Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Faulty Fausto

Some days ago a change in the manifestation of nature was noticed.
On the beach live sand crabs and they dig tunnels in the sand as a house.

But very recently they moved away from the beach and came to the hinterland.
To dig their homes behind the sand dunes.

At the same time the hermit crabs could be seen as well.

They also moved away from the Pacific Ocean to find a temporary new habitat in the area behind the dunes.

What was going on?

Responsible for the migration of these animals is Fausto.
A tropical storm 640 miles (1029 km) west of Baja California.

Although this storm is relatively far away, it makes the wind come from the south.

But the strongest effect is that Fausto is responsible for very high waves.
This can be heard.
Yesterday there was a change in the sound of the surf.
It became not so peaceful anymore but heavy and threatening and powerful.

For this the sand crabs and the hermit crabs were running away.
For the ocean that had become too wild.

Another effect of Fausto is that the high and strong waves take away a large part of the beach.
Where the day before was a beautiful wide and comfortable beach, half of it now has been washed away.

It may seem that to stay long time near the ocean and a lagoon is an uneventful experience.
But aren’t we noticing that each day something is happening?


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