knew that this time of year boats do pass by El Triple for insurance reasons.
Recently, officially the hurricane season has started and the American insurance companies do not cover the boats anymore as of that date in the area where hurricanes come.
So, the boats leave southern Baja, that is a hurricane area, and return to the USA.

Mike explained also that El Triple is in fact the most eastern point of a very large bay.
Because boats go in a straight line they are about 50 miles west from El Triple when they pass by.
Too far away to be seen.
But this time of year there is a strong wind from the northwest.
That combines with a strong southern ocean swell.
What happens is that boats leave Cabo San Lucas and soon start rocking badly.
Pushed by the wind from the northwest and tossed by the swell from the south.
Unexperienced sailors get seasick badly.
And the construction and quality of the boat get an ultimate test.

Soon the captain decides that it is all too much.
For boat and crew.
And the course is changed.
The relative calmer waters near the coast are headed for.
Where the waves are not that high, strong and violent.

While Mike was explaining this a yacht came towards El Triple.
Having changed its course from due north directly to San Diego to a course to the east to find shelter near the coast.
Extending the length and time of the trip but making the sailing more calm and less dangerous.
Through binoculars the yacht could be seen clearly and even close to the coast it was still rocking, rolling and heaving like it was participating in an attraction in an amusement park.
"They're having a bad time", Mike said.

The blue line shows the usual course of boats sailing along the Baja California coast.
The black line shows the detour they make passing close by El Triple.

That was last week.
Yesterday again a boat was seen.
Some kind of large multimillionaire motorboat.
And most peculiar, it had exactly the same course as the boat of one week before.
Heading east towards El Triple and coming real close.

So now it is suspected that it is a well-known route for boats returning to the USA.
To leave La Paz or Cabo San Lucas to the north and to later change course to the east to make a detour to get a glimpse of the beautiful Queen of Dreams.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What is a word worth?

You breath in and you breath out.
From the day you are born.
Until the day you die.
It is not more than that.

But in between a few things happen.
Like learning words.
And mastering to speak and write those words.

That is all very fine.
Until an irrational and irritating question arises.
How many words are actually stored in our brain?

Data of a computer is stored on a hard disk.
And we have calculated what is the capacity and have a standard for this.
A hard drive can contain for example 1 terra byte of data.

But we have no standard for the memory capacity of our brain.
Hell, we even don't know how many words we have stored there!
We have no scientific or technical method to find this out.

The amazing thing is also that we don't even know exactly how many words there are.
It is known that the Oxford English Corpus has over 1 billion words.
But many are rarely used and daily new words are invented.

However, what we do know is which words we all together use the most frequent !
There is a list of the 100 most common English words.
With the word "the" on spot 1 and the word "us" on spot 100.

1 the
2 be
3 to
4 of
5 and
6 a
7 in
8 that
9 have
10 I
11 it
12 for
13 not
14 on
15 with
16 he
17 as
18 you
19 do
20 at
21 this
22 but
23 his
24 by
25 from
26 they
27 we
28 say
29 her
30 she
31 or
32 an
33 will
34 my
35 one
36 all
37 would
38 there
39 their
40 what
41 so
42 up
43 out
44 if
45 about
46 who
47 get
48 which
49 go
50 me
51 when
52 make
53 can
54 like
55 time
56 no
57 just
58 him
59 know
60 take
61 people
62 into
63 year
64 your
65 good
66 some
67 could
68 them
69 see
70 other
71 than
72 then
73 now
74 look
75 only
76 come
77 its
78 over
79 think
80 also
81 back
82 after
83 use
84 two
85 how
86 our
87 work
88 first
89 well
90 way
91 even
92 new
93 want
94 because
95 any
96 these
97 give
98 day
99 most
100 us

What is remarkable of this list of most common words is that words like "who" (46), "time" (55), "people" (61), "year" (63) and "work" (87) all made it to this exclusive list.
But not the word "love"…


For more knowledge about words, check:


Monday, May 24, 2010

Birthday cake calamity

A very, very special day for El Triple at the Pacific coast in Baja California, Mexico.
A visit by dear friends Alonso and Irma.
Who came bringing and receiving friendship and affection.
And who came with new supplies so that the crew of the Fuso Szulc is able to survive at El Triple for the next two weeks.

In the late evening there was a dinner.
The Queen of Dreams had cooked a pasta no Italian restaurant worldwide is able to serve.
It was that delicious.

After the pasta was the birthday cake.
Irma was celebrating her 44th birthday.

The worldwide tradition was discussed of putting candles on a birthday cake.
Usually the same amount of candles as the years the person celebrating has reached.
Next, the person having the birthday is supposed to blow out the candles.
If successful, the myth goes that the person will become 100 years old…

Conversations in the Fuso Szulc are sometimes weird but always innovative.
Opinions are expressed that are often taking a different and surprising perspective on reality.
Even when it is about birthday cakes.

It was argued that when a person becomes 44 years old it makes no sense and it is not logic to put 44 candles on the birthday cake and have the person blow them out.
What should happen is that on the birthday cake 43 candles are put.
Because those are the amount of years that have passed.
It is ridiculous that at the beginning of the 44th year, 44 candles are stopped burning.
It should happen at the end of those 44 years.

All participants in this fascinating conversation agreed.
And all were blushing that in all those countries in the world where this tradition is performed
nobody ever thought of what a mistake was being made.

Therefore it was agreed to spread the word.
To inform everybody to change this vital detail of the tradition of the birthday cake.
Next time, put candles representing the amount of years that have passed.
Not the amount of years to come.
Spread this word!
Together we can make a revolution!!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cruel gravity

The thing that is always in our disadvantage is weight.

Because of gravity, weight has an impact and confronts us with consequences.
This is why airplanes are build in a way that they are as light as possible.
Same for cars and trucks.
Because it has been discovered that the lower the weight is, the less fuel is needed.

This rule also applies to the Fuso Szulc.
The more heavy the truck is, the more fuel is needed.
And it doesn't matter whether the fuel is cheap or expensive.
The less fuel needed means the lower the impact on the environment.

Hence, one of the goals with the Fuso Szulc is to keep its weight as low as possible.
Which means that every item on board has to be considered.
Is it really needed?

A good example is the collection of music CD's that were on board.
A large box with hundreds of CD's.
Of considerable weight.
A dear friend in California, USA allowed in a Costco shop the purchase for a very low price of an 80 GB Apple iPod.
Next, all the music of the CD's was put on the iPod.
The box with the hundreds of CD's was given as a present to a fine friend in Mexico.
The Fuso Szulc became many pounds lighter.

The same policy is applied for books in the Fuso Szulc.
There is a supply of books because reading is a daily activity.
These books are purchased in thrift shops in the USA.
Excellent books for 50 cents each.
Protecting the environment by reading books that are second hand.
Next, books that are read, are not kept on board.
They are given away to friends.
Also with this policy keeping the weight of the Fuso Szulc low.

Every item on board is there because it passed the test.
It is absolutely needed.
If not, it goes.

There is another aspect to this way of living.
The attitude to own and carry the least amount of things as is possible.
It makes existence metaphorically more light as well.
It promotes the freedom of mind and heart.
Because weight only pulls down.
We must be stronger than gravity by being lighter.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Can't eat jellyfish

Somewhere on the ocean has been a strong storm.
This can be noticed at El Triple, Baja California, Mexico.
Huge waves crash on the beach of this part of the Pacific coast.
Bringing gigantic amounts of jelly fish, algae and seagrass.
Reports from a friend currently surfing on the island of Maui explain that also over there big waves roll in.
Hence, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean a storm has been of serious proportion.

Meanwhile the situation with the food supply in the Fuso Szulc is becoming precarious.
It is now the last apples, the last vegetables and the last roll of toilet paper.
Bananas, avocadoes and lettuce have been gone for some time.

Of course one learns to live with less.
To eat the black beans from the tin.
And use the bucket of water instead of toilet paper.
To learn it all doesn't matter so much.

But nevertheless, anxiously the waiting is for the arrival of friend Juaquin.
He is the guardsman of the resort on hold nearby.
Poor Juaquin had to go to town: the city of La Paz several hours from El Triple.
He had an operation on Friday at 10.00 a.m. to have hemorrhoids removed.
With him he had a list of essentials critically needed in the Fuso Szulc.
To purchase in a La Paz supermarket.
Juaquin was supposed to return to El Triple on Friday night but even on Saturday morning
his battered old Toyota pick up truck with the supplies has not shown up.

Something may have happened.
Maybe the surgeon had an off-day and slipped the scalpel in the wrong direction?
Maybe the truck broke down?
Maybe Juaquin liked it in La Paz and is still in a cantina?

But who cares?
Storms die down eventually too.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Birds and pasta

Dinner was vegetarian pasta.
Now that many days have been spend at El Triple, Baja California, Mexico, far away from civilization and the supermarket, supplies are low and dinners become more and more simple.
But the conversation during the dinner remains rich.

Like the question that was discussed last night why birds never fly into each other.
Humans drive cars and have such poor coordination that frequently one man crashes with his vehicle into the other.
We can see many birds together, circling in hundreds, and not one collides into another.
Not even the wings touch accidentally.

Why is that?

According to the Queen of Dreams, birds have brains.
But they don't think when they fly.
They have as their flight-control their instinct.
And they trust their intuition 100 %.
Attitudes for flying that wouldn't bring a pilot in a plane very far.
While it makes the bird fly crash and colliding free.

Birds use their brains for other purposes than flying.
For example, seagulls find shells on the beach in which live a creature the seagull wants to eat.

The bird takes the shell up in the air and drops it on a stone.
The shell cracks open and voila, the seagull can eat the creature that lives in the shell.

Crows do the same.
With walnuts.

In Japan and California there are even crows who take their walnuts to where is a road with traffic lights.
When the light is red, the crows put their walnuts in front of the waiting cars and next they wait patiently in the nearby tree.
When the traffic light turns green, the cars start driving and crush the walnuts.
Once the traffic light is red again, the crows come back and are able to eat what is inside the walnut.

Hence, birds know to do something we don't know: WHEN to use the brain.
This is called Synesthesia.
The production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body.
For example colors are heard or music is seen or a smell is tasted or vice versa.
The theory is that birds in a flock, for example starlings, sense each other's closeness not visually but as "touch".
In this way they know exactly where each of the birds around them are and thus do not collide.
Despite making sudden and frequent changes of direction.

Birds are very sophisticated creatures.
But they can't make pasta.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Far in short

Former Nazi glamour man Albert Speer was condemned at the Nuremberg trial in 1946 to 20 years in prison.
He was locked up in the Spandau prison in Berlin, Germany and walked out in 1966.
Relatively sane and healthy, to the amazement of many.

One way of accomplishing his good physical and mental shape was that while in prison Albert Speer had been walking from Berlin in Germany to Beijing in China.
This incredible feat he managed to do by measuring exactly the length of the track he was allowed to walk in the garden of the Spandau prison.
Next, he calculated that if he would walk an hour a day where he would end up after 20 years.
That was somewhere near Beijing in China.

This journey by foot became one of the major things for him to do.
He got from the prison library maps of the countries he was walking through.
And books to read about local conditions.

Of course, it was an imaginary journey he strongly believed in for 20 years.
He knew it was all in his mind only and that in fact he was walking in an enclosed space in Berlin, Germany.
Nevertheless, he would write in his dairy for example how he had arrived in Ankara, Turkey and how he had admired that city.
And that he was now on his way to Tehran in Iran.

Albert Speer managed to be free while locked up.

A slightly similar situation exists at El Triple, Baja California, Mexico.
Two persons there are living in a relatively small space.
The Fuso Szulc.

The living area is only 2,5 meters wide.
And about 5 meters long.

When both travelers are inside the Fuso Szulc, the space to move around is minimal.
Often it is like dancing: the bodies twirl in the limited space in unison.
Harmoniously when the moods are good and lovingly connected.
Irritatedly when the shared happiness has temporarily slipped.

But a way has been found to deal in a better way with the limited space to live in.
Inspired by Albert Speer, the Nazi war criminal.

When inside the Fuso Szulc conversations can be heard like this:

"Darling, can you get me the guitar from the bed, please?
"You mean the bedroom all the way at the end of the corridor?"


"Sweetie, are you in the kitchen?"


"You can find the book you look for in the library"
"The library?"
"Yes, just go to the end of the corridor and enter the bedroom. Once in the bedroom look for a closet with three doors. Somewhere in there is this book you wish to find."

Of course this is a demonstration of constantly fooling the mind, the awareness and the perception.
The so called "corridor" is not longer than 1,5 meters.
When a person is cooking, he or she can be touched and seen from anywhere inside the Fuso Szulc.
And the library is just the cabinets above the bed.

But this approach, saturated with humor and lightness, makes living in an expedition vehicle more pleasant.
When needed even all the way to Beijing, China.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yes, this is also how we are

Many people these days carry a camera with them when moving around in our world.
And many of them notice how stupid we are.
Reason to make a picture.
Like these ones:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The City of Death

In a railway station.
Many people moving to catch a train or to go home.
Noise, nervousness, transit turmoil.

In the large hall the Queen of Dreams is standing talking to the pioneering photographer.
As always, she is dressed in an attractive way making many men and women turn their heads.

And then it is time to say goodbye and find the platform from where the train will leave.
But suddenly it is realized that the name of the city to travel to is unknown.
Or not remembered.
A kind of panic breaks out.
Which train to take when it is not known where to go?

Quickly in the briefcase the travel documents are looked for.
Because on the train ticket the destination will be printed.

Meanwhile the time of departure is coming real close and one has to run and hurry to catch the train.
But again, which train?

While looking for the train ticket one platform after the other is rapidly visited to check if there is the correct train.
But which train is correct?

In the briefcase a travel document is found but it simply allows to travel on trains without indicating any destination.

A station master is spotted and approached.
He is asked which train to catch but what can he reply?
If the traveller doesn't know his destination?

The situation ends by realizing that any train could be boarded when one doesn't know his or her destination.

Because in life it is not about destination.
It is about getting there.

The only city that exists at the end of the line is called Death.


Monday, May 17, 2010


His name is Coocho.

He is the puppy dog of Juaquin, the guardsman of the resort under construction not far from the Fuso Szulc.

Juaquin had been passing by last week to inform he was going to La Paz to see a doctor.
He has three dogs: two large ones and this puppy Coocho.
The crew of the Fuso Szulc was requested to feed his dogs every day.

But yesterday the two adult dogs decided to go for a stroll.
And Coocho, with his short legs, ran after them.
The trio first came to see the Fuso Szulc.
But not finding anything interesting (food, food, food) they moved on.
Into the direction of La Ballena where guardsman Leonardo lives with some dogs.

That is a 20 minutes walk and Coocho, having done that before, decided to let the two big dogs go and to stay himself with the Fuso Szulc.
To avoid getting exhausted again.

Puppies are specialists in breaking harts.
And Coocho managed expertly to do the very same thing.
He charmed the crew of the Fuso Szulc in giving him water and a comfortable place to sleep.
And this morning he was served 4 oatmeal cookies as breakfast.
While constantly he was showered with hugs and pats.
To hear sweet words spoken in lovely voices.

Later this morning the walk will be made to the location where Juaquin lives in his Terry trailer that is also the home of the dogs.
Included Coocho.
How hard it will be on everybody's heart, Coocho must go back to where he comes from.
Because if he gets pampered and spoiled living with dog friendly people, one day soon they leave and he will be in deep trouble.
Back to the rough life of being a Mexican dog and then he will cry day and night for a long time.
Missing his warm friends.

Therefore: Coocho, for your own sake:




Saturday, May 15, 2010

This yes, that no

Like in most countries, also in the Netherlands is a National Olympic Committee.
Headed by a 67-year old woman called Erica Terpstra.

Being the Chairwoman of the National Olympic Committee, she was attending the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada, last February.
Supporting the Dutch athletes but also going to official dinners and parties.

After one of those dinners she went to a radio studio for an interview.
Pretty soon it became clear Mrs. Terpstra was drunk.
She was incoherent and unable to pronounce certain words.
Speaking with a thick tongue.

Of course, one day later this was made news by all newspapers and TV-channels and many Dutch people talked about their drunken chairwoman of the National Olympic Committee.

This was though in a forgiven way.
Mrs. Terpstra was not nailed on the cross for her public abuse of alcohol while on professional duty.
The general opinion was that such a thing can happen.
But that she should watch it and not do it again.
Case closed.
No career fall.

But last week the story broke of the State Secretary of Defense of the Dutch Government.
This State Secretary of Defense, by the name of 42-year old Jack de Vries, is a well-known Christian-Democrat.

He had been the spin doctor of his political party during the last elections that had been very successful.
As a reward he got the post of State Secretary of Defense.
Where he became even more prominent by being the fanatic promoter of wanting the Netherlands to buy for billions of Dollars the Joint Strike Fighter: the new American jet fighter.
The story that broke of Mr. Jack de Vries was that he and his family had to move to a military complex to protect adequately their lives.
First it was puzzling for the Dutch people when they heard in the press about this.
What was going on?
What could be so dangerous that a member of the Government had to move with his family to a military center?
A few days later, unavoidably, the true story came out.
Mr. Jack de Vries had an extramarital affaire with one of his collaborators in the Ministry of Defence.
Once this was known, he had to resign.
Had to give up his job and all his activities for the Christian Democrat party.
This under pressure of the Government, his political party and the public opinion.
He also had to give up the extramarital affaire and he is supposed now to try to fix the relationship with his wife and children.
A fatal career fall.

Based on these two unfortunate events, one may conclude that public opinion has certain norms and values.
Depending of the country, the culture and the traditions.
In the Netherlands, it is allowed for a public person to be occasionaly openly drunk.
But it is not tolerated to cheat on your wife.

An experienced politician like Mr. Jack de Vries knows this very well.
Once he got involved with the other woman, he knew it would be the end of his career and reputation.
Not only because public opinion would not tolerate it, not only because his Christian religion does not tolerate adultery, but in his position as State Secretary of Defense, knowing vital secrets about the security and military defense of the Netherlands, he could have become the target of blackmailing by a foreign secret service.

The question lingered then why Mr. Jack de Vries got involved with this collaborator in his office.
Why did he do it?

A question like this can be asked best to the Queen of Dreams.
She knows those things.

Her answer is that the story of Mr. Jack de Vries shows how strong love can be.

Friday, May 14, 2010

A dream waking up

This morning an extraordinary event.
The Queen of Dreams had a dream herself!

First the facts.
Two months ago she had her birthday.
Of course she got many kisses and presents.
One was a very special present.
It was a self-made necklace from small but beautiful shells found on the Mexican beach.
Made with all the love in the world.

On the morning of her birthday, she was guided to the beach to watch the sun rise from the Sea of Cortez.
Once the sun was there she was warmly embraced and kissed and congratulated with her birthday.
Then the present, the self made necklace, was given to her.

She unwrapped the simple paper and was very much delighted by the present.
Immediately she asked if it was self made.
With love, was the answer.

As of the birthday a remarkable phenomenon has been manifesting itself.
It is that this necklace has never been seen anymore.
One would think, maybe rather naïve or innocent, that such a symbolic present would be that much appreciated that on occasion it would be used as jewelry.
Wearing the necklace when going out for dinner example.
Or even at home after the evening shower.
To show how happy the necklace makes for all it represents.

But over the last two months the necklace never was put on.
And this was observed.
It was realized that the necklace remained in a box.

What must someone think of this?
The generous giver that is.
Has the necklace been accepted but maybe secretly not appreciated?
Did it not resemble enough Cartier's or DeBeer's jewelry?

A difficult situation because on the other hand one cannot ask questions like why the necklace is not put on sometimes.
As of then it is not by the own choice anymore but satisfying the expectation of the giver.

For two months no remarks were made about the birthday present.
No questions were asked.
It was carried as a deep secret kept in a vault.

And then there was this morning.
The dream the Queen of Dreams had.
It was a dream about the necklace.
In this dream she came to realize that never she had been wearing the necklace.
A realization that had never occurred in the consciousness.
But that had penetrated now through the voice of the subconsciousness.

Maybe now we soon will see the glorious day the Queen of Dreams parading with the most beautiful necklace on the most beautiful woman in the world.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Plastic for wood

Last night dinner consisted of fried lobster, oven baked fillets of corvina fish, broccoli and brown rice.
The Queen of Dreams is also an excellent cook.

It is just a kind of motorhome parked long time along the Pacific Ocean in a desolated part of Mexico, but every night dinner is as they serve in a five star restaurant.

Of course after dinner it is the pioneering photographer who washes the dishes and makes a cup of Damiana tea with honey served with some healthy cookies.

This time in the bedroom which is at the end of the corridor.

Tea in bed because it was movie time!!!
On a HP-laptop running on the six solar powered Trojan batteries through a Magnum inverter.

The film was "Nell" directed by Michael Apted in 1994 starring Jodie Foster.
And Hollywood managed again to disappoint deeply the audience.

In order to please the audience and generate as much money as possible, the film is without true drama, has no center nor gravity.
The story is of a young woman who lives isolated in the forrest and who is by accident discovered by a doctor.
She has never been in touch with society and speaks a language she created herself.
Of course society can't leave her alone.
Not the young boys on motorbikes.
Not the press.
And not the medical world.

These are ingredients that could result in a dramatic and fascinating film.
But Michael Apted failed totally.
In 1970 French filmmaker Francois Truffaut made
"L'enfant sauvage" about a young boy found in the woods and confronted with society.
A film that is full of drama and is thought provoking.
But Truffaut had not the intention to make money as is always the case with Hollywood films.
He believed in something he wanted to communicate and was therefore honest and made the film out of personal integrity.

The way films are made in Hollywood makes at least the audience in the Fuso Szulc feel sick.
Wood replaced by plastic.

Michael Apted and Francois Truffaut.
The difference between a dinner that consists of fried lobster, oven baked fillets of corvina fish, broccoli and brown rice.
And a McDonald's hamburger.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It still is until it is not

Last week two cars came into the dry river bed not far from the Fuso Szulc at El Triple, Baja California, Mexico.
They remained some time and it could not be seen what the people from those cars were doing there.

After quite some time they left.
Drove the dirt road back out.

Later the dry river bed was inspected to see what these people had been doing there.
On two places a large stone had been put and on its top with spray paint where initials written and a number.

The next day Juaquin was visited in his Terry trailer parked where a resort of 100 houses is supposed to be build.
Not far from where the Fuso Szulc has its location.

Juaquin knew about those guys in their two cars who had been roaming in the dry river bed.
According to him they were prospectors.
Looking for specific spots where they were going to drill for water.
And this will happen in the near future.

The American developer of the resort at El Triple needs water.
This he promises the buyers of one of the 100 lots available.
The land comes with electricity and water.
But the fact is that El Triple has on one side the endless ocean and on the other side the endless desert.
There is no water.
Two cattle farms that used to be here were abandoned because of lack of rainfall and well-water.
But people who buy a holiday house in a resort that comes with a swimming pool and a 30 hole golf course need water.
A lot of water.
It is calculated that when in the 100 holiday houses of El Triple during the holiday season about 200 people are lodged and 50 of them play a round of golf, the resort of El Triple will need about 200.000 gallons (757.000 liters) of water every day.
Therefore, the American developer is now going to look for water.
Drilling holes to see how much comes up.
Right next to the Fuso Szulc.

For the moment there are just these two markers in the dry river bed.
But any moment big machines can appear to start drilling.
This makes it even more of a challenge to be at El Triple.
The exercise not to live in an imagination.
Because the imagination shows big trucks, lots of workers, big noise and serious pollution.
The reality is that right now nothing is the matter.
El Triple is still El Triple.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crossing the cosmos

In life is a flow that goes underneath existence as a line connecting being before and after.
The fluid link bridging the lives we had and the lives we will have.

When consciousness reaches enough deepness, this vital line can become clear in awareness.
And the line can be seen and understood and connected with.
To let go of all daily life of packages filled with traditions, dogmas and doctrines to sail on this fundamental flow.
To move in harmony between the past and the future.
To be one with eternity.
To become the traveller in the cosmos.

All the photographic work that has been made on the location called El Triple in Baja California, Mexico has come from impulses.
From a personal drive.
From an inner need.
Because it simply and necessarily and desperately had to be made.

It was being in the flow that goes underneath existence.
Connecting with what the source the deepest inside the self was suggesting.

This phenomenon has been going on for over thirty years at El Triple.
And has resulted in a bulk of photography.
Several photobooks and many exhibitions.

And now, in May 2010, the flow at El Triple is manifesting itself strongly again.
But in a complete different way.
Instead of making images again, a talented representative of the new generation is taking the pictures.
And the photographer that has made thousands of images at El Triple over the last thirty years is now her model.
Hence, instead of taking the pictures, the photographer serves to have a new person make images at El Triple.

There is an absolute beauty in this.
For many years a photographer has been taken images away from a place.
And now he is giving them back.

Monday, May 10, 2010

From the office in paradise

The impression may be alive in many minds of fervent and loyal blog readers that life on this side is similar to the one of Adam and Eve before they bit the apple.
Waking up without an alarm clock.
No bus to catch to go to the office.
Every day free to decide what to do.

It may be a surprise but the fervent and loyal blog readers thinking in this way are absolutely right.
Paradise can't be better.

Nevertheless, and this probably not one fervent and loyal reader will know, when you live in paradise, you have to pay rent.
This rent is considerable and equal to what you pay for a nice apartment in Paris or Milan.

Therefore, even in paradise somehow money must be coming in to survive in the privileged conditions that exist in Walhalla.

Now here we hit on something extraordinary.
Because no work is ever done to make money.
No jobs are looked for.
No assignments are expected.

The only activity that takes place that vaguely looks like work is a very strong impulse that comes from the heart: to absolutely want to be involved with photography.
It is from this personal pertinent preference, love and drive that photography in all its aspects is constantly explored and performed.
Not experienced as work at all but as an activity that is pure passion.
And that adored activity magically and without the intention, brings in the rent due to live in paradise.

Therefore, yesterday, the representative and manager in Mexico of the pioneering photographer, Mr. Alonso Lopez, came to El Triple escorted by his beautiful lady Irma, with freshly printed sequences that were send from the atelier of master printer Peter Paul Huf who is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
These sequences needed to be signed and numbered before to be send to be exhibited soon in the city of Juanajuato in Mexico.

On a table in front of the Fuso Szulc with the bay of El Triple as a background, supervised by Mr. Alonso Lopez, the sequences were signed.

© Merel Waagmeester

Another day of work in the office of paradise.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

An unexpected meeting

One of the privileges in life for many years now is to be able to wake up when the sleep has ended.
No alarm clock, no sergeant, no screaming kids.
Peacefully the eyes open when enough unconsciousness and dreamland wandering has been had.

Usually this is always at about the same time.
Before the sun comes up.
When the first light of the day announces.
Therefore in winter time the sleep is much longer than in summer.

After rising the first thing is to walk to the end of the cliff in front of the Fuso Szulc to oversee the Pacific Ocean.
To greet the new day.
To absorb the infinity of the sea.
To feel the temperature and the light wind.
And to have the emotion of being deeply thankful for yet another wonderful day in life.

This morning the ceremony on the cliff had a surprising twist.
Suddenly a coyote appeared from a lower level of the cliff.
The animal had not been aware a human was standing up there.
In an instant the coyote and the man were as close as two meters (6 feet) away from each other.
The coyote froze.
Stopped its walking instantly.
Its surprise so big that it couldn't move at all anymore.
Meanwhile, the human realized that by not moving or making a sound, the coyote would not get afraid.
This has been learned from Animal Planet TV channel.
Where hunters on safari use this technique when meeting lions and elephants.

And it worked very well.
The coyote was just standing there offering the opportunity to the human to study the animal in detail.
And to have an encounter with an intimacy rarely experienced with wild coyotes.

This particular coyote had a good fur but was rather skinny.
Obviously having a hard time finding enough food.
That's why the animal patrols the beach and walks along the cliff hoping the ocean has washed ashore the carcass of a dolphin or seal.
To have some meat for breakfast.

The spell with the coyote took almost a minute.
A glorious moment as was common in Paradise when animals and men had the best relationship.
And then the coyote decided it was time to go.
She continued her roving and roaming as if nothing had happened.
Bye, bye, coyote.
You have a nice day too.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Boat ho !!

In the past when staying at the desolated location of El Triple on the Pacific Coast in Baja California, Mexico on this blog there have been reports about the fact that never boats can be seen.

It has been explained why this is: the shipping route is too far out for cargo boats to see.
And the shrimp boats pass by fishing only certain times of year.

But this time it is different.
In the three weeks on duty at El Triple, already four boats have come by!

First an American sailing boat going north beating up against the strong wind.
Zigzagging out into the Pacific and back to the coast.
And by some miracle coming close to the coast right in front of the location where the Fuso Szulc is making shadow.
Clearly it could be observed how a guy in a red Speedo was standing on the front deck of the sailing boat watching the waves ignoring the presence of humans on the land.

One week later another sailing boat!
This time a catamaran heading for the USA.
Without flying any flag.
Very stable in the water in spite of the high waves and the strong wind.
And what a coincidence, also this boat tacking about, reaching close to land right in front of the Fuso Szulc.

A few days later at the horizon flashes of light were seen.
Immediately the binoculars, on board the Fuso Szulc, were used to find out what the hell those flashes were.
It turned out it was a boat far, far away.
The sun had reflected in its windows.
With the naked eye the boat was impossible to see.
The reflection had revealed its presence.
And with the help of the binoculars the boat could be seen.

Then recently ultimate amazement for seeing yet another boat.
A rather small motor boat for tourists to fish marlin coming from Cabo San Lucas.
Going at high speed with its very powerful engine to the fishing grounds near the island of Santa Margarita.
Close to the coast to avoid the high waves battering the bow.
On the front deck was a jet ski watercraft.

Four boats in three weeks.
It's getting busy here.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Everything is normal

The Fuso Szulc is now parked on a spot next to the Pacific Ocean in Mexico.
The location is called El Triple and it was first visited in 1979.
Since then many months during many years have been spent here.
The camper always on the very same place.

This means that the view has always been the same too.
The Pacific Ocean, the long sandy beach, the blue sky, the desert with its cactuses.
Every aspect of the vista has been seen for many hours for many months and for many years.

One may imagine this becomes rather boring.
To see always the same view.

But actually it is not boring at all.
Every hour, every month and every year there are differences.
Not in the general presentation but in the details.
The Pacific Ocean makes waves that roll onto the beach and each wave is different.
Also the beach transforms itself by the day.
It was short and steep but in the last weeks it has become wide and flat.
Then there is the sky that changes constantly.
Depending of the time of day and of the weather.

But the most dramatic changes in the view from the location at El Triple come from the own fantasy and imagination.
It is like seeing films projected on the reality of the place.
Of a huge tsunami approaching the coast to swallow everything, including the Fuso Szulc to carry it miles into the hinterland.
Or the phenomenon that suddenly a wide gap is created in the ocean.
Like a dry hole so that the bottom with its rocks can be seen.

Fortunately there are no persons infiltrating the fantasies and imaginations.
Like suddenly a brute dressed in the skin of a bear wildly looking from the bloody eyes passing by with a cruel club hunting for coyotes.
Or the angel desperately looking for someone to oil her wings.

The retreat and solitude have a strong effect but fortunately the consciousness remains intact.
Continues to operate in a normal way.

While the dragon underneath the Fuso Szulc is quiet for now.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Share your wisdom

In a life all kinds of situations present themselves.
Fortunately we are equipped with a brain that contains fantasy, inventiveness, creativity and is usually capable of logical thinking.

Nevertheless, situations may arise that one is at a loss deciding what to do.
How to handle the matter.

But then there are friends to ask advice.
Who may have more experience or a better perspective.
To shine a light for the way out.

Like this situation.
Several years ago a website designer was asked to build a new website for the pioneering photographer.
The with everything one wants to know about P.P.'s photography and life.

The idea was to make the openings page look like the screen of an iPhone.
At the time, a device that had suddenly become very popular.

Fervent and loyal blog readers who have visited this website remember how they saw an iPhone full of icons that could be clicked on to proceed to particular sections of the information.

Several months ago a very trusted person proposed to have a critical look at this website.
And have it re-designed once more.
To have the website more simple and direct.
And made not with the software program Wordpress but with Dreamweaver.
So that updates would be extremely simple to make.

Recently the new website opened.
And it looks terrific.
Open and clear.
Easy to navigate.

But now an e-mail is received from the designer that build the iPhone-like website.
He says that the new website is simple and amateurish.
That it is a sin his design was replaced.
And he asks: "Why did you do this?"

Now, fervent and loyal blog readers: what to do?
Ignore the e-mail and the question of the disappointed designer?
Or reply at length?


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

For all of us.

"Never in my life a woman loved me so much as you do".

To this the Queen of Dreams replied:
" You feel so much love from me because you have become able now to open your heart and receive this love".

And again, as so often, the Queen of Dreams is right.

For all of us.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Healing an oil spill

Most people will know that a huge oil spill is taking place in the Gulf of Mexico.
200.000 gallons a day of crude oil spewing from a blown-out underwater well.
That has created a slick driving in the sea of 2,000 square miles.
Moving to Mississipi and Florida.
Killing anything alive.

But then we have Sue Kagel.
She is the President of Healing Touch International, Inc.
And comes up sending this letter around:

Subject: Wound Seal the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico and distance healing to contain the spill, protect the species in harm's way

Hi GC,
I was just watching TV about the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico and wondering if we could make a difference energetically by working with this.
What came to me was to have all of us work to wound seal the area where this oil is coming from.
Then what comes is to visualize this oil spill somehow contained and cleared from the water's energy field, the species protected that would be effected and support for all of those who are working so hard to contain the spill and stop it.

Of course, we set the intention for the highest good and allow that to occur, seeing restoring wholeness on earth.

Can't hurt, might very well help. Please copy and paste to your email and share with your communities. We know that we can make a difference with distance healing. The earth is a living organism, let's see what we can offer in terms of healing for her.

Blessings, love and healing,

Sue Kagel
President, Healing Touch International, Inc.


Monday, May 3, 2010

She is always right

Don't know what to write today .
The Queen of Dreams: "Then you write nothing!"

(Today is a change of scene.
From the city of La Paz, Baja California, Mexico the Fuso Szulc will travel back to El Triple.
The location at the Pacific Ocean where hardly ever anybody comes.
Because of the journey many preparations need to be taken.
Watertank filled.
Propanetank filled.
Dieseltank filled.
Food for several weeks purchased and stored.
To be on the way again).


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shared shit

This planet is populated by monkeys and human beings and sometimes it is hard to see the difference.
When comparing the behaviours.

Take a parasol.
They put on the beach to have shadow.
Not by monkeys but by men.

This is a nice sample of a beach parasol.

The designer has been thinking about it.
And decided to use multiple colours.
The colours make the parasol more attractive.
And that enlightens the whole beach.
It makes the human being feel happy.
Joyfull and with bliss.

This particular parasol was found in front of the restaurant "La Luna Bruja" near Pichilingue in Baja California where the ferry boat to the mainland leaves.
And it was observed how smart it was of the restaurant people to put these colourfull parasols in front of their bussiness.
People passing by are pleasantly pleased by the multiple colours and might more easily decide to make a stop and have a bite.

And, fervent and loyal blog readers, that is not a bad decision.
It is a good restaurant, this "La Luna Bruja", with good food and a most friendly staff.
Like Oswaldo, after seated he comes and the first thing he says is that the newly arrived guests are most welcome.
And then the food.
For example, yesterday they served a freshly caught red snapper.
They barbecued the monster after massaging it with sweet olive oil.
Giving this special flavour to the fish.
And this under the multicoloured parasol.

But there is one thing about "La Luna Bruja" that learns there have been monkeys around.
When one naturally needs to go at one point to the bathrooms, a big surprise is awaiting.
A surprise of an unknown magnitude.
A solution to a problem only a moneky can come up with.
Have a look at the bathroom of the restaurant "La Luna Bruja".

The permanent pilgrim has been travelling all over the world for years and years and has visited thousands of bathrooms but this monkey bussiness he has never seen.

How then is this supposed to work, fervent and loyal blog readers?
You go after a good meal to unload and comfortably sit yourself on the bowl like a decent human being does.
You are relaxed and feel free to unleash any sounds and odours characteristic for your activity.
But then there is a knock on the door.
And your fellow moneky says: "It is VERY urgent".
What are you supposed to do?
To have a disaster take place outside the bathroom while next to you a bowl is available?
Are you a good man or are you a bad man, that is decided that very minute.
So you stand up and interrupt your unfinished bussines and do the well known bathroom-shuffle.
Making small mini-steps because your pants are around your ankles.
Unlocking the door the man in trouble rushes in, drops his pants, checks which bowl is not in use and lowers down to sit with a sigh.
So now we have a situation only in certain zoos we can observe.
Two men sitting next to eachother on toilet bowls opening the bowels.

Maybe a conversation takes place.
Who knows?
It is such a rare and exceptional situation that from experience it cannot be reported what happens.
What to talk about?
Politics maybe?
In between the farts and bad smells coming from beneath?

It is Sunday today and to punish ourselves not too much we will not go into how the situation will be when our two friends in the bathroom of "La Luna Bruja" have to handle the situation of wiping the asses.
Will they help eachother maybe?

To put a parasol in front of the restaurant is understandable.
But to put two toilet bowls in one bathroom, that must come from the brains of a monkey.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

A black friend

It is the first of May and six more weeks will be spend in Mexico but often the mind wanders to the time that is to come.
That will be spend first in the USA and after in Europe.
Again a time of living in rooms of family, friends and hotels.
Moving all the time, crossing borders, visiting buildings, entering houses, sleeping beds.

Never has there a been a situation that was felt forever.
To come to a place, to settle in knowing that moving will never be necessary ever again.
To plant a tree to see it grow the rest of the life.
To be there to see the shadow of that tree become so big that the own grave eventually will fit.

But the thirst for new experiences and impressions, the need for the consciousness to enlarge, the urgency to fuel the process of completeness, it all results in buying a new plane ticket.

The time before to go soon returns though to get all attention again.
It is too precious to spend daydreaming of the days to come.
Right here are plenty of trees planted by others that inspire no matter how big their shadows.

Like the African American, now settled in La Paz, Mexico, who is met almost daily in Café Exquisito where we use the internet and phone.
After the first conversation, in which some jokes were cracked, he said:
"You are funny for a white man".
A remark that has several dimensions.
We may wonder what happens if the white man says to the African American:
"You are funny for a black man".
Somehow that doesn't sound right.
But the new friend, whose roots are in Africa that were cut off cruelly for white man's interests and gains, can say such a thing and it is experienced as a huge compliment.
Like being selected for the basket ball team.

Yesterday the white man confirmed his basket ball skills.
Entering Café Exquisito, the African American was already pounding the keys of the board sending his messages god knows to where.
And about what.
As opening line this was chosen:
"How are you today, my friend?"
He is of course not really a friend but it sounds truly nice in the concept we have developed and draped around us.
He replied with his sonore, bariton-like but certainly beautiful voice:
"Faaaaantasticccc… And how about yourself?"
To remain in his high esteem an answer had to be thought off and quickly as for that, to remain in the favour and flavour.
"Look, my friend… I can't help it but if you feel fantastic, and I can see you speak the truth, I feel therefore fantastic as well".
His loud laugh filled the space because obviously we were a little bit brothers more than before.
But the best laugh was when leaving.
He said:
"Now you take care of yourself".
And the reply was:
He looked in the eyes of the white man and there was this slightly too long moment in which obviously deeper thinking took place but then he bursted out laughing.
And that is a sweet and beautiful memory.
Forgetting flying in six weeks.