Monday, July 28, 2008

Must sense rule ?

It is now 24 days that are spent in the solitude and peace of the lagoon and the ocean.
It is a most remarkable time that is more and more enjoyed.

But the supplies have run out some days ago and a trip should be made to La Paz, the nearest town.
There are no more fruits and vegetables.
No more drinking water.

But no initiative is coming to take down the encampment.
Something is holding.
For the moment it is impossible to leave.

It is an almost hypnotic power that forces to stay in spite of the lack of food and water.
It is the strength of the current situation: the peace, the harmony, the serenity, the beauty, the simplicity, the spirituality, and the blissfulness.

The only way to get out is for somebody to arrive and say:
“It is OK, now.
You can come.”

But nobody will come to the rescue...

Somehow a way must be found to balance the power of the current situation to be able to leave.
Not to be overwhelmed and controlled.
To avoid domination.

The power to leave is equal to the power experienced from the situation.
This means that once away from the lagoon and the ocean, inside they are still there.
With their beauty and natural balance.

And if all goes well, after a few days in La Paz, there will be a return to “Estero del Tomate” for another period of contemplation and creativity.

But the thing is to actually do all this.

Two things help.
There are no more sufficient supplies.
And taking down the encampment, packing everything into the Fuso Szulc, can be performed as an exercise of beauty.
To clean and store everything to perfection to have that as a glorious experience.

Sense must rule.


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