Monday, May 24, 2010

Birthday cake calamity

A very, very special day for El Triple at the Pacific coast in Baja California, Mexico.
A visit by dear friends Alonso and Irma.
Who came bringing and receiving friendship and affection.
And who came with new supplies so that the crew of the Fuso Szulc is able to survive at El Triple for the next two weeks.

In the late evening there was a dinner.
The Queen of Dreams had cooked a pasta no Italian restaurant worldwide is able to serve.
It was that delicious.

After the pasta was the birthday cake.
Irma was celebrating her 44th birthday.

The worldwide tradition was discussed of putting candles on a birthday cake.
Usually the same amount of candles as the years the person celebrating has reached.
Next, the person having the birthday is supposed to blow out the candles.
If successful, the myth goes that the person will become 100 years old…

Conversations in the Fuso Szulc are sometimes weird but always innovative.
Opinions are expressed that are often taking a different and surprising perspective on reality.
Even when it is about birthday cakes.

It was argued that when a person becomes 44 years old it makes no sense and it is not logic to put 44 candles on the birthday cake and have the person blow them out.
What should happen is that on the birthday cake 43 candles are put.
Because those are the amount of years that have passed.
It is ridiculous that at the beginning of the 44th year, 44 candles are stopped burning.
It should happen at the end of those 44 years.

All participants in this fascinating conversation agreed.
And all were blushing that in all those countries in the world where this tradition is performed
nobody ever thought of what a mistake was being made.

Therefore it was agreed to spread the word.
To inform everybody to change this vital detail of the tradition of the birthday cake.
Next time, put candles representing the amount of years that have passed.
Not the amount of years to come.
Spread this word!
Together we can make a revolution!!



Anonymous said...

I disagree. Only after your first year of life is complete do you put one candle on the cake. It is the same for every birthday thereafter. The number celebrated is always upon completing the year.

In Mexico don't they call this "feliz complano."

Dawn Pier said...

The first commenter is correct. The age of the person is exactly the number of years they have been on the planet. A child's first birthday is celebrated one year after their birth.

Anonymous said...

"Good thinking and will spread the word. Not sure if our daughter, who hopes to reach the grand age of five in a few weeks, will agree with only having 4 candles on her birthdaycake though..."

K. M. , France

Kathy said...

I had the same thought as DAwn and annon. 44 is correct because she has COMPLETED 44 years and is about to BEGIN her 45th.