Sunday, July 6, 2008

Goodbye. Hello.

A very important day.
Concluding a period of over 28 years.

There was a return yesterday to El Triple.
The location discovered in 1979 on Baja California’s west coast.
A fabulous bay with a sandy beach and a cliff making an excellent camping place.
For many years winters have been spend at El Triple and many images have been made.
The sequences.
The VISTA-pictures.
The conceptual videos.
And over the last 2 years the PS-series.

One reason the recent work is titled the PS-series has been Jeff Knaus from Ross, California, USA.
One day he came to El Triple inspecting and announcing he was the new owner.
Later he has send an e-mail saying this nomadic photographer was not allowed anymore to come and stay on his property.
After consulting his lawyer.
This unjustified demand has been settled amicably later but it was known that one day construction would start at El Triple.
This is why the recent work was called the “PS-series”.
It was known it would become a post scriptum to the many years and many images of El Triple.

And yesterday the moment came that had been expecting.
Right in front of the spot where camp was always made a trailer has been put and an earthmoving machine is bringing civilisation to the natural situation.

For the moment the work has stopped though. The proper permits are missing.

But the feeling at El Triple was not good anymore.
It was not like being in nature as it used to be but on a construction location.

So many months and years at El Triple.
A place so familiar.
So integrated into existence.
So much part of life.
So many memories.

But it has come to an end.

The song Madonna wrote came to mind:

Your heart is not open so I must go
The spell has been broken, I loved you so
Freedom comes when you learn to let go
Creation comes when you learn to say no

You were my lesson I had to learn
I was your fortress you had to burn
Pain is a warning that somethings wrong
I pray to God that it wont be long
Do ya wanna go higher?

Theres nothing left to try
Theres no place left to hide
Theres no greater power
Than the power of good-bye

Learn to say good-bye
I yearn to say good-bye

Saying goodbye is easier when it is not a surprise.
And it is even a relief when something that has been hanging in the air finally falls into its place and one can move on.

This was to the south driving along the coast looking for a new location.

An incredible road in very miserable condition.

Deep potholes.
Steep rocky descends and ascends.
Dry riverbeds to cross with loose and deep sand.

The Fuso Szulc did an excellent job.
Going slow but steady.
Especially its 4x4 system works excellent.

It took 5 hours of quietly driving and negotiating the poor road to reach a location that has been discovered about ten years ago.
It is a Laguna just behind the beach of the Pacific Ocean.
t the time, some months were spend here together with the artist Mayumi Nakazaki.

It is a magical place.
Because it has on one side the ocean.
And on the other side a Laguna with a life of its own.
This offers like two worlds.

One can see the ocean and its waves and pelicans flying by.
And one can see the peace and harmony of the Laguna where many high-legged birds come to feed.

Additional advantages are that the dunes offer protection in case the northwestern winds start blowing.
And this place is more isolated than El Triple.
More far away from civilization.

El Triple has closed its doors.
But it is the Laguna now that offers new, exciting and beautiful opportunities.


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