Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Why is she tilting?

What is causing it is unknown yet.
But the Fuso Szulc definitely is not level.
When standing behind the expedition vehicle it can be seen how it is hanging over to the driver’s side.

Something is wrong but it is not deadly or life threatening.

It may be that the shock absorber on the driver’s side of the front wheel is broken.
There is a reason to believe that.
Some months ago a speed reducer built in the road was not noticed in time.
The Fuso Szulc hit it with a speed too high.
A bang could be heard.
At least a very unhealthy noise.
And since then a noise comes from underneath when driving.
Several times the area down under the Fuso Szulc has been visually and manually inspected but nothing has been found.

As soon as a new opportunity becomes available it will be measured if the distance between axle and body is on both sides the same.
If one shock absorber is shorter or not.

In any case, the intention is to change the two front shock absorbers anyway.
To have Billstein shock absorbers installed.
The wonderful Lazy Daze motor home was equipped with Billstein shock absorbers and what a ride that gives !

However, it is not very likely that Billstein shock absorbers are available in La Paz, Mexico.
Hence, this has to wait until the Fuso Szulc returns for service to the USA one day.

Today the job will start to clean the oxidated areas of the camper box of the Fuso Szulc.
Have it primed and spray-painted.
This concerns the four corners.

Also some damage to the bumper will be fixed.
Result of an accident that was reported about some months ago on this blog.

And finally a special metal plate will be mounted on the back of the Fuso Szulc on which a large sticker will be placed saying: EU.
Just next to the South Dakota license plate.
So people know that although the official registration of the expedition vehicle is in the USA, the brave traveller is from Europe.


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