Thursday, July 17, 2008

flying friends singing

While living at El Triple, right next to the ocean, there was the constant sound of the waves breaking on the beach and the rocks of the cliffs.
Sometimes this sound would be so strong that it would disturb sleeping.

At the lagoon it is different.
Because the Fuso Szulc is behind a row of dunes, the sound of the waves of the ocean is dampened and softened.
It is a peaceful background sound.

Of course the lagoon is not making any sound, as it is more of a muddy swamp.
But this makes it an excellent feeding ground for hundreds of birds.
And these birds sing.
Constantly they are making themselves heard.
It seems that their collective conscious is updated constantly through sound.

Sometimes though this constant bird singing, that is one of the most beautiful things one can hear, changes into shrieks of panic.
This means a large bird has arrived who basically has no business showing up above the lagoon except for maybe snatching a small bird for breakfast.
This is a hobby of large birds like a “man of war”, also known as the “frigate bird”.

But once this magnificent bird shows up above the lagoon, some of the largest swamp birds go airborne and always as a pair fly towards the “frigate bird”.
While they are relatively small they attack the huge bird and always manage to chase him away.
The defenders return to the lagoon, peace is restored and the constant chatting of the birds resume.

Meanwhile the production of the new photo book “The PS-series” progresses.
Several fervent and loyal blog readers have edited the text and the birds of the lagoon sing specially for them today.
Now also the cover of the new photo book is ready and fervent and loyal blog readers are kindly offered the opportunity today to have a sneak preview.


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