Monday, May 31, 2010

Who creates terrorism?

Not too long ago a South Korean warship was sunk.
An investigation revealed it had been hit by a torpedo.
Presumably fired by a North Korean submarine.

North Korea denies this vehemently.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of the USA though, travels around condemning North Korea and is looking for support of other countries to punish, possibly militarily, North Korea.

Israel attacks, in international waters, a convoy of commercial ships carrying humanitarian aid for 1,5 million Palestinians it forces to live in ultimate misery in the Gaza Strip.
At least 10 people of the peaceful and humanitarian people on board those civilian ships were killed by the Israelian army.
What has the USA Government to say about this barbaric behavior?
Only this: it "deeply regrets the loss of life" and is "working to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragedy".

Now there are massive protests in Turkey because of the Israelian attack that the USA sees as only "a tragedy" and not as a condemnable crime.
Thousands marched in protest in Istanbul, some setting Israeli flags on fire after trying to storm the Israeli consulate.
Israel quickly advised to its citizens to avoid travel to Turkey.
In neighboring Jordan, hundreds demonstrated in the capital Amman to protest the Israeli action and demand that their government breaks diplomatic relations with the Jewish state.

What North Korea possibly has done justifies harsh condemnation and sanctions.
What Israel does is only a "tragedy" and is so complicated for the US-Government that circumstances need to be understood.

With this kind of policy, measuring with two different kind of rulers, no wonder there is terrorism in the world.
We must ask ourselves therefore: who is responsible for this terrorism?
Who is creating it?



luvglass said...

Great post Michel!

Dawn Pier said...

When will the world's leaders learn that violence only begets more violence. Terrorism is the fault of any and all people, private and public, who commit acts of violence. Gandhi was right. The only way is through Peace Peace Peace. (and no, that is not hippy dippy idealism)