Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A mellow melee

Compared to living next to a lagoon and the ocean, life in a city like La Paz is very hectic, chaotic and absurd.
Especially these days when it is hot in La Paz and people suffer of the intense heat.

The thing is to be focused when coming to town.
Not to get diverted by the one thousand things that fight for attention.

Nevertheless and unavoidably there is distraction and slight confusion anyway.
Not the least because of the conversations with friends.
Although we live in one world, this one world is divided up in as many smaller worlds as there are people.
Therefore meeting a friend and having an intense conversation is like leaving the own world to temporarily visit another world.
A very nice thing to do after the many weeks of solitude and monolatrous devotion.

The return to “Estero del Tomate” is already today.
The Fuso Szulc loaded with a full propane tank, a full water tank and plenty of food and juices.

Meanwhile the problem of the camper box being in an angle has returned and is at its worst.
Driving the bad boondocks backyard dirt roads is simply too punishing for the springs.
Especially the ones on the driver’s side because most weight is there.

Four weeks ago a mechanic shop in La Paz took off the front springs and bent them back in position.
But this has not helped.
The solution is to go to the USA where a company in Santa Ana is specialised in springs for Fuso trucks.
The thing to do is to go to a weight scale and measure how many kilos are on each wheel.
And next to have extra springs mounted on the side that is the most heavy.

Some serious planning has to be made now when to make the trip north.

One of the issues to contemplate about while back in retreat at “Estero del Tomate”.


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