Thursday, July 3, 2008

Becoming beautiful again

This was a long day of witnessing how the Fuso Szulc was treated by Xavier, the spray painter of La Paz.
In high temperatures he worked hard and after one day the four corners are in a beautiful grey color of primer paint.

Tomorrow the serious white paint will be sprayed on the Fuso Szulc after which the expedition vehicle will move to a workplace where they handle springs of trucks.
Because it has been discovered that it is not a faulty shock absorber that makes the Fuso Szulc out of balance.
And hang to one side.
It is one set of springs, supporting the right front tire, that has flattened.
Both set of springs carrying the front axle need to be taken out and the flattened one need to be bended back in the same curve as the other one.

These are things that happen.
A house needs repairs once in a while as well.


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