Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hurrying hurricanes

This is the exciting season of the hurricanes.

Down south in front of the coast of Mexico and Guatemala high above the warm water of the Pacific Ocean tropical depressions develop.
These depressions move to the northwest and develop sometimes in hurricanes.
They can even reach the peninsula of Baja California bringing strong winds, heavy rain, havoc and destruction.

These days we are dealing with a tropical storm.
This storm is now 200 miles (321 kilometres) from the south tip of Baja California and is bringing rain and thunderstorms to towns like Cabo San Lucas and La Paz.
And clouds with a light wind from the south to the current location of the Fuso Szulc.

But there is nothing to worry.
Storms can only develop into hurricanes when they move over warm ocean water.
And this is where climate change becomes important.
The earth warming up, because of the way we decide to live, makes the ocean water warmer.
Consequently, there are more hurricanes and of stronger power.

For the moment though the ocean water in this area is very cool.
Hence, all tropical depressions and even hurricanes moving northwest along the Mexican coast diminish and die due to the cool waters.

Right now a hurricane has developed near the coast of Guatemala and is coming this way.
In three days Elida should be south of Baja California.
Again bringing rain and thunderstorms.
But the cool waters halt any serious trouble.

For the next two months this pattern will continue.
Tropical depressions develop in the south and come this way.
It is when the ocean here becomes warm that daily checking of the situation is needed.
For this a website is visited daily where one can see where hurricanes are and which direction they are moving.

This is of importance because when a serious hurricane manages to get at the current location, it can be a life-threatening situation.
For sure the heavy rains will inundate the whole area and roads become unsurpassable.
The worst scenario is that the strong winds of a hurricane even turn over the Fuso Szulc.
Hence, one must know when a hurricane is coming to be able to evacuate in time.
To leave the area and find protection in a town like La Paz.

It will take at least six weeks for the ocean to get warm enough in this area to facilitate hurricanes to reach so far north.
Making the level of excitement low for the moment.

So, what is this posting actually about then?


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