Thursday, July 31, 2008

Devastating and tragic

The blog is quickly reaching the impressive amount of 100.000 visitors and its 627th posting.
Maybe a good moment to express what an intense pleasure it is to every day share with many people.

And fortunately there are things to share.
Many times the daily experiences bring an excellent subject to write about.

Let’s take yesterday for example.
The Fuso Szulc loaded with supplies got off the main road and drove on this terrible dirt road west to the Pacific Ocean.
A barren landscape of cactuses and dry bushes under a blue sky while a strong wind blew.

Somewhere out there, driving at a very low speed, suddenly an open military Hummer approached.
Loaded with heavily armed soldiers.

Open military Hummer

Behind that Hummer were white pick-up trucks full of what are called “Federales”.

Mexican Federal Police

A branch of the Police feared for their ruthlessness, toughness and dealing with the heaviest forms of crime.
The first Hummer and several white pick up trucks passed and stopped behind the Fuso Szulc.
The rest of the convoy, more pick-up trucks with Federales and another Hummer with soldiers stayed in front.
They all stopped.
The men came out and surrounded the Fuso Szulc in a wide circle.
Having their M-16’s pointed to the arrested traveler.

M-16 gun

One man was in civilian clothes.
Looked like a philosopher or something with his intellectual face and the aristocratic mustache.
Like the others, he was surprised to see a vehicle like the Fuso Szulc driven by a single caballero.
A new plot of drug smugglers to transport white powder?

The man with the nice mustache was formal but friendly.
Asking questions about what was the destination and why going there.
In the end he ordered to search the Fuso Szulc.
Surrounded by over 40 heavily armed men, some wearing ski masks even, an order hard to oppose.
Imagine saying: “Sorry, you can’t do that…”.
It would be a nice joke, because it would have been followed by:
“Just kidding”.
But from the first moment the motorcade of fighters of drugs came into sight, an inner voice was yelling: “This time NO JOKES, please”.

Humour is a nice way to make people feel relax and easy but it is no joke to know this cannot be applied to everybody and every situation.

Two Federales searched the Fuso Szulc and they did a thorough job.
It took them an hour to look into every closet, box and niche.
Of course supervised by the owner because we don not want things to disappear during a search nor little bags with white powder planted and found.

Eventually freedom was returned and the journey could continue.

Some hours earlier while enjoying a last cup of coffee with a chocolate chip cookie the local La Paz newspaper was read.
Many stories about the ongoing drug war.
That is even becoming dominant in this part of Mexico.
Pictures of criminals with the drugs they seized from them.
Pictures of assassinated people due to drug related gang warfare dumped in front of the police station.
Politicians complaining that things are getting out of hand.
It is like a civil war.
But the opposing parties are unusual.
On the one hand is the Government and on the other hand the drug gangs.

The fact though is that this Mexican drug war is going on because there is a market for these drugs.
Mexico is only a transit country.
The drugs come from the south and go to the north.
This trafficking is highly profitable and the people behind it become so mighty that they overpower the Government and its military and police.

To be stopped and searched by a motorcade of drug trade fighters with their ski masks and heavy weapons makes a good story for the blog.
But the truth is that a serious war is going on here that is devastating and tragic.


To learn more about the feared Mexican Federales, click on:


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A mellow melee

Compared to living next to a lagoon and the ocean, life in a city like La Paz is very hectic, chaotic and absurd.
Especially these days when it is hot in La Paz and people suffer of the intense heat.

The thing is to be focused when coming to town.
Not to get diverted by the one thousand things that fight for attention.

Nevertheless and unavoidably there is distraction and slight confusion anyway.
Not the least because of the conversations with friends.
Although we live in one world, this one world is divided up in as many smaller worlds as there are people.
Therefore meeting a friend and having an intense conversation is like leaving the own world to temporarily visit another world.
A very nice thing to do after the many weeks of solitude and monolatrous devotion.

The return to “Estero del Tomate” is already today.
The Fuso Szulc loaded with a full propane tank, a full water tank and plenty of food and juices.

Meanwhile the problem of the camper box being in an angle has returned and is at its worst.
Driving the bad boondocks backyard dirt roads is simply too punishing for the springs.
Especially the ones on the driver’s side because most weight is there.

Four weeks ago a mechanic shop in La Paz took off the front springs and bent them back in position.
But this has not helped.
The solution is to go to the USA where a company in Santa Ana is specialised in springs for Fuso trucks.
The thing to do is to go to a weight scale and measure how many kilos are on each wheel.
And next to have extra springs mounted on the side that is the most heavy.

Some serious planning has to be made now when to make the trip north.

One of the issues to contemplate about while back in retreat at “Estero del Tomate”.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nothing from heaven

We can be absolutely sure now.
There are no intelligent and sophisticated forms of lives elsewhere in the universe.
No aliens coming to earth to communicate with us.

Why can we be so sure of that?

Imagine aliens manage to come to earth.
They are not going to land in the centre of Mumbai, Tokyo or New York.
The way they look, they will be massacred instantly.

Or becoming an instant star interviewed by Larry King loosing every opportunity to do serious research.
They will become a circus act.

No, fervent and loyal blog readers, when aliens come they will look for exquisite opportunities to meet earthlings in a most quiet and peaceful setting where no threats nor dangers can be expected.
Yes, fervent and loyal blog readers, the location where the Fuso Szulc is these days is such a place.
It is peaceful, no distractions, they can land on the beach and there are no dangers.
But most of all, they have the excellent opportunity to meet one earthling only.
Who is peaceful, not aggressive and who has a wide-open mind.
But most of all, it is an earthling with a public reputation.
Of course he will report on a possible encounter of the third kind.
But who will believe him?
He is in the business of making images that nobody believes are true representations of reality.
Like the “PS-series”.
So, when he reports that aliens came to visit “Estero del Tomate” in Mexico, people will shrug their shoulders and continue their own business.
This guarantees the total security for the aliens, as they will be thought of as a weird fantasy of the person they met.
Conclusion can only be that the proud owner of the Fuso Szulc is the perfect candidate to get a visit of aliens.

However, it has to be reported that over the last 25 days no alien has been knocking on the door of the Fuso Szulc.
The conclusion therefore must be that no life exists on other planets.
If they were there, they would have come.
They didn’t come, so they don’t exist.
It is as simple as that.

The same goes for God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and their friend Maria.
In the past they descended to Earth.
Jesus came about 2000 years ago to Israel.
And the Holy Spirit 9 months before that.

And many fervent and loyal blog readers will remember Bernadette Soubirous (1807-1871).

When she was 14 years old and collecting firewood in the South of France she saw, what she called afterwards, “a small young lady” standing in a niche of a rock.
This turned out to be Maria, the mother of Jesus.

Bernadette Soubirous met Maria 18 times and had conversations with her.
Miss Soubirous was supposed to inform the people they had to pray more.
Nowadays many people go and visit the place where this all happened: Lourdes.

For God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit or even Maria, “Estero del Tomate” where the Fuso Szulc is these days, is the perfect place to make an apparition.
It is very beautiful here and any “small young lady” suddenly appearing will be of course warmly welcomed.
And Maria and her friends are of course free to use the Datastorm Satellite System in the Fuso Szulc at no charge to contact the Pope in Rome and send possible other messages around the world.

But also concerning any religious miracle, the report is that over the last 25 days the only thing coming close to the Holy Spirit was a pelican that flew over the Fuso Szulc really low.
As the Holy Spirit is known for disguising himself as a bird, it might have been him checking out.

In any case, after new supplies will be purchased in La Paz tomorrow, a new period of about 25 days will be spend at “Estero del Tomate”.
So, the Aliens and the Holy Spirits are getting a second chance.

The Fuso Szulc is now ready to go to La Paz.
The encampment is temporarily out of existence.


To learn more about Bernadette Soubirous, click on:


Monday, July 28, 2008

Must sense rule ?

It is now 24 days that are spent in the solitude and peace of the lagoon and the ocean.
It is a most remarkable time that is more and more enjoyed.

But the supplies have run out some days ago and a trip should be made to La Paz, the nearest town.
There are no more fruits and vegetables.
No more drinking water.

But no initiative is coming to take down the encampment.
Something is holding.
For the moment it is impossible to leave.

It is an almost hypnotic power that forces to stay in spite of the lack of food and water.
It is the strength of the current situation: the peace, the harmony, the serenity, the beauty, the simplicity, the spirituality, and the blissfulness.

The only way to get out is for somebody to arrive and say:
“It is OK, now.
You can come.”

But nobody will come to the rescue...

Somehow a way must be found to balance the power of the current situation to be able to leave.
Not to be overwhelmed and controlled.
To avoid domination.

The power to leave is equal to the power experienced from the situation.
This means that once away from the lagoon and the ocean, inside they are still there.
With their beauty and natural balance.

And if all goes well, after a few days in La Paz, there will be a return to “Estero del Tomate” for another period of contemplation and creativity.

But the thing is to actually do all this.

Two things help.
There are no more sufficient supplies.
And taking down the encampment, packing everything into the Fuso Szulc, can be performed as an exercise of beauty.
To clean and store everything to perfection to have that as a glorious experience.

Sense must rule.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beautiful words but?

The people in the United States can sleep peacefully again.
Barack Obama has returned home.
Back from his visits to Afghanistan, Iraq, the Middle East and Europe.
Now we know his ambition is to become President of the World.

It has been a long time that a politician has been so popular.
Not only in his home country but abroad as well.
A young US Senator inspiring over 200.000 people to come and listen to him in Germany…

However, if one has studied and learned from history, as soon as a politician gets as popular as Barack Obama, one must get suspicious.
Imagine the monumental expectations he has triggered and is now carrying on his back.

Can he deliver in case he is elected?
Are all those beautiful and sweet words now spoken so eloquently, transformed later in concrete decisions?
And will those decisions make the changes that are needed and promised?

There is a convincing theory that this is in the USA not possible.
The necessary changes can never be achieved.
Promised, yes.
But not enforced.

The reason is that there are pressure groups with enormous influence on the politicians.
The lobby groups.

For example, a politician has no chance whatsoever to be elected if he declares that the Palestinians must stop their attacks on Israel immediately.
And that Israel must stop immediately the illegal building of more settlements on occupied land.
A politician will be banned and boycotted by the Arab and Jewish lobbies right away.
Loosing not only their considerable votes but their financial support as well.

Another example are the gun laws.
Basically anybody in the USA can buy a gun.
There are restrictions but the principle is that an American can buy and have a gun.
This has gotten completely out of hand.
The most sophisticated and deadly hand guns can be bought that will not serve any purpose except for being extremely dangerous in case they are used.
Machine guns, bazookas, and military guns: any gun is available.
This is completely idiotic.
If the principle of a country is that any person must have the option to defend him or herself with a gun, why can somebody buy an M-60 machine gun?

It would be an excellent idea of a US politician to limit the availability of weapons.
For example, only small handguns and only for qualified customers.
All the rest of the war machines banned.
But in the USA is a strong gun lobby.
There have been politicians, like John Kerry, who wished to be elected and went on a hunting trip shooting innocent animals only to demonstrate they were not opposed to guns.
To try to lure the gun lobby on their side.

The same is going on these days concerning the energy crises.
All the politicians are shouting that the USA should become less dependent of foreign oil.
That the oil should come from nature reserves in Alaska.
Or that wind and solar energy should be developed quickly.
But not one politician is talking about changing the way of living.
Saying that an average American is using enormous amounts of energy compared to people in the rest of the world.
Simply by the way the American decides to live.
Even Barack Obama does not have the courage to say that the way most Americans are living and consuming energy now is not only morally intolerable but also impossible to sustain.
The message should be that drastic changes should come into the lives of the Americans.
To simplify their lives and let go of many of their devastating and destructive habits.

How can a politician come to power opposing all those lobbies?
Presenting a real alternative that would result in the people having to simplify their lives?

No way.
It’s impossible.
Barack Obama is charismatic and refreshing.
But after all those disastrous Bush years people are dying to embrace a new leader they can believe in.
However, all the current expectations building up by the day guarantee deep disappointment later.

Therefore, the sweet and well-spoken words of Barack Obama are alluring.
But not more than that.


50.000 guns for sale at:


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Communism in the USA

It is a fact now.
Yesterday the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) approved the merger of satellite radio companies Sirius and XM.

It was a 3-2 decision.
To notice is that the 3 in favour were Republicans and the 2 opposed were Democrats.

The President Bush appointee Kevin Martin, Chairman of the FCC claimed:
"I think it's going to be, in the end, a good thing for consumers and be in the public interest".
Critical and alert fervent and loyal blog readers will notice especially three words in this statement:
“…in the end…”
Kevin Martin is already putting up his defences for when contrary to all promises satellite radio is going to be more expensive.

Because now it has become a monopoly.
It has become a take it or leave it situation for the customers.
A situation every entrepreneur only dreams of.

The reality is that it is not a merger at all.
The fact is that Sirius eliminates competition by buying out XM.
This costs $ 3.3 billion (€ 2,1 billion) and we may wonder where that money comes from and where it goes.
For sure the XM subscribers will not see one penny of those $ 3.3 billion.
And the only way for Sirius to regain those $ 3.3 billion is by charging more to the 18 million-plus customers for the exclusive services they are the only one now offering.

We should expect that not much will change for the next three years.
Because Sirius voluntarily agreed to a set of conditions, including a three-year price cap and an 8 percent set-aside of "full-time audio channels" for public interest and minority programming.

Again critical and alert fervent and loyal blog readers see one word shining in that promise.
It is therefore a promise worth nothing.
If they raise prices next year, who will stop them?

Democratic FCC-commissioner Jonathan Adelstein said after the vote:
" I hope they keep their edge and don't become a fat and happy monopoly."
That is very naive but much to the point.
Because in the USA, satellite radio is now organized like in a Communist State.
And we all know how that works in a devastating way imploding eventually the business.

It is a fact that both Sirius and XM were never profitable businesses.
All the years of their existence they have been losing money.
So, one could argue that it is better to have one company than eventually no companies at all.
However, one must remember that Sirius and XM have been in competition with each other in a lunatic way.
For example, Howard Stern, a popular radio talk host, was hired for $ 80 million a year and receiving Sirius stock worth $ 200 million.
Simple calculations show that never ever can that money return by getting more subscribers.

Stern was not the only one who had advantage of bad business strategies of the satellite radio companies.
Who willingly ran around like chickens without heads hiring all kinds of disc jockeys for enormous amounts of money.
Maybe a deliberate strategy: to open the way for a merger and monopoly.
XM walks away with $ 3.3 Billion and Sirius has the hands free to milk the 18 million-plus as much as they want.

We will see now how long it will take before a new posting will be published on this blog about Sirius/XM.
Announcing increase of fees or limitation of available channels.
Title will be:
“I told you so”
In Russian.


To learn more about the irresponsible business practices of Sirius and XM, click on:


Friday, July 25, 2008

Almost scammed

Today the day began in a most beautiful way.
A clear blue sky, a temperature of 22 º C (72º F.), no wind and the birds singing.
The ocean quietly rolling its waves on to the beach and the body feeling young and dynamic.

After a simple but healthy breakfast cyberspace came into the Fuso Szulc through the Datastorm satellite connection.
As usual many e-mails and one of them was especially remarkable.
A message from a woman until now unknown.
Her name is Ulia and she wrote:

Hi to you!

One intelligent nice girl is looking for a boyfriend. I am busy in arts.
I like to visit good parties, disco, nightclubs and something like this.
I have many friends in Ukraine and I will be glad to meet a new friend abroad. Friendship – it is good! My future friend, I am here!
I hope you will find me!

Warm hugs
Ulia M

It is not every day that warm hugs are received from the Ukraine.
From Mexico yes, but never from over there.

Let us have a closer look at Ulya.
This is how she looks:

We already know from Ulya that she is working in the arts.
Whatever that may mean.
And that she likes to visit good parties.
The disco too and nightclubs.

On her website she asks herself:
“What I do in my leisure time?”

The answer is:
“I like to rest in my leisure time. I like to travel, to read, to cook and in whole to have great time.”

And she writes:
“The type of man that I desire:
My man must be self-contained, attentive, kind, with good manners, honest, interesting, romantic and family oriented.”

And how does Ulya see her future?
“My future goals are:
I would like to find my other half and to find my destination.”

According to the information on Ulya’s website, she is 28 years old, a Christian, working as a tourist-manager, not smoking, drinking socially only and she is divorced and has a daughter.
She looks for a man between 30 and 60 years old.

We can be sure that many fervent and loyal blog readers are immediately sending signals of warning that this Ulya is a scam.
A way of Ukrainian criminals to look for lonely men in Europe and the USA who are so desperate that they don’t see how fake this presentation is.
To lure them into responding to eventually screw them out of as much money as possible.

Look for example to who her e-mail was sent.
Not only to this hard working photographer but to these as well:
******, ******, *********, *****, *********, *********, *****,, ******

Obviously some computer program was used to find e-mail addresses.

Ulya is not going to receive a reply.
Miss Spam Crook as she is.
But instead a beautiful e-card will be send to the Mexican Senorita.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Every shot a hit

This is an important moment.

There is the ambition to start making pictures again for a new series of conceptual images.
But too many things were waiting to be taken care of.
Like the publication of the new photo book “The PS-series”.
And several other things in the shop.

But now most has been settled and shortly after the daily blog has been written and published early in the morning, the operation theatre can be accessed with the camera.

The interesting thing is that the pictures that are made will be only a part of the final image.
Hence, when making the pictures, it is not known yet for what they will serve.

This makes it an extraordinary experience to make pictures because anything could do.
In fact everything that is photographed could potentially be a brick in the wall.
This makes the activity of making pictures return to the days when it all started.
At the age of 6.

At that age father offered as a present a camera and how fascinating this was.
There are still clear memories how in the large garden surrounding the house pictures were made of the trees.
And of the older sister.
There was a tremendous excitement to make pictures and it was about that.
Not about the results, but about the fact of putting a camera in front of the eye and to push a button at the decisive moment.

This fabulous feeling has never left ever.
Each and every time pictures are made there is like an instant sweep back into a state of being 6 years old.

Looking at results therefore is a totally different matter.
When seeing the pictures made it is considered if they express what was the intention.
And most importantly, it is considered if the picture is able to communicate to the audience the message intended.

These days it is one big photographic party.
Because there is a total detachment of looking at results.
For the moment this has no importance at all.
Every picture made is potentially a building block.
So, it doesn’t matter.
Every shot is a hit.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Receiving visitors and a watermelon

On day 17 of the retreat the siesta was interrupted by the sound of a car arriving.
A car?
Nobody had been coming for over 10 days.

It was Angel Peraza and two of his friends.

They were of a small agricultural community about 15 kilometres (9 miles) from the lagoon.

Many years ago the Mexican Government has started agricultural communities called “Ejidos”.
Often very far away from cities, as long as there was plenty of water to farm the land.
One strong characteristic of an Ejido is that all the land is communal.
It is owned by the farmers that live in the Ejido.
It was land donated by the Government to landless farmers to give them the opportunity to create a better and more prosperous future.

The “Ejido” not too far from the lagoon, called Ejido # 1, is still communally owned.
It is a settlement of simple houses, a church, a primary school and a shop.
They pump up as much water as they want because there is plenty.
The fields surrounding the Ejido produce watermelons and mangoes.

The land of the Ejido # 1 stretches all the way to the beaches of the Pacific Ocean.
The inhabitants of Ejido # 1 are the owners of 6 kilometres (4 miles) of beachfront property.
That includes the lagoon.

Because in Baja California a land bonanza is going on, the inhabitants of Ejido # 1 also want to sell their land next to the Ocean.
A lot of 20 metres (66 feet) bordering the Ocean by 60 metres (196 feet) into the desert is offered for $ 30.000.

Hence, preparations are made by staking the lots and having a real estate company from San Jose del Cabo involved.

Conclusion is that eventually also this peaceful and beautiful location will be commercialized and loose its virginity.
Fortunately, this will not happen tomorrow.
Until then the beauty and tranquillity of the lagoon and the beaches can be enjoyed and it is only this moment that counts.

Finally the visitors could be asked what was the name of the lagoon.
To know how it was called where the Fuso Szulc has temporarily settled.

This lagoon is called ”Estero del tomate”.
Reason is that many, many years ago an old man used to cultivate tomatoes near the lagoon.
In fact, one of the fields can still be seen.

It was a nice visit of Angel Peraza and his friends.
They told they had the idea when they arrived that they had reached some scientific research centre seeing the Fuso Szulc and the settlement.
In a way they are right.

Angel Peraza and his friends were invited to visit the Fuso Szulc and were very interested in all its characteristics.
From their car came a large watermelon.
Offered as gift of friendship.


To learn more about Mexican ejido's, click on:


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Faulty Fausto

Some days ago a change in the manifestation of nature was noticed.
On the beach live sand crabs and they dig tunnels in the sand as a house.

But very recently they moved away from the beach and came to the hinterland.
To dig their homes behind the sand dunes.

At the same time the hermit crabs could be seen as well.

They also moved away from the Pacific Ocean to find a temporary new habitat in the area behind the dunes.

What was going on?

Responsible for the migration of these animals is Fausto.
A tropical storm 640 miles (1029 km) west of Baja California.

Although this storm is relatively far away, it makes the wind come from the south.

But the strongest effect is that Fausto is responsible for very high waves.
This can be heard.
Yesterday there was a change in the sound of the surf.
It became not so peaceful anymore but heavy and threatening and powerful.

For this the sand crabs and the hermit crabs were running away.
For the ocean that had become too wild.

Another effect of Fausto is that the high and strong waves take away a large part of the beach.
Where the day before was a beautiful wide and comfortable beach, half of it now has been washed away.

It may seem that to stay long time near the ocean and a lagoon is an uneventful experience.
But aren’t we noticing that each day something is happening?


Monday, July 21, 2008

How to get "The PS-series" photo book for free !!!

In the past more than 10 photo books have been published.

The procedure was to have first a whole set of images and next, to find a publisher.

Once a publisher was found who had faith in the project, additional sponsoring had to be found.
A dragging and long-time procedure of approaching sponsors or applying for subsidies.
Once it would be clear that a strong financial floor was in the project, the designer of the book would get involved.
With own ideas and plans not always in harmony with the photographer.
Another step to make was to try to get an exhibition in a reputed place to have the opening coincide with the publication of the book.
For this, exhibition curators had to be seen and shown the work.
To have to deal with their personal preferences and tastes, their financial trouble and schedule problems.

Once the publication of the photo book and the exhibition was secured, the next step was to get the press involved.
To have journalists come to the exhibition or to send them a copy of the book, massaging them into writing a story in the newspaper or a magazine.
To get the publicity to get visitors to the exhibition and to have people buy the book.

All in all, was it a nice experience to publish a book?
Absolutely not.

Each time it was trouble, problems, frustration, disappointment, conflicts and irritation.
There was never much beauty in it at all.

This is why there was a complete new approach to publish “The PS-series”.
Life is not meant to repeat what is not beautiful.
What is not giving beauty and joy.
Hence, this time publishers, sponsors, financiers, foundation managers, designers, and journalists: they were all left aside.
They were not invited to get involved in the making, production, distribution and promotion of the book in any way.

“The PS-series” is therefore a happy book.
The images were made with tremendous joy and excitement.
With great pleasure.
With sincere happiness.
And with beautiful bliss.
It has been a unique and unbelievable great and interesting challenge to select the images, to design the book and to write the texts without any unpleasant confrontation or disturbance.
It was fascinating and educative, resulting in feeling sincerely proud and deeply satisfied with the result.
Feelings never experienced before with the books from the past.

This has all been possible because of making use of the modern techniques.
These days it is possible to produce and distribute a photo book as a one-man band.
No complicated procedures, as there were in the past, are necessary anymore.

Now the photo book “the PS-series” is out.
There is no exhibition and no PR-fuss.
No hoopla.
It is there and who wants it can purchase a copy.
To share not only this photo book but also the beauty of the way it has come into existence.

It might be not a bad idea to become a proud owner of “the PS-series” photo-book.
In the past, two photo-books of the conceptual work have been published.
“Sequences” and “The first twenty years”.
Both photo books are sold out and not available anymore.
They have become collector’s items.
Sometimes they are offered at book auctions and they sell for very high prices.

Probably the best is to order now two copies of “the PS-series” photo-book.
One to keep and the other to eventually sell.
In this smart way one has “the PS-series” photo-book for free.


To order your copies of the photo book "The PS-series", click on:


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Checking stock

This is day 16 in the spaceship circling Solaris.

More than two weeks away from civilization and more specifically of the supermarket.

How are supplies?
Because a man needs to eat and to drink and survive when far away.

The Fuso Szulc is equipped with two large connected tanks offering about 200 litres (50 gallons) of water.
It is also equipped with the SeeLevel ll Tank Monitor system to know rather in an accurate way how much is in the tanks.
After 16 days the level in the fresh water tanks is at 67 %.
This means that there is fresh water for another 34 days…
Fresh water use is limited.
Only for washing the dishes, the hands a few times a day and for brushing the teeth after each meal.

The Fuso Szulc is also equipped with a large propane tank of 24.2 gallons (92 litres).
The propane is used as a fuel for the large Dometic Classic fridge, set at its max, and for cooking and making tea.
After 16 days 25 % of its capacity has been used.
Over 46 days of propane left…

But the situation with drinking water is different.
The water in the fresh water tanks is not potable.
Not safe for the health.
Therefore 3 large bottles of drinking water have been brought to the lagoon.
They are 19 litres (5 gallons) bottles and after 16 days 2 have been finished.
This means that in probably one week the lack of drinking water will force a return to town.

The same situation inside the fridge.
After 16 days most of the fresh vegetables have been eaten.
There are still some carrots and peppers but they look sad and start to accumulate fungus.
On the other hand, there is still enough tofu that is easier to keep for a longer period of time.
Concerning fruit the mangoes, papayas and melons are all finished.
What are left are apples and oranges.

However, it is not a competition or a record-breaking effort.
To try to stay as long as possible at a location far from everything and everybody.
It could be possible to bring more large bottles of drinking water.
To bring canned and frozen food.
To be able to stay for more than the current three weeks.

But things must not be carried too far.
To get into extremes just for the sake of going there.
Three weeks is fine: there is nothing to prove to nobody.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

From space.

In the past on this blog the subject has been a few times a book written by the Polish author Stanislaw Lem.

The book is called “Solaris”.
Two films have been made based on this publication.
One by Russian Andrej Tarkowski in 1972 and one by Steven Soderbergh in 2002.

We are not going to explain what the book “Solaris” is all about.
This time we use it to explain something about the lagoon currently facing the Fuso Szulc.

In Stanislaw Lem’s story we learn that a team of explorers and scientists are in a spaceship far away somewhere in the universe circling around a planet called “Solaris”.
They are studying if they could colonize this planet and mine minerals for export to Earth.
However, the team of explorers and scientists start to notice that the planet “Solaris” has a special effect and influence on them.
They all experience a confrontation with themselves.
And this in a most unique and peculiar way.
Persons that have been important in their lives in the past, suddenly appear again in the spaceship alive and well.
Even if that person from the past has died long ago.

This is a very intriguing concept.
That a planet can have an influence in such a way.

Stanislaw Lem’s story comes to mind because of staying next to this lagoon.
In a way the lagoon and the situation of being next to it in the Fuso Szulc is comparable to “Solaris”.

The spaceship isolates the crew from society.
They are far away from the social context they are usually living in.
Communication is limited and artificial: by videophone.
The crewmembers are deprived and become vulnerable or open for unusual experiences.

The same situation exists here.
The current location of the Fuso Szulc is far away and hard to reach.
In 16 days only once people came by.
Communication is by Internet: e-mails, MSN and SKYPE.
Limited and artificial.

The crew of the spaceship were facing the planet “Solaris”.
They were completely involved in this engagement.
This happened because there were no other things around to pay attention to.
It was they and the planet and nothing else.

The Fuso Szulc is facing with all its large windows the lagoon and the view is only that.
The ocean is behind the dunes and not really visible.
It is the lagoon that constantly fills the eyes and consequently the mind.

Every day it is realized more and more that the lagoon is a living thing like “Solaris” was.
In a literal sense.
Looking at it for so long and so intense it has been learned for example that the water level is constantly changing.
The different kinds of birds feeding in the lagoon have changed from birds to individual species with their own characteristics.
The surface of the lagoon has become like a projection screen showing what is above and constantly changing there.

However, the lagoon has also become a living thing in a figurative way.
It has penetrated as a metaphorical entity into the being.
Exactly as “Solaris” did.
The lagoon enters spaces and cavities in the mind to haul the discoveries out to present them on the screen the water surface is.
Confrontations that are so total and definite that escape or denial are no options.

In Steven Soderbergh’s version of “Solaris”, the protagonist, Dr. Kelvin (George Clooney), has to decide what to do.
Run away from the confrontation and return to Earth or go all the way?
The rest of the crew recommends and chooses to return.
But Dr. Kelvin decides to stay and accepts not to know what will happen and how it will end.
This dilemma also plays constantly near the Mexican lagoon.
To stay or to return to society?
To believe in oneself or to rely on others?
To grow or to stagnate?

The hypnotic powers of the lagoon are strong.
Making it difficult to leave.
But most deciding is the realization that although it is not an easy experience, this idea of staying next to a lagoon for a longer period of time is a very interesting and beneficial exercise.

Life is the voyage, the idea is the itinerary.
(Victor Hugo)


To learn more about Stanislaw Lem, click on:


Friday, July 18, 2008

Rising moon - soul rising

Full moon rising as seen from the Fuso Szulc last night.

“If you are deeply involved with the simplest aspects of your life, you will see every aspect of your life as spectacular”

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev


To learn more about Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, click on:


Thursday, July 17, 2008

flying friends singing

While living at El Triple, right next to the ocean, there was the constant sound of the waves breaking on the beach and the rocks of the cliffs.
Sometimes this sound would be so strong that it would disturb sleeping.

At the lagoon it is different.
Because the Fuso Szulc is behind a row of dunes, the sound of the waves of the ocean is dampened and softened.
It is a peaceful background sound.

Of course the lagoon is not making any sound, as it is more of a muddy swamp.
But this makes it an excellent feeding ground for hundreds of birds.
And these birds sing.
Constantly they are making themselves heard.
It seems that their collective conscious is updated constantly through sound.

Sometimes though this constant bird singing, that is one of the most beautiful things one can hear, changes into shrieks of panic.
This means a large bird has arrived who basically has no business showing up above the lagoon except for maybe snatching a small bird for breakfast.
This is a hobby of large birds like a “man of war”, also known as the “frigate bird”.

But once this magnificent bird shows up above the lagoon, some of the largest swamp birds go airborne and always as a pair fly towards the “frigate bird”.
While they are relatively small they attack the huge bird and always manage to chase him away.
The defenders return to the lagoon, peace is restored and the constant chatting of the birds resume.

Meanwhile the production of the new photo book “The PS-series” progresses.
Several fervent and loyal blog readers have edited the text and the birds of the lagoon sing specially for them today.
Now also the cover of the new photo book is ready and fervent and loyal blog readers are kindly offered the opportunity today to have a sneak preview.


To learn more about the frigate bird, click on:


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blissful blinking

The daily walk is always a good opportunity for the mind to reflect and philosophize.
While the daily running offers the possibility to the mind to express anger and aggression.

In any case, during yesterday’s post siesta walk the thought came to mind that in fact many hours of the day we do not see.
During the hours we sleep but also every moment we close our eyes.
And each time when we blink.
This thought we can carry further by calculating how many years of a life is spent not seeing.
For this we take a person that will reach the age of 75.
75 years is 27.375 days.
Let’s say that on average that person sleeps 8 hours a night.
That makes the person not see for 219.000 hours.
9.125 days spent in a lifetime not seeing.

Next is the blinking.
On average, a person blinks 14 times a minute.
If we take half a second as the time during a blink the eyes are not seeing, we can conclude that 7 seconds a minute of darkness is 1,86 hours a day.
In other words, in a lifetime a person spends over hours not seeing.
Almost 6 years of the life spent in the darkness of blinking.

This is an amazing result of a fact finding research.
But it is not true that we would see more in a lifetime if we would not need to blink.
The fact is that when eyes are open, they not necessarily see.
From the eyes cables go to the brains where the conscious is housed.
It is in the conscious where we actually see.
Where we realize what is in front of us using the eyes.

This is one of the issues that comes up in the current preface that is in the process of being written for the new book.
The new book shows the most recent conceptual photography and is titled “The PS-Series”.
To be published next month.

This book is about what we possibly can see.
In other words, what is there during those 51 hours of our blinking.

Fervent and loyal blog readers are now going to be able to already read this preface of the book “The PS-series”.
And are invited to respond.
To be the editor of this text.
Every person who responds with constructive and sense making criticism will be mentioned in the book.

What makes people interested to look at an image?
How can an image make someone reflect and feel?

Usually in photography interesting images are the result of a photographer documenting an important, surprising or exceptional event.
Such event is translated by the photographer into an intriguing image.

In fact, the job of photographers for the most part is to organize themselves into remarkable situations.
The additional specific characteristics of their style of photography are important but not essential.

What happens though when a photographer, on purpose, chooses to work on a location where nothing is happening?
Where nothing notable can be photographed?
With the ambition to return with interesting images anyway.
What will happen is, that because nothing is coming from the location to the photographer as a reason to make pictures, everything needs to come from within the photographer himself.
He gets the full responsibility for the important, unique or exceptional events to take place for the audience later to be interested in.

The location therefore becomes like a mirror.
Because only the own imagination, fantasy and creativity are instrumental to create the noteworthy events.
The location becomes a screen on which the projections coming from within the photographer are seen and next made into an image for the audience to share.

The images of the PS-series are icons of dreams and hallucinations.
What one sees is possibly not true.
But then maybe it is.
The images are a very personal interpretation of reality.
A version of reality never imagined.
Becoming a reality within the reality.
Stretching the imagination and opening wider the doors of perception.

Most of the ideas for the images of the PS-series were born in one place.
El Triple: a deserted bay with a long and sandy beach on Mexico’s west coast.
The pictures for these ideas were made at El Triple as well.
But the actual creation of the final images took place in Nowy Sacz, Poland in 2007 and Punta Boca del Salado, Mexico in 2008. (dit kun je wellicht nog toelichten )

The PS-series has its name for two reasons.

PS stands for Photoshop, the Adobe software program used in making the images in this book.
But PS also stands for post scriptum.
Because the beautiful bay of El Triple, Mexico, has been bought by an American developer and the construction of a holiday resort has started.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

XM radio failing

Yesterday was a special day because Larry King on CNN interviewed the husband of a dear friend.
For two days the excitement was building up to share this event and hear what he had to say.

The Fuso Szulc is equipped with a Delphi XM skyfi2 satellite radio.
Receiving many channels and one of them is the sound of CNN TV.
There is a monthly fee to pay to receive from XM Satellite Radio their channels and usually everything goes well.
Even as far south from the USA as La Paz and its vicinity the signals can be received.

But as if the devil was playing one of its vicious games, the XM signal on Monday weakened and made it hardly possible to listen to any of the more than 140 channels.
Larry King’s program of Monday failed therefore to reach the Fuso Szulc.

Of course an effort was made to see if the reception problem could be fixed on this side of the digital pipeline.
With impressive acrobatic skills, the backside of the Fuso Szulc was climbed.
It looked like a scene from the Cirque du Soleil.
Up there the small XM-antenna was cleaned.

The theory behind this action was that dust or moisture on top of the XM-antenna might block the signals to enter.
But it had no effect.
The XM-signal remained too weak to be able to listen to the programs.

Hence, the Internet was accessed and research was done to find out if there were problems with the XM-satellite.
Maybe their batteries were low?
Or the satellite was out of position?
But no information could be found about the current XM-problems.

Because XM-radio is used a lot while living in the Fuso Szulc, the absence of it is rather dominant.

But the car-radio build into the Fuso Szulc is a Sony XR-CA640X and the only model in the world having short wave.
This makes it possible to receive radio stations from around the world.
Not exactly in HI-FI quality nor receiving CNN, but in a limited way it is possible to listen to the international news.

This brings back the days before satellite radio.
When next to the camper a high antenna was erected to be able to receive short wave radio stations.
And only at particular times the news was heard from the BBC.

Over the last couple of days a plague of flies was experienced.
The flies are gone now.
But now this new XM issue presents itself.

Things come and things go.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Talent or idiocy

After ten days of retreat the effects clearly start to be noticed.
The inner peace and harmony is becoming more prominent by the day.

The influence of the location is very responsible for this.
Living next to a lagoon means being more in nature.
There are all kinds of birds that come to feed but also demonstrate their flying and singing talents.
There is the body of water undisturbed by waves or ripples reflecting the sky, the clouds, the sun and the moon.

In fact, the confrontation with the ocean is less pacifying and harmonizing than facing a lagoon.
The ocean is brute force and pelicans don’t sing.

But a lagoon makes one breath deeper and slower.

To this fabulous location comes the fact of being in solitude.
Of moving along in life without merging and bending towards others.
This is a very good thing to do once in a while.

Victor Hugo, the French author, 1802-1885, wrote this incredible book titled: "Les travailleurs de la mer". (“The toilers of the sea”).
He knew how good solitude was:
“Solitude generates a certain quantity of sublime exaltation.
The result is a mysterious lucidity of mind which converts the student into a seer, and the poet into a prophet.”

Solitude experienced next to a lagoon and the ocean would have been Victor Hugo’s ideal.
But the famous French author also warned:
“Solitude creates men of talent or idiots.”


To learn more about the book of Victor Hugo "The toilers of the sea", click on:


Sunday, July 13, 2008

A beautiful visit

There will be not too many places in this world that an expedition vehicle can reach, where it is beautiful and where nobody hardly ever comes.
The current location is one of those rare places and every day it is realized how unique it is.

For seven days nobody was seen and the world seemed to exist only of beautiful nature and the news from Internet and XM radio.

But then yesterday suddenly the sound was heard of an old pick up truck coming to the encampment.
While that moment an intensive business conversation was taking place through SKYPE with the marketing manager Karin Schmidt of the project “The most beautiful people in the world”.
Proving the point once more that things never happen as isolated events.

The phone conversation was interrupted and outside a most friendly man was met who had come to greet the temporary settler.
A man with a bright and honest smile and an incredible aura of friendliness.
In his old pick-up truck were seven more persons.
His father, three of his daughters and two children from another family.

The name of the cordial man was Felipe and he belongs to the family of the nearest rancho.
Called Tepetate.
It is their cows and horses that can be seen sometimes near the lagoon.
Probably all the land that can be seen from the encampment belongs to Felipe and his family.

While there was a conversation with Felipe, his father walked towards the lagoon to check on his cattle.
This is because although the water of the lagoon is salty, cows do drink it.
For this they go into the lagoon and sometimes sink into the mud.
Sometimes rather deep.
Unable to get out, they die.

Felipe had come to fish.
And as Mexicans do, they take the whole family with them.
Except his wife who remained at the rancho.

He drove away to a spot where he could come with his truck closer to the beach to try as a cattleman his fisherman’s luck.

Some time later he returned to the Fuso Szulc to pick up his father who had been roaming around the large lagoon.
But he could not be seen.
He was missing.
We all mounted a dune and Felipe used the Fuso Szulc binoculars to spot his Dad.
The old man seemed to have disappeared.

Hence, it was agreed with Felipe that when the father was seen, he would be invited to sit in the comfortable chair next to the Fuso Szulc, to have a cup of tea or maybe a fruit juice and to be picked up by his son later.

An hour later Felipe drove up to the settlement for the third time only to inform that the father had been found.
He had been walking along the beach to the spot where the fishing had been going on.
And out of politeness Felipe came to bring the good news.

It has been agreed with Felipe to visit his farm.
When supplies are finished and a trip has to be made to La Paz, the Rancho Tepetate is on the way.
With great pleasure the vow made of “Mi casa es su casa” will be honoured.

What is impressing of meeting Felipe and his family is the warmth and friendliness of them.
Like the Gonzales family always demonstrate at their rancho at Punta Boca del Salado.
Immediately there is a kind of togetherness.
The fact that a visitor chooses to stay on their land for a while is considered an honour and an exciting event.
Rural Mexicans are used to live in a community consisting of an extended family plus acquaintances and friends.
Highly socially skilled, with hardly an ego that is looking to satisfy personal interests.
The only interest above everything is the others.
And that includes the neighbour too.

It is not just a matter of camping near a lagoon and the ocean in Mexico.
And nothing more.
To the contrary.
To be here for a longer period of time results in things that one by one come from that situation.
Experiences that influence to enrich the process of inner growing.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hurrying hurricanes

This is the exciting season of the hurricanes.

Down south in front of the coast of Mexico and Guatemala high above the warm water of the Pacific Ocean tropical depressions develop.
These depressions move to the northwest and develop sometimes in hurricanes.
They can even reach the peninsula of Baja California bringing strong winds, heavy rain, havoc and destruction.

These days we are dealing with a tropical storm.
This storm is now 200 miles (321 kilometres) from the south tip of Baja California and is bringing rain and thunderstorms to towns like Cabo San Lucas and La Paz.
And clouds with a light wind from the south to the current location of the Fuso Szulc.

But there is nothing to worry.
Storms can only develop into hurricanes when they move over warm ocean water.
And this is where climate change becomes important.
The earth warming up, because of the way we decide to live, makes the ocean water warmer.
Consequently, there are more hurricanes and of stronger power.

For the moment though the ocean water in this area is very cool.
Hence, all tropical depressions and even hurricanes moving northwest along the Mexican coast diminish and die due to the cool waters.

Right now a hurricane has developed near the coast of Guatemala and is coming this way.
In three days Elida should be south of Baja California.
Again bringing rain and thunderstorms.
But the cool waters halt any serious trouble.

For the next two months this pattern will continue.
Tropical depressions develop in the south and come this way.
It is when the ocean here becomes warm that daily checking of the situation is needed.
For this a website is visited daily where one can see where hurricanes are and which direction they are moving.

This is of importance because when a serious hurricane manages to get at the current location, it can be a life-threatening situation.
For sure the heavy rains will inundate the whole area and roads become unsurpassable.
The worst scenario is that the strong winds of a hurricane even turn over the Fuso Szulc.
Hence, one must know when a hurricane is coming to be able to evacuate in time.
To leave the area and find protection in a town like La Paz.

It will take at least six weeks for the ocean to get warm enough in this area to facilitate hurricanes to reach so far north.
Making the level of excitement low for the moment.

So, what is this posting actually about then?


To check on hurricanes west of Mexico, click on:


Friday, July 11, 2008

Habitat adapting

Although all possible openings are masked with tape, flies still manage to somehow get inside the Fuso Szulc.
This is of course very puzzling.
How they do that?

Another question raised by their unstoppable desire to get inside is why.
Why on earth they so desperately need to pay a visit?
What is inside the Fuso Szulc that motivates them so strongly?
Many of the flies try to go outside once they are inside, so what is all this nonsense about?

Somehow flies lack communication.
The ones inside are unable to radio the ones outside that it all makes no sense.

And flies are not that smart.
They know how to get in but do not remember where the entrance was to use as an exit.

Besides, inside they see these flycatchers now covered with dead flies.
And on the floor usually are the ones killed with the deadly fly swapper.
But nevertheless, they fly around like it is a party and a good place to meet and eat.

However, once it was realised that it is impossible to seal off the Fuso Szulc to have no more flies visiting and bothering, a new strategy was applied.

What the flies didn’t know was that the Fuso Szulc is carrying an anti-fly house.

This smart structure has been erected yesterday and the idea is to sit in there, work on the computer and laugh about all those flies seeing now the unreachable target.

The question is if this plague of flies is planned to last the whole summer or that it is just a matter of days.
There might be a connection between the flies and the lagoon.
That these are their breeding grounds.
But then, the water of the lagoon is salty and not a likely home for eggs of flies.
Explaining why there are no mosquitoes here.

For the moment it is all a matter of learning to live with what nature presents.
To adapt to the habitat.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

A sign of love and friendship

There are several activities that are performed each and every day.
For the physical well-being.
Besides eating and sleeping, there are also the daily post-siesta walk and the evening run.

The evening run is on new Nike Air shoes and takes place on the beach.
Each day 10 minutes longer and yesterday the impressive time of 60 minutes was reached.
There is curiosity how far this can go.
Running each day for one hour and more might have good effects and bad ones.
At one point it will become excessive and the body will come to protest.
Meaning injuries.
The price to pay for boundless ambition.
But for the moment there are no complaints and only surprise about what the body is able to do.

During the post-siesta walk an interesting cloud was observed in the east.
It started as a vertical cloud far away rising and rising.
Obviously winds in the higher regions were reached and the vertical cone came to bend towards the west.
To eventually form a protective cover above the Fuso Szulc.

It was like an embrace by a higher spirit.
A sign of love.
While being here as one person seeing and feeling the presence of all the people elsewhere known and loved.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ferocious flies

Even a romantic lagoon is not in all aspects paradise.
There have been changes in the weather.
When arriving here it was very warm.
But now a lot cooler.

This may be the reason why yesterday an explosion of flies was experienced.
Not the ordinary housefly, but a more aggressive and intelligent one with a more narrow body, sleeker and with dark spots on its wings.

There is great admiration for the inhabitants of the animal kingdom.
But this excludes rats, cockroaches and flies.
OK, mosquitoes too.

For example, the vicinity of the lagoon is ideal territory for snakes.
In the soft sand many tracks can be seen of snakes.
Imprints sometimes as wide as a small man’s arm.
Even yesterday, walking in the area where the Fuso Szulc found its camp, a long hose seemed to have been left behind by former visitors.
But closer inspection revealed it was a long and very black snake.

From the last time spending time at this location, about ten years ago, it was remembered that snakes love this place as well.
One day running was on the dirt road leading to the lagoon and in the excitement of the exercise an enormous rattlesnake was almost not noticed in time.
Stepping on a rattlesnake invites the inhabitant of the animal kingdom to bite the intruder of his privacy.
That means a certain death because hospitals are too far away from the lagoon.

However, snakes are OK.
They have their life and habitat.
And we are only visitors there.
Hence, when getting out of the Fuso Szulc alert level has to be always high.
In all circumstances and at any time.

But flies are intruders themselves.
They come uninvited into the private quarters of humans to irritate, to make the place dirty, to annoy and to act like nervous and upset freaks.
There is nothing more irritating than to feel flies walk on the skin.
They are relatively small and light, but nevertheless their feet touch in a way that is felt very much.

These walks flies make on the human body come with preferences.
They love to get into the ears, on the lips, in the nose and near the eyes.

Now, an alert fervent and loyal blog reader may put in a remark that makes sense: isn’t the Fuso Szulc equipped with bug screens?
Aren’t all windows sliding with bug screens?
Haven’t the roof vents bug screens as well?
And the door?
Isn’t there a screen door?
So, a person inside the Fuso Szulc should be free of flies?
Yes, a person inside the Fuso Szulc should not be bothered by flies due to all those screens.
But unfortunately, the screens are lousy.
Very ineffective are the ones of all the windows and the door.
Reason is that they are badly designed.
Flies land on the outside of the screen and walk to the side-area where the window touches the screen.
A rubber strip is supposed to close the space off.
But the rubber strip is made too short leaving a space open wide enough for flies and other insects to calmly walk into the Fuso Szulc.

The screen door is a joke as well.
Everywhere around it are small open spaces.
And the sliding pane of the screen door has a huge open area.
It’s leaking flies so badly that it might be a better idea to simply leave the screen door open so that flies can fly inside and outside again.

So, is the Fuso Szulc going to be chased away by these horrible attacks of thousands of flies?
Better to leave this beautiful location due to millions of flies?
Give up because of billions of flies?
Hell no!

Fortunately, on board are “fly catchers”.
These are strips on which glue is applied.
There is supposed to come a smell from these strips attracting flies.
They come to check this smell out, land on the strip where they will end their lives in a not so nice way.

Two “fly catchers” are hanging in the Fuso Szulc close to each other.

This because it is believed that in this way a higher chance of catching the flies is achieved.

But the ‘fly catchers” are not highly effective.
The flies are not lured by the smell very much and seem therefore not to be too interested to land there.

Second weapon in the fight against the flies is the most deadly.
A fly swatter.

By now over a hundred flies have been killed with this effective tool.
But it needs skill and determination and total involvement.
And it is an endless job.
After killing hundreds, new troops appear.

Last option is to barricade against the flies.
To seal off all those openings in the windows and doors and roof-vents.
Fortunately on board of the Fuso Szulc is masking tape from a former paint job and one of the tasks today is to make the interior fly free.

Meanwhile, no answer is found to this question:
Why do they want to come inside?
What business do they have in here?
There is no food and it is clean.
Desperately they want to come inside and once in here they only fly around without any purpose.

This issue of the flies need definitely attention.
Early in the morning already the flies start hiking on the face of the innocent sleeper.
Disturbing the beautiful sleep and initiating a mood saturated with irritation.
And later in the morning, working on the different projects on the computer, flies disturb the concentration constantly.

In the past insect plagues have been experienced before.
From this it is known it is only temporary.
Change in wind or temperature may make them go elsewhere.
The bastards.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Where are we ?

More and more the camp gets settled near the lagoon and the Pacific Ocean.
The Fuso Szulc is perfectly leveled and a windscreen has been put in place.
The weather centre is operative with the wind meter on a high pole planted on a nearby dune.
The solar shower has already been working for two days.
The immediate vicinity has been cleared of rubbish left behind by former visitors.
As well as many cow cakes baked hard in the sun.

Meanwhile, no idea where exactly this place is.
And what is its name.

Therefore the software of the D3 Datastorm equipment was accessed where the exact GPS coordinates can be found.
Next, these coordinates were entered into the map form of the Datastorm Users website.
For anybody to know where the Fuso Szulc is right now.

However, according to the GPS coordinates and Google Earth, the Fuso Szulc is right in the Pacific Ocean.
There seems to be a discrepancy between what the GPS system of the Fuso Szulc believes to be the exact location and what in reality is the place where camp has been made.
This could be checked by using Google Earth and zooming in to the exact spot where the Fuso Szulc is and next checking the coordinates.

Only fervent and loyal blog readers are invited to check where the Fuso Szulc is by going to:

Visitors are reminded of the option of zooming in and out.

Fervent and loyal blog readers who happen to have Google Earth may want to go to:

110.44.56 W
23.50.21 N


Monday, July 7, 2008

A shower every day.

Many fervent and loyal blog readers are wondering how a man living in an expedition vehicle washes himself.
Honours his hygiene.
Because we understand that living is on one location for sometimes three weeks at a time.
At locations where are pelicans and a lagoon but no electricity, no mobile phone connection and no fresh water.

Of course the Fuso Szulc is equipped with two fresh water tanks holding approximately 160 litres (45 gallons).
And it is equipped with a comfortable shower and a water heater.
But three weeks in one place would mean to be able to take a daily shower using only 5 litres (1.3 gallons) of water.
That won’t wash the shampoo from the hair.
That’s like only some drops touching the naked body.

A daily shower and cleaning of the body is highly appreciated and considered essential.
It is known of a fellow traveller in a RV that he showers with the exceptional frequency of once a week and this, as he says: “Only when it is necessary”.

There are parts and corners of the body that are not easily visible but that doesn’t mean they are therefore still clean after a use of let’s say two to three days.

Also, there is the phenomenon of smell and odour.
Maybe some of the fervent and loyal blog readers know of the fact that the own smell produced in a toilet room is not noticed while the smell and odour of a user before can be suffocating.
This is the same with not washing every day.
The body develops an odour after a few days, but the producer of this smell doesn’t notice it.
The smell cells in the own nose believe it is the natural state of odourness and alarms when a freshly washed person is met as the one who stinks.

At Punta Boca del Salado every day a shower was allowed in the small house of the Gonzales family.
At Punta Marquez every day washing was in the Pacific Ocean.
But now at the lagoon a solar shower is used.
A high tree has been planted next to the Fuso Szulc and in the morning the solar shower is filled with ocean water.
This black bag is put in the sunshine and absorbs the heat.
When in the late afternoon the running exercise is finished, the solar shower is heaved into the tree and a very comfortable shower with warm water is available.
With a view of the lagoon and the ocean included.

But isn’t it an issue to stand naked there for everyone to see?
There are no walls or any other visual protection.

It is not an issue.
First of all, there is nobody around here for miles and miles.
And if by any chance someone happened to show up, it’s not a problem on this side to be seen naked.

In the past it has been experienced, when showering, that visiting Mexicans feel so embarrassed by what they surprisingly witness that they turn away and flee.
If this is for the body they see or because of their prudishness is an unanswered question yet.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Goodbye. Hello.

A very important day.
Concluding a period of over 28 years.

There was a return yesterday to El Triple.
The location discovered in 1979 on Baja California’s west coast.
A fabulous bay with a sandy beach and a cliff making an excellent camping place.
For many years winters have been spend at El Triple and many images have been made.
The sequences.
The VISTA-pictures.
The conceptual videos.
And over the last 2 years the PS-series.

One reason the recent work is titled the PS-series has been Jeff Knaus from Ross, California, USA.
One day he came to El Triple inspecting and announcing he was the new owner.
Later he has send an e-mail saying this nomadic photographer was not allowed anymore to come and stay on his property.
After consulting his lawyer.
This unjustified demand has been settled amicably later but it was known that one day construction would start at El Triple.
This is why the recent work was called the “PS-series”.
It was known it would become a post scriptum to the many years and many images of El Triple.

And yesterday the moment came that had been expecting.
Right in front of the spot where camp was always made a trailer has been put and an earthmoving machine is bringing civilisation to the natural situation.

For the moment the work has stopped though. The proper permits are missing.

But the feeling at El Triple was not good anymore.
It was not like being in nature as it used to be but on a construction location.

So many months and years at El Triple.
A place so familiar.
So integrated into existence.
So much part of life.
So many memories.

But it has come to an end.

The song Madonna wrote came to mind:

Your heart is not open so I must go
The spell has been broken, I loved you so
Freedom comes when you learn to let go
Creation comes when you learn to say no

You were my lesson I had to learn
I was your fortress you had to burn
Pain is a warning that somethings wrong
I pray to God that it wont be long
Do ya wanna go higher?

Theres nothing left to try
Theres no place left to hide
Theres no greater power
Than the power of good-bye

Learn to say good-bye
I yearn to say good-bye

Saying goodbye is easier when it is not a surprise.
And it is even a relief when something that has been hanging in the air finally falls into its place and one can move on.

This was to the south driving along the coast looking for a new location.

An incredible road in very miserable condition.

Deep potholes.
Steep rocky descends and ascends.
Dry riverbeds to cross with loose and deep sand.

The Fuso Szulc did an excellent job.
Going slow but steady.
Especially its 4x4 system works excellent.

It took 5 hours of quietly driving and negotiating the poor road to reach a location that has been discovered about ten years ago.
It is a Laguna just behind the beach of the Pacific Ocean.
t the time, some months were spend here together with the artist Mayumi Nakazaki.

It is a magical place.
Because it has on one side the ocean.
And on the other side a Laguna with a life of its own.
This offers like two worlds.

One can see the ocean and its waves and pelicans flying by.
And one can see the peace and harmony of the Laguna where many high-legged birds come to feed.

Additional advantages are that the dunes offer protection in case the northwestern winds start blowing.
And this place is more isolated than El Triple.
More far away from civilization.

El Triple has closed its doors.
But it is the Laguna now that offers new, exciting and beautiful opportunities.