Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beautiful words but?

The people in the United States can sleep peacefully again.
Barack Obama has returned home.
Back from his visits to Afghanistan, Iraq, the Middle East and Europe.
Now we know his ambition is to become President of the World.

It has been a long time that a politician has been so popular.
Not only in his home country but abroad as well.
A young US Senator inspiring over 200.000 people to come and listen to him in Germany…

However, if one has studied and learned from history, as soon as a politician gets as popular as Barack Obama, one must get suspicious.
Imagine the monumental expectations he has triggered and is now carrying on his back.

Can he deliver in case he is elected?
Are all those beautiful and sweet words now spoken so eloquently, transformed later in concrete decisions?
And will those decisions make the changes that are needed and promised?

There is a convincing theory that this is in the USA not possible.
The necessary changes can never be achieved.
Promised, yes.
But not enforced.

The reason is that there are pressure groups with enormous influence on the politicians.
The lobby groups.

For example, a politician has no chance whatsoever to be elected if he declares that the Palestinians must stop their attacks on Israel immediately.
And that Israel must stop immediately the illegal building of more settlements on occupied land.
A politician will be banned and boycotted by the Arab and Jewish lobbies right away.
Loosing not only their considerable votes but their financial support as well.

Another example are the gun laws.
Basically anybody in the USA can buy a gun.
There are restrictions but the principle is that an American can buy and have a gun.
This has gotten completely out of hand.
The most sophisticated and deadly hand guns can be bought that will not serve any purpose except for being extremely dangerous in case they are used.
Machine guns, bazookas, and military guns: any gun is available.
This is completely idiotic.
If the principle of a country is that any person must have the option to defend him or herself with a gun, why can somebody buy an M-60 machine gun?

It would be an excellent idea of a US politician to limit the availability of weapons.
For example, only small handguns and only for qualified customers.
All the rest of the war machines banned.
But in the USA is a strong gun lobby.
There have been politicians, like John Kerry, who wished to be elected and went on a hunting trip shooting innocent animals only to demonstrate they were not opposed to guns.
To try to lure the gun lobby on their side.

The same is going on these days concerning the energy crises.
All the politicians are shouting that the USA should become less dependent of foreign oil.
That the oil should come from nature reserves in Alaska.
Or that wind and solar energy should be developed quickly.
But not one politician is talking about changing the way of living.
Saying that an average American is using enormous amounts of energy compared to people in the rest of the world.
Simply by the way the American decides to live.
Even Barack Obama does not have the courage to say that the way most Americans are living and consuming energy now is not only morally intolerable but also impossible to sustain.
The message should be that drastic changes should come into the lives of the Americans.
To simplify their lives and let go of many of their devastating and destructive habits.

How can a politician come to power opposing all those lobbies?
Presenting a real alternative that would result in the people having to simplify their lives?

No way.
It’s impossible.
Barack Obama is charismatic and refreshing.
But after all those disastrous Bush years people are dying to embrace a new leader they can believe in.
However, all the current expectations building up by the day guarantee deep disappointment later.

Therefore, the sweet and well-spoken words of Barack Obama are alluring.
But not more than that.


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