Sunday, July 20, 2008

Checking stock

This is day 16 in the spaceship circling Solaris.

More than two weeks away from civilization and more specifically of the supermarket.

How are supplies?
Because a man needs to eat and to drink and survive when far away.

The Fuso Szulc is equipped with two large connected tanks offering about 200 litres (50 gallons) of water.
It is also equipped with the SeeLevel ll Tank Monitor system to know rather in an accurate way how much is in the tanks.
After 16 days the level in the fresh water tanks is at 67 %.
This means that there is fresh water for another 34 days…
Fresh water use is limited.
Only for washing the dishes, the hands a few times a day and for brushing the teeth after each meal.

The Fuso Szulc is also equipped with a large propane tank of 24.2 gallons (92 litres).
The propane is used as a fuel for the large Dometic Classic fridge, set at its max, and for cooking and making tea.
After 16 days 25 % of its capacity has been used.
Over 46 days of propane left…

But the situation with drinking water is different.
The water in the fresh water tanks is not potable.
Not safe for the health.
Therefore 3 large bottles of drinking water have been brought to the lagoon.
They are 19 litres (5 gallons) bottles and after 16 days 2 have been finished.
This means that in probably one week the lack of drinking water will force a return to town.

The same situation inside the fridge.
After 16 days most of the fresh vegetables have been eaten.
There are still some carrots and peppers but they look sad and start to accumulate fungus.
On the other hand, there is still enough tofu that is easier to keep for a longer period of time.
Concerning fruit the mangoes, papayas and melons are all finished.
What are left are apples and oranges.

However, it is not a competition or a record-breaking effort.
To try to stay as long as possible at a location far from everything and everybody.
It could be possible to bring more large bottles of drinking water.
To bring canned and frozen food.
To be able to stay for more than the current three weeks.

But things must not be carried too far.
To get into extremes just for the sake of going there.
Three weeks is fine: there is nothing to prove to nobody.


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