Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The City of Death

In a railway station.
Many people moving to catch a train or to go home.
Noise, nervousness, transit turmoil.

In the large hall the Queen of Dreams is standing talking to the pioneering photographer.
As always, she is dressed in an attractive way making many men and women turn their heads.

And then it is time to say goodbye and find the platform from where the train will leave.
But suddenly it is realized that the name of the city to travel to is unknown.
Or not remembered.
A kind of panic breaks out.
Which train to take when it is not known where to go?

Quickly in the briefcase the travel documents are looked for.
Because on the train ticket the destination will be printed.

Meanwhile the time of departure is coming real close and one has to run and hurry to catch the train.
But again, which train?

While looking for the train ticket one platform after the other is rapidly visited to check if there is the correct train.
But which train is correct?

In the briefcase a travel document is found but it simply allows to travel on trains without indicating any destination.

A station master is spotted and approached.
He is asked which train to catch but what can he reply?
If the traveller doesn't know his destination?

The situation ends by realizing that any train could be boarded when one doesn't know his or her destination.

Because in life it is not about destination.
It is about getting there.

The only city that exists at the end of the line is called Death.


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