Thursday, April 30, 2009

Marital rape allowed

A new law has come into effect in Afghanistan.
It is intended for the Shia people.
Only a part of the population of Afghanistan.
This new law confirms what has been the religious traditions with Shia people for centuries.
The tradition that men have to be controlled very strictly because probably otherwise they will act like animals.

Take for example the aspect of the new law saying that a woman can only leave her house after she obtains permission from her husband.
And if she does get permission she has to be accompanied by a man.
This proves that the Shia have a community where it is not safe for women to go out on their own.
If they do without permission and unguarded the things that will happen to the women performed by men are presumably so terrible that a law must protect the vulnerable women.

Hence this law stops men from attacking women in the towns and villages of Afghanistan.
Because over there, presumably men are like animals unable to control their physical desires.

But the law does provide the option for men to act like animals within their home and marriage.
It offers them the option of marital rape.
They have obtained the legal right to have sex with their wives when they please.
If the woman refuses, she is eligible for punishment.
The rule is that a woman must allow a man to have sex with her with a minimum of once every four days.

Needless to say it is a pretentious law.
It presumes that the man of a married couple needs to have sex at least every four days.
Social research has made clear that a couple that is married and have the first years of sexual passion behind them, rarely have more often sex than once a week.
But the Shia in Afghanistan pretend they do almost twice as good.

There is another weird aspect to this law.
It is a one way law.
It guarantees the man sex with a minimum of every four days, but what about the woman?
What if Abdullah has not mounted his wife for over five days?
Can she complain also?
Go to the police and have Abdullah arrested to be flogged until he promises to do a proper job that very night?
No, fervent and loyal blog readers: this is not provided in the new Afghan law.

This new law legalises animalistic behaviour.
A man has a legal right to have sex even when his wife doesn’t want.
Hence, his physical desire, disconnected from emotions, affection and caring, is considered the most important.

But the fundamental flaw of this law is that it mixes religion with state.
Traditions and rules from a religion are made into law.
This always leads to extremes and conflicts.
To the dictatorship of the religious leaders.
Because the new law in Afghanistan has not much to do with Islam as coming from the Koran.
The ingredients of the new law are coming from men who make specific interpretations of the Koran.
Interpretations for their own benefit, comfort and sexual pleasure.

Each Government must do what they believe is the right thing to do.
Afghanistan is an autonomous country.
If they want to have sex every four days: they do have our blessing.

But Afghanistan declares herself a friend of Europe and the USA.
And asks not only huge amounts of money but military assistance as well.
These days there are soldiers from the USA and Europe who risk their lives and sometimes lose it to assist Afghanistan in becoming a true democratic, civilised and well organized country.

So how could they pass in Afghanistan this law opposing every ingredient of human rights and democracy?
Treating women as if they were lower than animals?

News reports say that when this law was presented in Afghan Parliament, many members who voted in favor of this law, were not aware what they were voting for.
Therefore, what kind of democracy is this we are supporting?

But the worst was the President of Afghanistan who signed the law into effect.
The flamboyant Hamid Karzai who always presents himself with his traditional coat around his shoulders as if a desert storm will soon start blowing inside the White House and who wears a flower pot on his head to hide his baldness.
Who always asks for huge sums of money by blackmailing that otherwise the Muslim Fundamentalists and the Taliban will overrun the world.

He said because of this new anti-women law:
“Key elements of the bill are misinterpreted by Western news organizations.
We understand the concerns of our allies and the international community. Those concerns may be due to an inappropriate, not-so-good translation of the law, or misinterpretation."

It is the old strategy of pretending the problem is with the opponents and criticasters.
To turn the whole thing around.
Because what is there to misinterpret when it says a woman cannot leave her house without the permission of her husband?
What inappropriate interpretation can one give to understanding such a simple rule?

This President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai is milking the West of money and soldiers.
And on the other hand allowing in his country enormous corruption and room for Muslim Fundamentalism.

Next time he comes to visit the White House, he must be told he can only leave when he gets permission.
And every four days he will be raped.
By Aunt Charlotte’s poodle.

In the meantime, while Karzai is absent from Afghanistan, we can install Dick Cheney as the temporary Governor with Karl Rowe as his assistant.
To make order in the Afghan mess.

If that is unacceptable, let’s forget about Afghanistan.
Too bad for the women there, but that country doesn’t deserve nothing from us.
Let’s leave them alone and have them cook their own soup.
As they prefer.

Or, and this has the very preference, apply the nothing for nothing strategy.
If Afghanistan wants things from us, we dictate and enforce terms.
Term one: respect your women.

Barack Obama called the new Afghan law “abhorrent”.
That’s not enough, Bar!!!


To learn more about the new Afghan law legalising marital rape, click on:


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Confession on a blog floor

On November 15, 2005 the singer Madonna released an album called “Confessions on a dance floor”.
Recorded in London, UK.
It sold over 8 million copies.

Following in the footsteps of Madonna we publish today a posting called “Confession on a blog floor”.
And a confession of proportions it is going to be.

Usually by ten in the evening the two cousins find themselves together in the living room in front of the large digital flat screen TV.
The beautiful wife of cousin Jerzek has retired herself by then to the bedroom and the children are probably MSN-ing in their own rooms.

This is the golden opportunity for the two callous cousins to change channels and see their most favourite TV program.

Now, what would that be?
Are they changing, when alone, to a soft porno channel enjoying carnal erotic activity?
Fervent and loyal blog readers: it is worse than that.

Start of confession.

In the USA cage fighting has become very popular.
Two guys dressed only in tight hot pants get into an octagonal cage and try to help the other land in hospital.
To achieve this, basically everything is allowed.
Although their fists are protected by a piece of leather, they hit and kick the other however and whenever.

They also strangle, give elbow blows and knee kicks and throw furious fists in opponent’s face as hard as possible.

Naturally, often these men get badly hurt.
Have to be carried out of the cage.
Are bleeding from deep wounds and have swollen faces.
Break their noses.
Get cauliflower-shaped ears.
Lose consciousness.

It is the most cruel and barbarous thing one can see.

The men who do get involved in this activity are usually in excellent shape.
Months and months of hard training and exercising.
Their bodies are muscular and perfect.

But they also look and are like animals.
Very aggressive.
Ready to destroy.
And to cause the most physical devastation to the other as possible.
Without any mercy or human consideration.

It is like in the days of the Romans over 2000 years ago.
When gladiators were fighting in front of large audiences.
Everything or nothing.
Because for sure cage fighters risk to get wounded suffering for the rest of their lives.

It is beyond comprehension why this savage, primitive, brutal, barbaric, cruel, immoral, respect less, embarrassing, animalistic and uncivilised activity is allowed by the authorities.
And why such extreme violence is permitted to be made public.

It is now on TV and that has made cage fighting even more successful and popular.
Generating huge amounts of money.

And it is this TV program the cousins in Poland are watching many evenings.
For two hours, until midnight, they see fights where men and also women beat each other up in the most disgusting, destructive and devastating ways.
Seeing people behave like the worst animals.
And these two cousins morbidly enjoy this.
They have a certain weird pleasure to see such a disgusting thing.

Very strange phenomenon because they are both against violence.
They hate to see it.
They avoid it at all costs.
They are even both very sweet men.
Who are gentle, most particularly towards ladies.
But then they watch frequently these gladiators try to end the other.

What to say after making such a confession?
To apologise?
To promise to stop watching this program?
Of halting to degrade oneself by not seeing this filth and garbage anymore?
By not allowing this satisfaction to exist in the life ever?

Let’s get on the dance floor and blog.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Red means stop.

When a person is not willing to fit within the administrative matrix that is spun around all of us, it will be discovered it is very possible.
It takes courage, virtue, creativity, inventivity and determination, but one can manoeuvre oneself outside the bureaucracy and be free.

One can make oneself a person who has for the administrations in the world more or less disappeared.

A posting or two could be written after four years of experience how to do is.
After four years of not administratively existing.

This situation has many advantages.
And once it is achieved, it is easy and comfortable.

Nevertheless, with certain intervals, things do come up.

For example a driving license.
That document at a certain moment expires.
And one must avoid trouble when in specific situations a valid driving license is required, like renting a car or in case of being stopped at a traffic checkpoint.

But worldwide a driving license is locked to a residence permit.
One must actually live somewhere.
Must be registered as a citizen in a town, in a street and in a house.
Remember that on a driving license is your address.
A country will not exchange your current driving license or issue a complete new one, if you are not officially living there.
And this you have to prove.
With a document called a Residence Permit and often with an electricity bill in your name of the official address where you live.

So, when you are flying above the earth, free as a bird, escaped from all administrative chains, how to get a new driving license when the old one is expired?

It is this challenge that is being faced and it looks that there is no other solution but to simply pass the driving test again.
This will soon happen and the fervent and loyal blog readers are requested to light a candle in front of the statue of Maria, our Holy Mother, and any saint that might be willing to give blessing and a symbolic helping hand.

Because the first time in the life when the ultimate driving examination was performed, it didn’t go very well.
It was at the age of 21 in the Netherlands.
Where passing the test was hardly possible as it was that severe.
Many Dutch people therefore need to do the test more than several times.
Hence, one may imagine how nervous the aspirant, young driver was when showing up for the driving test.
In fact, the nervousness was so bad that it had been feared it might ruin the whole damned exercise.

Therefore a friend had made a tranquillizer available.
Some of those little yellow pills were swallowed beforehand and in an excellent and most relaxed mood the car was entered, greeting mellowly, like having smoked bananas, the examinator in the passenger’s seat.

He gave the instructions where to drive and everything went so fucking well.
It all felt like driving on clouds and that the car was steering itself.

Until shortly after the start the official ordered to go back to base.
Why, was the question.
Because you ignored two red traffic lights.
Two red traffic lights?
What red traffic lights?
All kinds of colours had been noticed while driving so smoothly but nothing red could be remembered.

It was not such a good idea after all to take little yellow pills from a friend when a test for driving had to be passed.
The second time the driving test was made only on determination and willpower and the passing was gloriously.

This will be the strategy for the new test to be performed soon.
To be focused.
Seeing red and green colours only.
Nothing yellow.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why change?

Recently the concept of professional drinking was explained on this blog.

It is based on the fact that a person is not feeling more happy after 7 glasses of an alcoholic beverage instead of 5.

A professional drinker then is someone who drinks to reach the appropriate level of happiness and next refrains from more intakes.

This is the theory.
That was extensively and repeatedly discussed with cousin Jerzek and his beautiful wife.
Who is very much in favour of seeing her husband professionalize his drinking.
And this for good reasons.

Last night was the opportunity to learn how professional each person was.
In the case of cousin Jerzek it failed.
Because drinking occurs in a social setting.
And this social setting will be turned upside down if a person halts drinking at a certain moment claiming that the best level of happiness has been reached.

The social setting is prepared days ahead.
People communicate by phone to arrange seeing each other a certain day and time.
There already, indirectly, the drinking starts.
Because everyone involved knows that the meeting will be an occasion to drink alcohol.
And that the getting together is the perfect circumstance and partly the purpose to have a good drinking.
The day itself the party is prepared.
This by putting tables together surrounded by chairs so that all the people sit in a large circle facing each other.
On the table are bottles of water, cola and juice.
When guests arrive the ice cold bottle of vodka will come to the table.

The so-called party is nothing more than men sitting there and consuming alcohol.
And they talk of course.
Talk a lot.
And laugh.
Laugh a lot.
To have a hell of a time.

This goes on from about 5 pm to early in the morning.
More than 8 hours.
Just sitting, talking and drinking.
And only men.
No women participate in this event.

It is this pattern that is hard to break.
No professionalism is strong enough to change this ceremony.
Because it would involve letting the drinking partners down.
Who are the best friends.
Breaking a social code.
Even having to leave the table.

In itself nothing is wrong with these kinds of parties.
Except that it is devastating for the health.
Damaging and destructive.

The decision has to be made if that is acceptable or not.
The drinker obviously does but sometimes the family looks at it in a different way.
But there is nothing they can do but accept the decision of the drinker and hope for the best.

Change can only come from within a person.
It has to be the own decision.
Consequently, truly being with others means accepting the choices and decisions they make.

Cousin Jerzek had a fantastic time last night.
And that everybody wants him to have.

At this time of writing, 7.18 am, the whole house is trembling because of the snoring of cousin Jerzek.
Who will need the whole day to recuperate from last night’s party.
Which is a prize he doesn’t mind to pay.

The subject of drinking professionally will not be mentioned anymore.
To be a true cousin and not a schoolmaster.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind

In 1966 Keith Richard, the guitar player of the British rock and roll band The Rolling Stones, was involved with a girl called Linda Keith.
Rather peculiar that her last name was her boyfriend’s first name.
In any case, Linda had enough of Keith, the boyfriend that is, and ran away from him.

This made Keith Richard sad and together with fellow band member Brian Jones he quickly wrote a song.
Called “Ruby Tuesday”.

It is one of the best Rolling Stones songs they ever made and played.
Before they became a machine producing rock and roll songs that all sound the same.

What is so great of the lyrics of the song “Ruby Tuesday” is that they are universal and spiritual.
They go beyond a simple love song.
In fact, the text describes a certain personality.
Characteristics of an exceptional person.

Let us read carefully the lyrics of the song “Ruby Tuesday”:

She would never say where she came from
Yesterday dont matter if its gone
While the sun is bright
Or in the darkest night
No one knows
She comes and goes

Goodbye, ruby tuesday
Who could hang a name on you?
When you change with every new day
Still Im gonna miss you...

Dont question why she needs to be so free
She’ll tell you its the only way to be
She just can’t be chained
To a life where nothings gained
And nothings lost
At such a cost

Theres no time to lose, I heard her say
Catch your dreams before they slip away
Dying all the time
Lose your dreams
And you will lose your mind.
Aint life unkind?

Goodbye, ruby tuesday
Who could hang a name on you?
When you change with every new day
Still Im gonna miss you...

Actually, the characteristics described of the person in this song apply seamlessly to the pioneering photographer.
Who is one of many who live not losing dreams to avoid losing the mind.

Persons who change every new day are mostly men.
Rarely women live in the way described in the song “Ruby Tuesday”.
As far as can be seen, only one female person is known who cannot be chained to a life where nothing is gained.
And of course she is a photographer.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Are you from Pluto?

Yesterday was not only the name day of cousin Jerzek but also the very birthday of your faithful blogwriter.
Thank you very much.

The party for these two important events is on Saturday therefore yesterday a dinner with a small group of family members took place in a traditional Polish restaurant in a nearby village.

One of the persons present was 23-year-old Tomek, the son of cousin Jerzek.

With Tomek always-interesting conversations take place because the lad is brilliant in many ways.

Yesterday we talked about the fact that it is undeniable that aliens surround us.
Who observe and watch us.

This very well known fact was not the source of the excitement the conversation was causing.
Because every sensible person knows of the presence of aliens among us.

No, fervent and loyal blog readers, the flash in the pan was the question raised in this conversation whether or not the disputants maybe themselves are in fact mutants.

Now that is an interesting point of view and we may wonder how many fervent and loyal blog readers have ever been asking themselves this question:
Am I or am I not an alien?

The discussion with Tomek was mostly about the strategy of aliens.
How exactly do they mutate with us?
Most importantly on a psychological level.

It could very well be that in case you are an alien, you will vehemently deny this.
But that this is a protection device implanted in your brains by your brothers and sisters aliens.
Revealing your true nature, background and family, will put you in a most risky situation.
From science fiction films made in Hollywood we know that whenever aliens openly come to earth, they are massacred and terminated by us.
Even if their intentions were peaceful and friendly.
Besides, when the alien looks from the window from her spaceship and sees earth and the way we live here together, not very likely will you land and shake hands.
To the contrary, you will take good care that these violent, bloodthirsty, cruel and vicious human beings do not notice you are around, right?

Hence, it is very possible that the blogwriter, Tomek and even the fervent and loyal blog reader like you are, might be aliens in disguise.
Transmitting data to home base how the people of the earth are slowly destroying themselves and the planet.

However, we must realize that the aliens are a little bit over cautious.
Because in fact it is no problem to simply openly say that you are an alien.
As a matter of fact, one of the candidates that applied to participate in the project “The most beautiful people in the world” wrote a letter claiming he was an alien.
You can just say it and nothing happens.
Try it out.
Come out of the space closet!
Reveal to the cashier girl in Wal*Mart where you shop today that you are an alien.
You’ll experience that nothing will happen and that everything will be all right.

However, if you publicly insist too much in your revelation that you are from Pluto, you may end up in a mental hospital.
Or in a dog shelter.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Put the Bush gang on trial

In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousandfold in the future.
When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.
It is for this reason that they are growing up “indifferent”.
Young people are acquiring the conviction that foul deeds are never punished on earth, that they always bring prosperity.
It is going to be uncomfortable, horrible, to live in such a country!

This the Nobel Prize winning author Aleksander I. Solzhenitsyn wrote in his book “The Gulag Archipelago”.
It applied to the situation in Russia, the former Soviet Union, concerning all the violations of laws that happened there between 1917 to 1960.

But what Solzheniysyn describes is a fundamental truth that applies to all countries where evil has been performed.

Most particularly it applies now to the USA.
It is an uncomfortable truth for most Americans, but over the past years the CIA and the Army, backed by the Bush Administration, has been breaking Federal Laws, the American Constitution and International Laws, Agreements and Conventions.
These serious violations of laws have been tried to be covered up.
But because Barack Obama has become the new President and has much more decency in him than George Bush, now we are learning in detail what happened and who was responsible.

Following Solzheniysyn theory, the responsible persons must be brought to justice.
And that includes George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleeza Rice.
It has been said here repeatedly, by American and International law they are war criminals and they should be made responsible for their decisions.

It is nothing personal.
Who would care for the person George W. Bush or Dick Cheney?
They are evil and stupid people.
What we are concerned about is what Solzheniysyn foresees: if Bush and his gang are not publicly and juridically made responsible for their deeds, the generations to come will morally decline even more.
And create together a society more horrible than we can imagine.
Because the new generation has learned then that you can have the most horrific behaviour, like allowing torture, and can get away with it no problem.

Therefore, for the sake of the well being of the generations to come and for the sake of guaranteeing a better society in the future, put the Bush gang on trial.
Punish them for what they did.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

By the way, can you whistle?

In the language spoken in the Netherlands, they have an expression that says:
“Meisjes die fluiten,
krijgen jongens met duiten”.

Translated into the language spoken by many worldwide, this means more or less:

“Girls who whistle,
will get guys who have money”.

A rather puzzling statement because why would a guy with money be more attracted to a girl that whistles?

Maybe we can find a clue in two other things that are being said in this peculiar country called not only the Netherlands but Holland as well.

One thing they claim in the Netherlands is that girls are unable to whistle.
And the other thing is, in case a girl knows how to whistle, that it is very inappropriate and impolite for her to whistle.

So, we could argue that only very talented and brave girls are able to whistle.
And for sure that the talent and the bravery is attractive to rich boys.

It also might be that it has to do with the position of the lips.
While whistling the lips have to take on a certain position.
Maybe boys see in that how it will be when possibly kissing the girl later.
Like a test and demonstration how her face will look when the romantic moment comes.

These days, after we have experienced emancipation in many societies, girls can whistle no problem.
But they probably can’t what the pioneering photographer is able to do.
He can whistle non-stop.
Which means he can produce a sound of whistling that is permanent.
With his lips!
Every other human being, men or women, can whistle only as long as there is air supply in the lungs.
Once this volume of air has all been blowned out, the whistling stops in order to have new air enter the lungs.
This phenomenon can also be observed with trumpet players.

So how can one produce a permanent whistle sound in spite of this human physical need to breath?
Some magic?
Or maybe a trick?

It can be revealed to this exclusive group of fervent and loyal blog readers that it is a technique.
Developed over the years.
The technique is to be able to whistle not only when the air is blown out, but also when the air is sucked in.
In other words, the lips are kept in the whistle position while air is either drawn in or blown out.
How about that?

Many fervent and loyal blog readers will be deeply tempted to try this out.
To find out it is not that easy.
That it takes many months of serious exercise to be able to perform properly.

Even yesterday, cousin Jerzek said, how come you can whistle so well?
He had noticed it was a melody that was not interrupted by inhaling air.
So it really pays off to learn this technique, as it impresses music lovers.

Now, what is all this nonsense about?
Who is concerned with this kind of idiotic information?
What is the relevance?
Isn’t it like saying that the shoe size is 13 and the condom size XXL?
Totally unnecessary information except for the shoemaker and an exclusive group of women?

But consideration is requested.
Because this week the nerves are stretched painfully far.
The prototype of the photo book of the project “The most beautiful people in the world” is presented to the worldwide book publisher Thames and Hudson and to many other foreign book publishers on the International Book Fair in London, U.K.
The end of this week more should be known what are the chances that the photo book of the project “The most beautiful people in the world” will indeed be published and in what languages and which countries.
So while this is happening in London, U.K., out of sheer tension and nervousness one gets lost in absurd nonsense.
Drawing many fervent and loyal blog readers into it as well like in the story of the brothers Grimm about the flute player of Hameln.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Only five glasses of vodka

Cousin Jerzek was feeling not too well the day after the exciting party in the “Buzniz Club” in Nowy Sacz, Poland.
Obviously this was coming from the amount of vodka he had been drinking with his two friends.
A few half a litre bottles.

This is not very good for his health.
To drink so much.
Only a few years ago he has had a heart attack.
He recuperated beautifully but swallows now every day a handful of pills.
And is unable to quit smoking.

Hence, today a gentle discussion about the use of alcohol was initiated.
And the thesis was put on the table that alcohol is fantastic.
Nothing wrong with it.
But one must drink in an intelligent way.
Therefore the question was asked how many glasses of vodka are needed to feel open, free and happy?

OK, let’s say five.
After five glasses of vodka the mood is exuberant, life seems uncomplicated, the wife is more attractive than ever and the friends are the best in the world.
What a good time!

But now the question is: will you feel better if after five glasses you take a few more?
In other words, will you feel more exuberant and will your wife be even more attractive and will your friends be more than best compared to after five glasses?
What is the difference between feeling good with five glasses of vodka or seven glasses of vodka?

The answer is of course that there is no difference.
A person drinks and gets in an excellent mood and as of that point it can’t get any better.
In fact, if one drinks substantially more after that, the awareness and the enjoyment of the mood disappear through the loss of conscience.
The famous cloud of alcohol the brains are drowning in.

Cousin Jerzek agreed: he feels perfect after five glasses and every glass more is not improving the way he feels.
At that moment Irena, cousin Jerzek’s beautiful wife, said something very correct.
She claimed that after five glasses of vodka the drinking goes on but controlled by the alcohol.
It is not the individual anymore who decides to have another glass.
It is the alcohol in the brains that plants the idea to have another one.
This is very true and the core of alcoholism.

Hence, it was suggested that each of us should be professional in drinking.
When feeling fantastic after five glasses the professionalism should kick in.
One should say to oneself: now I have reached the perfect level and no more booze is needed.

This way of handling drinking was new to cousin Jerzek.
Who is very open and accepting.

There is a plan to invite the now famous Polish singer Anna Wacura to the house this coming weekend to give a private concert.
Obviously vodka and wine will stream like the Volga.
Let’s see how professional everybody will be.


A fool on the dance floor

Sometimes things happen and the event is so absurd, spectacular, fascinating, embarrassing, surprising, idiotic and surrealistic that it is hardly possible to comprise it in a posting.

This can be said of what happened yesterday in the “Buzniz Klub” of Nowy Sacz in Poland.
Cousin Jerzek had announced we were all to go to a “show” that was taking place in the club.

What could a show be in a business club?
The fantasy filled this question in by already seeing beautiful singers and dancers.
Maybe a magician and some strippers would be included in the program as well?

But once arrived in the club it turned out it was a sales party of the Japanese company Nikken.
Organised by two women from Israƫl who had as a local representative the beautiful Anna Wacura.

At this point in the writing of the posting it is not sure yet if it will be about Nikken or about Anna Wacura.
Both deserve to be presented extensively in a posting to the fervent and loyal blog readers.

Let’s eliminate Nikken because maybe already many fervent and loyal blog readers know this company is a scam.
They sell so called health products based on the effects of magnetism.
With a pyramid system.
One must be really dumb to spend money on their stuff.
And even dumber are the people who believe they can become rich joining Nikken as a salesperson.
It is the perfect way to have persons in the pyramid higher up make money.
While the salesperson loses most of the friends in the process.

Anna Wacura is an aspiring singer.
But at 27 her career has not taken off really.
This is why she has turned to Nikken.
To try to make a living.

The “show” consisted of sales talks by Nikken fanatics to the people who had been so stupid to come.
But as a bonus Anna Wacura sang for everybody together with her sister Ewa.
And no doubts that Anna can sing.
She has a wonderful voice.
And on top, she has a strong and delicious stage presence.
One is surprised she is not on Polish TV yet.

But then it must be difficult, or hardly possible, to make a national or international singing career when based in the small southern town of Nowy Sacz in Poland.

As of December though she has a manager who claims to know Mick Jagger personally and says he is also the manager of Candy Dulfer, the famous saxophone player.
Sure, sure, a more experienced person will say and stop short of asking why he is in a god forlorn place like Nowy Sacz assisting in a Nikken sales party if he is so well connected?

When the presentation of the Nikken products and the impressive singing was over, the two sisters decided to sit down with the audience.
And, surprise, surprise, of all the tables with men and women, they decided to sit down with cousin Jerzek, his beautiful wife Irena, two business friends and the cousin from Mexico.

Hence, eye to eye with two impressive Polish beauty queens with golden throats.
And they learned from cousin Jerzek, who turned out to be their long time friend, that the Mexican visitor was a famous photographer.
So, Anna wanted to know from the sudden celebrity what was his opinion about her performance.

What to say, fervent and loyal blog readers?
That Nikken is a scam and that she better should not be involved with those crooks?
That her manager might have with her a good fuck but that he is a liar as well?

Obviously Anna is an ambitious girl with a huge potential.
Very talented.
But it all depends of the context she is in.
If she is in the right place, with the right people honestly assisting her, and this in the right time, a star is born.
She could be the Barbara Streisand of this century.

Hence, in the most diplomatic terms and staying as close to sincerity as possible, she was told of all the wonderful aspects of her performance that were observed.

As it was a melee of many people in the “Buzniz Klub” of Nowy Sacz in Poland, singer Anna Wacura would not stay at the table constantly.
Often she would have to go away but she would always come back to the side of the pioneering photographer.
Who had said such interesting things about her performance.
At whose table the mood was getting incredibly high due to the bottles of vodka that were consumed by cousin Jerzek and his friends.

More and more people were leaving the “Buzniz Klub” of Nowy Sacz in Poland and it was then remarked that Anna Wacura often disappeared into the kitchen of the joint.
As a salesperson for Nikken she had to pretend to have a healthy life and presence and could drink only magnetised water from special Nikken bottles in which is a magnetising filter.

Later it became clear what the frequent visits to the kitchen were all about.
This was revealed by cousin Jerzek who confessed he paid her glasses of red wine she was secretly consuming in between the pots and pans.

So Anna Wacura got in this special mood we all love so much.
Funny, free and fine.
To forget about reputation, Nikken, the manager and have fun!

Then Janusz, cousin Jerzek’s buddy, screamed:

"Let’s dance".

Immediately the dance floor of the “Buzniz Klub” of Nowy Sacz in Poland was filled with the last of the few people still present.

But then a dramatic incident took place.
Everybody was elegantly swinging and rocking when Anna Wacura suddenly went to the dancing permanent pilgrim, grabbed him and pulled him to the centre of the dance floor right in between all the dancers.
She screamed:

"Let’s teach him some real Polish dancing!"

And she pushed her body against him as if they were lovers and made one of her legs step in between the photographer’s foundation.
Who absolutely panicked.
He freed himself of the over delicious but threatening embracing of the attractive singer and screamed:

“I am a free man and I would like to remain free!”.

What kind of neurotic behaviour was that?
What kind of obsession with personal freedom expressed unnecessarily?
Why fearing marriage and alimony already when only being grabbed by a beautiful lady on the dance floor for some sensual movements?
Come on, virginity was lost some time ago, no?

Miraculously, and this must have been absolutely the interference of God, suddenly, that very moment, the music stopped.
Some technical problem.
And this made all the dancers stand there like idiots.
Some still moving while no more rhythm was there to dictate and explain the swinging hips.

Soon after this dramatic event on the dance floor, the whole Nikken party left.
While cousin Jerzek ordered another bottle of Finlandia vodka.

By then Anna Wacura was really drunk.
And now she wanted pictures of herself with the international traveller.
She borrowed a small digital camera of one of the Nikken ladies who looked exactly like Scarlett Johansson.
After some friends had the beautiful couple photographed, in romantic poses, the camera was confiscated by the photographer himself.
Who knows the technique of self-portraits that may or may not include another person.
Just by stretching the long arm holding the camera in front.
It resulted in some spectacular shots but they are unfortunately in Scarlett Johansson’s camera.

Meanwhile the Nikken party, including the two Israeli women, were waiting downstairs in a taxi for Anna Wacura to come.
But she had no appetite to go.
She had too much fun.
Scarlett Johansson tried everything to make her come along.
But drunken people sometimes become obnoxious and the truth is of course that cousin Jerzek and his party didn’t want Anna to go either.

Seeing the impossibility and the ridicule of the situation, as a true gentleman and not being drunk, the pioneering photographer informed Scarlett that he would help her get Anna downstairs and into the taxi.
In the end, his credit with the beautiful singer had reached the level of the husband who is behind his wife no matter what.
So she listened to his sweet words.
And came along.

But it is no good idea to go down on stairs when wearing very high-heeled shoes in a state of serious drunkenness.
In so far as there had not been enough carnal caprioles between the two already, to assist her on the stairs involved holding her almost anywhere.
There was no other option.
Either it was holding her intimately or having her fall down the stairs.
What can a man do, dear fervent and loyal blog readers?
What would Baden Powell have recommended?
Exactly: prevent her from landing in hospital.
Hence, this advice from the founder of the Scouts was followed to precision.

In front of the building was a taxi waiting with the Nikken crew.
They were not happy.
Their local salesperson Anna Wacura, called the “wellness consultant”, had not been demonstrating exactly wellbeing in a way Nikken likes to promote.
But what a fun we had had and how well we beings were.
And how pissed off the Nikken’s were: needing a lot of magnetic healing to recuperate.


To learn more about Nikken, click on:


Friday, April 17, 2009

Throwing 5 billion

When watching the news on TV, one experiences in fact a constant stream of an emotion called indignation.
Because of all the injustice one sees.

A perfect source for a good load of indignation was the decision of rich countries made this week in Tokyo to donate 5 billion Dollars to Pakistan.

There are 173 million people living in Pakistan.
And they haven’t managed to make their country prosperous.
There is corruption and violence.
Never a Government is long in office because either the army interferes or a coup is staged.
The current leader of Pakistan is President Asif Ali Zardari, the widower of Benatir Bhutto who was assassinated.
President Asif Ali Zardari's, a man who has been in jail for many years condemned for corruption.

The problem many countries believe to have with Pakistan is that in the northwestern tribal areas a lawlessness exists in which the Taliban and Al Quaida can flourish.
It is believed that Osama Bin Laden is living over there and that the insurgence in Iraq and Afghanistan is orchestrated from that mountainous and inaccessible area.

Recently Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari's has blackmailed the USA, Europe and Japan.
Saying that the situation in his country was completely out of control.
Due to the extreme Muslims in the northwest of his country.
Saying that if the rich countries wouldn’t give him money, the whole world would suffer of more and more Islamic terrorism.

This is how he got his 5 billion dollars.
In a time that the economy is in a recession, factories are closing, many people are losing their jobs and the stock market is painfully low.

What is all this money supposed to do for Pakistan?
It will be spend to build new schools.
New hospitals.
New infrastructure.
Equip and train the Pakistan army.

Thank you very much, many Pakistani will say.
They get a new school and hospital for free.

The idea is that if the comfort of the people improves, the Taliban will have less credit with the population.
This is based on the belief that people will follow the one who is handing out gifts.
Therefore the plan is to give more than the Taliban can.

This is of course a fundamental mistake.
A dramatic error in strategy.

First of all, the person responsible for the spending of the 5 billion dollars, the director for South Asia of the World Bank, has said that they will not spend the money in the areas of Pakistan where it is too dangerous.
Hence, it will be invested where it is not necessary.

Second, President Asif Ali Zardari's of Pakistan recently made an agreement with extremist Muslims who are ruling the northwestern part of his country called Malakand.
100 miles away from Pakistan’s capital Islamabad.
These extremist Muslims have now the power to rule their territory under Taliban Islamic law.
The feared Sharia.
And already, the first woman has been publicly flogged.
Under Taliban Islamic law women are not allowed to have a job or to go to the market, said the Taliban cleric Soofi Mohammad.

The floodgates for Talbanisation of Pakistan and consequently of Afghanistan has been opened.
And not even 5 billion dollars is going to stop it.

Because, and this is the third mistake of the agreement of Tokyo, it is not about money.
About new schools and hospitals.
About re-arming the Pakistan army.
It is about an extreme religion that promises and guarantees things that money can’t buy.
An extreme religion that settles the man-woman issue in a final and male favourable way.

The only way to counter extreme religions is to balance it with a philosophy of life that is stronger and better.
And that, dear fervent and loyal blog readers, the western world doesn’t have anymore.
They still do have money, but they have no more moral authority.
Western morality has been going down the drains.
The empire is collapsing.
The oak tree is hollowed inside and about to fall over.

The way to go is to let the Taliban free.
Let them do what they want.
Take the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan and stop giving money.
Allow them to have it their way.
Meanwhile, start working on making the own house in order.
Clean up democracy.
Clean up capitalism.
And the public bathrooms.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

In love for a second

Dress code is decided by the presence of water.
This is clearly noticed when coming to the coast of a country.
Once people get on the beach, it is commonly agreed one can take off most of the clothes.

But there is a fine line there.
If the car is parked a five minutes walk from the beach, can a person in a bathing suit walk that distance?
Showing a dress code appropriate for the beach in the street?
It is probably decided by how much it bothers the person in the bathing suit.
If one is rather shy or considerate, a change of outfit will take place on the beach.
If one doesn’t care, the street is paraded in a bathing suit.

In the small town of Nowy Sacz in Poland there is no sea.
It is in the very south of Poland near the Tatra Mountains.
So, when it is a sunny day, the people can’t go to the beach and get a suntan.
And feel free and happy in a bathing suit.

However, there is a river streaming through town and its banks are covered with bushes and trees.
Hiding what one could take for beaches.

The local population of Nowy Sacz has accepted the river and its banks as the territory where the dress code of the beach is applicable.
A person in Nowy Sacz cannot sunbath in a bathing suit in the local park.
But it is no problem along the river.

By coincidence the house of cousin Jerzek is very near that river.
And by coincidence cousin Jerzek has a gigantic dog.
A female German shepherd.
Who by coincidence needs a walk every day.
Along the river.
By coincidence taken for the walk by the visiting pioneering photographer who has established a relationship with Saba, the German shepherd.
Hence, by coincidence, the peaceful walker and the vicious dog see what is going on along the river in Nowy Sacz, Poland.

Nothing special, fervent and loyal blog readers.
Just boys and girls, men and women in bathing suits.
Enjoying the sun.
Sometimes the beer they brought.
Or each other.

Until yesterday on the path along the river this incredible beautiful girl was met.
She was dressed in only a bikini top and very tight hotpants.
Showing the hilly landscape south of the belly bottom that was perforated with these Pacific pearls.

Unfortunately a silly looking boy accompanied her and more devastating was that they were even holding hands.
This is the usual reaction to such an observation because always when a representative of the opposite sex is met who passes the audition, the banal but irresistible feeling rises to want to possess that particular crown of creation.
It is not clear immediately for how long.
Could be anywhere between 30 minutes and 30 years.
But the silly looking boy is in the way.

Yes, yes, sure, sure, this attitude and response is condemnable and trailer park trash behaviour.
Like one still living in a cave.
But nevertheless it does come up in the mind and elsewhere and the person suffering of it is helpless and vulnerable.
And until now incorrectable.

Returned to the home of the cousin, at the dining table, a graphic report was presented to the family.
How on the road next to the river this girl had been walking dressed to dance on the stage of a nightclub.
While the bank of the river, serving as the beach, was probably too far away to justify the dress code.

“Oh come on, cousin Michel, don’t be so conservative!” cousin Jerzek said.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Films Polish way

In countries certain things are done differently.
Like driving on the right side of the road.
In the UK, Japan and Guyana they drive on the left.
Like eating with fork and knife.
There are countries where they eat with their right hand or with chopsticks.
Like walking next to a lady.
In some countries she walks far behind him.

That is all very well and of course we respect local and national religions and customs.

But there is something in Poland we must really have serious doubts about.
Something worse than a woman having to walk in the dust of her husband.
Worse than driving on the left side of the road or eating with chopsticks.

It is the following terrible thing:

Many films are made in the English language.
A majority we can safely claim.
Now, this creates a problem in countries where the people do not understand English.
They see the film but they do not understand much due to the language.
Hence, there are three solutions applied.

One solution is sub-titling.
In the language of the audience a text appears at the lower end of the image where one can read what the actors and actresses say.
The other solution is to post-synchronize the film.
They keep the original sound track of the film but filter the voices out.
Instead they put in voices of new actors and actresses who say the text in the language of the particular country.
The thirds option is of course not to see the film at all.
This is not a joke because many very good films that are not in English never reach for that reason the American audience.

But the Poles have come up with something different.
They show films on TV that are not sub-titled nor post-synchronized.
What they do is to have a man talking calmly in Polish in a neutral and totally unemotional voice what the actors and actresses are saying.
One can hardly hear the actors and actresses nor even the sound effects of the film.
The only thing is the voice of this man.

This way of showing a film takes at least 60 % of the effects of the film away.
The actors and actresses in the original sound track use their talking as a way to express emotions.
It is an important part of their acting.
It is eliminated in Poland.
A most important part of a film is the soundtrack and its sound effects.
Also that is eliminated in Poland.
It is only this boring male voice one hears.

This important matter has been taken up with some Poles.
Don’t they think this is a ridiculous way of showing a movie?
The answer is: not at all.
They are so used to it that they think it is normal and OK.

A film is also an artistic product of talented artists.
The way Poles show a film is like showing a painting in the way that the audience only sees the sides.

It is so bad to see a film molested, raped and screwed the way they do in Poland, that not one minute is spend in front of the TV watching a movie.

While the family deeply enjoys a film on TV with the Polish voice-over, the pioneering photographer puts on headphones and continues his gigantic task of scanning over 500 images.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cold pizzas

She was too self involved to be able to see the pictures in the photo book she was holding in her hands.
Instead, she was talking about herself only and desperately trying to neurotically remain the centre of attention.
This situation many fervent and loyal blog readers do remember from some postings ago.
A well proportioned dentist visiting the cousin in Nowy Sacz in Poland adding an interesting chapter to the life of the pioneering photographer.

As life takes good care of any one of us, this is if you allow life to do it by being flexible and have the river stream its course, the next night new friends came to visit the Polish cousin and his family.
A Polish-French couple.
She was working at the airport of Basel in Switzerland servicing private jets of famous people like Bono of U2.
While he had a company that was putting murals in large houses and hotels worldwide.
A patented technique for which images can be used.
He already knew of the work of the pioneering photographer and proposed to make use of his “PS-series” images for the large murals he was installing all over the world.
An interesting proposition with possible favourable financial rewards.

So one night a dentist comes and the next night a mural maker.
One has no interest whatsoever in the images and the other proposes to buy them.
How beautiful life keeps everything in balance.

Two remarkable things happened while the Polish-French couple was visiting.

They were drinking vodka.
One would expect that in Poland Polish people drink Polish vodka.
Not so.
One night it was vodka from Denmark.
And the other night vodka from Finland.

The French-Polish couple and the cousin were drinking Finlandia: 1 litre of vodka.
And finished the bottle.
Three people each having more than 333 cc of a liquid containing 40 % alcohol.
Nevertheless, they were not really getting drunk.
Somehow they stayed coherent.
Although the mood was exaltated.

At one point during the evening pizzas were ordered from Pizza Hut.
A chain of pizza restaurants also present in Poland.
The agreed time of delivery was 20.30 hours but no pizza boy was ringing the doorbell at the agreed time.
At 21.00 hours cousin Jerzek finally called Pizza Hut:
“Where are our pizzas? We are hungry!”
Pizza Hut explained their delivery car had broken down.
“Why didn’t you let us know”, cousin Jerzek asked rightly so.
Pizza Hut told that if we would come ourselves, we could pick up the ordered pizzas for free.
But all drivers knowing the way to Pizza Hut under the blanket from the vodka, only way was to ask Jerzek’s 23-year-old son Tomaszku to go and get the food.
The enterprising boy smelled his chance and charged to get the food his father the amount otherwise spend on the pizzas

Eventually the pizzas arrived.
Cold though.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Foot shoot

On behalf of the fervent and loyal blog readers, may we ask what these pictures are about?
Why you went on Easter Monday to a place where they shoot pistols?

I dun't knuw.


The child within whining

Because of Easter it is a coming and going of family and friends in the house of the cousin in the small town of Nowy Sacz in Poland.
Who are all most pleased to meet a person related to them who comes from far away.
But who doesn’t speak Polish and after a polite 5 minutes of chatting in either English, German or French, quickly the conversation changes into Polish.

That always becomes lively but someone who doesn’t understand Polish has no clue what they are talking about.
If it goes on too long and the presence serves no more purpose and it all becomes very boring, it is no problem for anybody when there is a retreat and the job of scanning negatives is continued.

Yesterday a couple came for tea but that soon changed for whiskey.
She was what is called a well-proportioned lady.
In other words, a fat woman.
A local dentist and single.
He was her brother in law and a graphic designer: lean and athletic.

How loud and dominating this woman was.
Later cousin Jerzek explained she was single because until now she considered no man good enough for her.

At a certain moment cousin Jerzek proudly put 3 of the photo books of the family photographer on the table for the visitors to see.
As the following conversation was all in Polish, obviously the role of observer of the situation was the only thing left to do.
Usually people ask questions when they see the books or the comments are understood.
But this time it was like being in a cocoon.
Where emotions were reaching anger level.
This was not because of the man.
He had told he had been studying at the Academy of the Arts in Cracow, Poland.
Hence, he had a certain artistic background.
And this could be seen.
Carefully he turned the pages of the books and studied every image he saw.
Obviously he had never seen this kind of photography and his body language said he was surprised and amused.

However, the woman had a book and turned the pages but without looking at the images at all.
She was just talking with this loud voice and watching the persons listening to her.
Telling stories how she is in competition with another local female dentist.
Having zero interest in the photo book.
This made the author rage.
Getting very upset with that lady.

To see a book, made by the person present, and then so clearly show disinterest and disdain was too much to take.

Some people have temperament.
Which means a sudden rising of emotions triggered by an event.
It is like hand warm water suddenly starts to be boiling hot.
And this blinds the temperamental person who consequently does things later deeply regretted.
The thought came up, while in the boiling water, to stand up, go to the fat lady, rip the book from her hands and say:
“You are not worth to see my books”.

However, this would have been completely in violation with the spiritual side and with all the philosophies that are sold here on the website and in the many e-mails to dear friends.
Therefore the technique learned from yoga teacher Kixe Grau in Cadaques, Spain was adapted.
To breathe deeply in and let the air go out slowly and become centred again.
Therefore the teachings learned from wise and balanced friend Karine Versluis were adapted.
To realize that each person has a way in life and that your own way and that of others should be respected and not mixed up.

It was an arduous experience.
The childish side inside who wants everybody to love the books and praise them as the best.
And the grown up side that accepts that every person has a way and that this should not affect the own mountain to climb.

This experience showed there is still a child inside.
Who doesn’t get in the way anymore.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Golden years

In the early morning, when everybody is still deep asleep, when the first light of the day is making the birds sing, it feels it is time to rise and shine.

A warm shower including washing the now long hair.
And putting cream on a skin that is more and more drying out.

A Centrum pill is swallowed while preparing a bowl of muesli, a glass of orange juice and a pot of strong black Ceylon tea.

On the large dining table everything is placed and also the MacBook connected to a high speed Internet system.

This is a great moment of the day.
While in a beautiful house with loving family and having all the comfort imaginable, everything is there to reply e-mails, check websites and write texts in a relaxed and splendid way.

Later the wife of the cousin will come, as she is the first of the family to wake up.
To start working in the kitchen.
It is only much later that the cousin comes out of bed.
He is a guy who has a life that he can wake up when he likes.
And always, every morning, he is whistling and singing.
And wishing good morning when seeing the hard working cousin from Mexico with maximum enthusiasm.

A morning coffee is enjoyed with the Polish cousin while he has his breakfast.
Chatting and laughing: in this happy house many jokes are cracked.
And then it is time to move upstairs.
Where is the atelier to work.
An Epson scanner and the books containing all the negatives spanning over 30 years.

The job now is to scan over 500 negatives that are the sequences to be published soon in the book “Sequences: the ultimate selection”.
First the negatives must be found and this is made more easy as on the boxes in which are the books is written the date and numbers.
And in every book is a list what is on the 30 to 40 films.

It is a job for a monk.
Very meditative and needing high concentration.
To scan properly and most importantly, to save the files in a proper place.
So that later the designer of the book, Henrik Barents, can easily find them back and know the data of each sequence.

This daily program is standard for the next two weeks.
Interrupted only by family and friends visiting, dinners and lunches.

Golden years, Golden years, Golden years
Dont let me hear you say lifes taking you nowhere
Come get up
Look at that sky, lifes begun
Nights are warm and the days are young
Come get up

Last night they loved you, opening doors and pulling some strings
Come get up
In walked luck and you looked in time
Never look back, walk tall, act fine
Come get up

Some of these days, and it wont be long
Gonna drive back down where you once belonged
In the back of a dream car twenty foot long
Dont cry my sweet, dont break my heart
Doing all right, but you gotta get smart
Wish upon, wish upon, day upon day, I believe oh lord
I believe all the way
Come get up
Run for the shadows, run for the shadows, run for the shadows in these golden years

“Golden years”, David Bowie.


Risk free womanizing

A hiccup in the planning of the book “Sequences: the ultimate selection”.
All the negatives of the sequences need to be scanned.
About 500.
However, in order to scan properly the sizes must be known of the scans to make.
This information is not available yet and therefore the immense job has not been started yet.

The negatives of the sequences are safely in the house of the cousin in Nowy Sacz, Poland.
The house famous with many fervent and loyal blog readers for its luxurious bathroom.
Where it is wonderful to stay, surrounded by loving family, but where equilibrium has to be found for not being able to scan yet.

Meanwhile deep reflection is performed for a response to yesterday’s posting.
In there a lunch was described in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with a beautiful lady with blond curly hair.
She has been sending a message saying that her lunch companion is a fervent and loyal womanizer.

Now, as many male fervent and loyal blog readers will know, when a woman tells you that you are a womanizer it all depends who exactly is saying it.
And how.
Is it said with a smile on the face?
Or is she deadly serious?
Is it a discontent and disappointed woman cheated too often or is it a woman who is in control?
Is it an accusation or is it a compliment?
Hence, is it positive or is it negative?

In this case it is absolutely positive.
It is not intended as a condemnation followed by being banned to Saint Helena.
To the contrary.
This very lady, exceptional already as she is, is entertained when charmed by certain men.
Easy for her because she is so totally balanced within herself that she will never fall over.
It is risk free for both.

This is the best for a woman and a man.
Because he can charm and she can be charmed simply and only for the enjoyment of both.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

A kaleidoscopic Casanova.

As if this blog was a ship in front of the coast of Somalia, yesterday it was somehow high jacked by two individuals called John and Don.
Probably these two men are fervent and loyal blog readers but, as we learned, obscure and vulgar as well.

The management of this blog would like to apologise to all the true fervent and loyal blog readers for the awful inconvenience that occurred yesterday.
It is promised that extra measures will be taken so that this kind of digital pirating is absolutely avoided.

Because it should not have happened.
The respected fervent and loyal blog readers are not supposed to be confronted by the chitchat of some ignorant and ignoble guys.
Who have not much to say as to comment on something that they consume every day for free.
And who probably don’t understand half of the postings anyway.
Because it is about subjects that cannot fit in the small frame of their minds.

These two men, John and Don, complained for example that two subjects for postings are missing for a while.
Politics and women.

Although they are just brute intruders: they do have a point.
Indeed, politics and women have not been coming up as a subject recently and many fervent and loyal blog readers will have been noticing this as well.
In the field of politics it is rather understandable that no postings are published anymore.
There is a new American President and he is not doing much that serves a critical observer ammunition to shoot.
Of course the President is on a spending spree never seen in history before, delivering his country into the pockets of the Chinese and burdening the generations to come with incredible debts to pay.
But not much else critical can be said about Mr. Obama who looks like a lama.

The other subject John and Don were complaining of not being able to read much about anymore was women. However, sources close to the person responsible for this blog whisper, that he is very much involved with women.
He has been seen lunching for 3 hours in a fancy Amsterdam restaurant with a most beautiful woman only two days ago.
A stunning blond with curly hair, an athletic body and most importantly, an impressing charming and charismatic personality.
It seems he has been travelling with her in the past.
Several times this extraordinary woman was furiously blushing and we can only guess what he must have been telling to her to have this stunning phenomenon happen with that kind of a balanced and harmonious woman.

But then yesterday detectives spotted him talking to an urban planner from Zakopane for 2 hours.
A Polish woman also of an incredible beauty in the heart and fortunately in her physical presentation as well.

Both women were seen being kissed and embraced and this must explain why people like John and Don are not reading anything about women on this blog anymore.
Obviously too many things are going on at the same time.
Either there are too many events with women to report on.
Or reporting about all the experiences with those women would confuse the readers too much.
Or, and this is where the suspicion goes, the idea is alive that blogwriter expects that the women involved read the blog as well and are therefore protected from getting jealous.
If they don’t read about the adventures of the kaleidoscopic Casanova, they are lullabyed into dreaming they are the only ones.

Expert observers know much more is going on than is being reported on this blog.
In fact, a blog could be written about what is not in this blog.
And a third blog could be published about all the bending and breaking of reality that is done here.
Creating willingly confusion, hallucinations and misconceptions.
Poor John and Don.
They think they have a place here.
But there is nothing but words.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

John and Ron twittering

Hi John.

Ron, how are you?

He is now in Holland.

That’s what I understand as well.

He is rather busy.

And successful too: getting two book deals.

He is a smart fellow.

Too smart sometimes.

Yeah, remember all that nonsense he wrote about politics?

That stopped fortunately: how he bashed George Bush!

But, John, do you realize he’s also not writing anymore about women?

You are right, Ron, I haven’t realized that: what is going on?

Maybe he has a girlfriend now but doesn’t want to share her with us readers?

He a girlfriend? Are you kidding?

That guy grabs any hot ass to take the next train.

Like a sailor.

Like a sailor, in every harbour a sweetheart.

How I envy the guy!

I can imagine you say that with your Betsy in your bed for 27 years now.

Shut up, John.

It seems he is now on his way to Poland.

He is on his way all the time.

Yeah, but now to his cousin.

And the Polish girls, hahaha.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two in two throws

A most beautiful thing was observed yesterday.
It happened during the meeting with a book publisher who was asked for an appointment to discuss possibly publishing the photo book of the project “The most beautiful people in the world”.
Present were also the designer of the book, Teun van der Heijden; a good friend who is the mentor of the project “The most beautiful people in the world” and the marketing manager.

The book publisher is having a hard time like all book publishers have.
Book sales have dropped tremendously and it is hardly possible to initiate and produce new book projects.
People buy less books and banks give less credit.
A vicious circle killing the book publishers.
Therefore, one could conclude that it is now the worst time to try to publish a photo book.
But what could the photographer of the project “The most beautiful people in the world” do?
Wait some years with the images and texts for better times?
Or just try anyway?

The appointment with the book publisher was carefully prepared.
The mentor had been seeing him about the project “The most beautiful people in the world” some months ago.
The book designer is a friend of the publisher and has been talking with him about the project.
Hence, an appointment was granted.
Many candidates aspiring to publish a book do not even get an appointment.

It happened in a large room a little lower than the level of the water in the Amsterdam canal that could be seen from the window.
Creating a strange feeling of awareness and inspiring the imagination to see a picture of a meeting with everybody up to the knees into the water.

The book publisher got a briefing by the different persons about the background of the project “The most beautiful people in the world”.
And then the big moment.
The designer presented the publisher the dummy: the prototype of the book.

During the time the publisher saw the book, a total transformation took place in him.
That was most beautiful to observe.
And has been witnessed more often when someone sees the results of the project “The most beautiful people in the world”.
The book publisher was tired, sceptical and hesitant.
Not planning to start anything new nor ready to jump into anything.
But while seeing the book he changed completely.
One could see him getting fascinated, becoming positive and optimistic.
And finally loving the book.
Saying he liked it a lot and would wish to publish it worldwide.

This was the best success possible.
Confirming again the cluster theory: within one week two book deals are made now.

Next, there was a conversation that took three hours.
To publish a photo book worldwide is an adventure with many aspects.
That concerns only one thing: money.

However, now it is clear it is going to happen.