Friday, May 28, 2010

Heaving the hive

There is more excitement as usual.
This is not only because it is full moon today.
And because the ocean has calmed down after a storm and the weather is sweet and nice.
And because Juaquin came by and all water tanks are filled to the brim now.
And because the nights are of deep sleep with nice dreams and warm company.

It is also because in about two weeks a journey will start.
From Los Cabos in Mexico to Los Angeles in the USA.
And then from Los Angeles to London in the UK.
To continue from London to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Some days after the arrival will be the opening of a one man show in a reputed photo gallery in Amsterdam.
The first show in that city since a long time.

These days, progressive managers of photo galleries understand that their job is not only putting images on the wall, serve champagne at the opening and next sit behind a desk during the exhibition watching people come in.
Much more needs to be done to make the exhibition a success.
To have many people come and to have commercial benefit of the show.

Three events that are organized around the Amsterdam show are lectures, workshops and consultations.

A lecture is a Powerpoint/Keynote presentation of all the work that has been made to illustrate and explain the philosophy in photography that has and is been used as a foundation for the images.
This lecture is held inside the photo gallery where on the walls the work can be seen.

The workshops bring people together interested in photography and making a career in this profession .
A workshop can be around a certain theme.
Like how to create an idea for a photo project and how to develop this in a complete workable product.
Or how to market successfully a series of pictures.
Also the workshops are inside the photo gallery.

The consultations are probably the most exciting.
For example, there will be consultations available for students in photography who are finishing this time their education and are about to begin life as a professional photographer.
They should have a career strategy: a perfect plan how to become successful.
In a 1-hour consultation they show their portfolio with photographic work and reveal their career plan.
Next, the work and the plan are analyzed and evaluated.
For the debutant to leave after one hour more self convinced and self-assured having upgraded the chances to make it.

Workshops, lectures and consultations can only be successful when enough people get interested and decide to join and participate.
So now it is all about creating a momentum.
Making it a very busy time at El Triple.
Informing all those that might be interested with direct mail campaigns and by having the press publish the news about these events.
To have people come to the exhibition like bees to the hive.


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