Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nothing from heaven

We can be absolutely sure now.
There are no intelligent and sophisticated forms of lives elsewhere in the universe.
No aliens coming to earth to communicate with us.

Why can we be so sure of that?

Imagine aliens manage to come to earth.
They are not going to land in the centre of Mumbai, Tokyo or New York.
The way they look, they will be massacred instantly.

Or becoming an instant star interviewed by Larry King loosing every opportunity to do serious research.
They will become a circus act.

No, fervent and loyal blog readers, when aliens come they will look for exquisite opportunities to meet earthlings in a most quiet and peaceful setting where no threats nor dangers can be expected.
Yes, fervent and loyal blog readers, the location where the Fuso Szulc is these days is such a place.
It is peaceful, no distractions, they can land on the beach and there are no dangers.
But most of all, they have the excellent opportunity to meet one earthling only.
Who is peaceful, not aggressive and who has a wide-open mind.
But most of all, it is an earthling with a public reputation.
Of course he will report on a possible encounter of the third kind.
But who will believe him?
He is in the business of making images that nobody believes are true representations of reality.
Like the “PS-series”.
So, when he reports that aliens came to visit “Estero del Tomate” in Mexico, people will shrug their shoulders and continue their own business.
This guarantees the total security for the aliens, as they will be thought of as a weird fantasy of the person they met.
Conclusion can only be that the proud owner of the Fuso Szulc is the perfect candidate to get a visit of aliens.

However, it has to be reported that over the last 25 days no alien has been knocking on the door of the Fuso Szulc.
The conclusion therefore must be that no life exists on other planets.
If they were there, they would have come.
They didn’t come, so they don’t exist.
It is as simple as that.

The same goes for God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and their friend Maria.
In the past they descended to Earth.
Jesus came about 2000 years ago to Israel.
And the Holy Spirit 9 months before that.

And many fervent and loyal blog readers will remember Bernadette Soubirous (1807-1871).

When she was 14 years old and collecting firewood in the South of France she saw, what she called afterwards, “a small young lady” standing in a niche of a rock.
This turned out to be Maria, the mother of Jesus.

Bernadette Soubirous met Maria 18 times and had conversations with her.
Miss Soubirous was supposed to inform the people they had to pray more.
Nowadays many people go and visit the place where this all happened: Lourdes.

For God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit or even Maria, “Estero del Tomate” where the Fuso Szulc is these days, is the perfect place to make an apparition.
It is very beautiful here and any “small young lady” suddenly appearing will be of course warmly welcomed.
And Maria and her friends are of course free to use the Datastorm Satellite System in the Fuso Szulc at no charge to contact the Pope in Rome and send possible other messages around the world.

But also concerning any religious miracle, the report is that over the last 25 days the only thing coming close to the Holy Spirit was a pelican that flew over the Fuso Szulc really low.
As the Holy Spirit is known for disguising himself as a bird, it might have been him checking out.

In any case, after new supplies will be purchased in La Paz tomorrow, a new period of about 25 days will be spend at “Estero del Tomate”.
So, the Aliens and the Holy Spirits are getting a second chance.

The Fuso Szulc is now ready to go to La Paz.
The encampment is temporarily out of existence.


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