Thursday, July 24, 2008

Every shot a hit

This is an important moment.

There is the ambition to start making pictures again for a new series of conceptual images.
But too many things were waiting to be taken care of.
Like the publication of the new photo book “The PS-series”.
And several other things in the shop.

But now most has been settled and shortly after the daily blog has been written and published early in the morning, the operation theatre can be accessed with the camera.

The interesting thing is that the pictures that are made will be only a part of the final image.
Hence, when making the pictures, it is not known yet for what they will serve.

This makes it an extraordinary experience to make pictures because anything could do.
In fact everything that is photographed could potentially be a brick in the wall.
This makes the activity of making pictures return to the days when it all started.
At the age of 6.

At that age father offered as a present a camera and how fascinating this was.
There are still clear memories how in the large garden surrounding the house pictures were made of the trees.
And of the older sister.
There was a tremendous excitement to make pictures and it was about that.
Not about the results, but about the fact of putting a camera in front of the eye and to push a button at the decisive moment.

This fabulous feeling has never left ever.
Each and every time pictures are made there is like an instant sweep back into a state of being 6 years old.

Looking at results therefore is a totally different matter.
When seeing the pictures made it is considered if they express what was the intention.
And most importantly, it is considered if the picture is able to communicate to the audience the message intended.

These days it is one big photographic party.
Because there is a total detachment of looking at results.
For the moment this has no importance at all.
Every picture made is potentially a building block.
So, it doesn’t matter.
Every shot is a hit.


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