Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Leaving before the tragedy

Exciting times because tomorrow is the journey to La Paz.
The camp has been dismantled already and most is stored and packed.

One of the things to do in La Paz is to see Xavier who has been painting the Fuso Szulc last year.
The corners of the camper box began to rust seriously and this has been taking care of.
But not in the best possible way.

Therefore Xavier will fix professionally the four corners to restore the Fuso Szulc back into its well known glory.
Treating the rusting corners and priming and painting them white again.

Some months ago the Mexican Government had parasols installed on the beach near the Fuso Szulc’s Punta Boca del Salado’s location.

But the sea is eating away the beach and the parasols are close to tumbling down.

To see a fallen parasol is probably one of the most tragic things to experience.
Hence, timing is perfect.
Leaving before the tragedy.


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Anonymous said...

I wish I were there to see the ocean reclaim the beach from the drivers of vehicles of all kinds! I am so happy for the beach and the ocean!