Sunday, July 13, 2008

A beautiful visit

There will be not too many places in this world that an expedition vehicle can reach, where it is beautiful and where nobody hardly ever comes.
The current location is one of those rare places and every day it is realized how unique it is.

For seven days nobody was seen and the world seemed to exist only of beautiful nature and the news from Internet and XM radio.

But then yesterday suddenly the sound was heard of an old pick up truck coming to the encampment.
While that moment an intensive business conversation was taking place through SKYPE with the marketing manager Karin Schmidt of the project “The most beautiful people in the world”.
Proving the point once more that things never happen as isolated events.

The phone conversation was interrupted and outside a most friendly man was met who had come to greet the temporary settler.
A man with a bright and honest smile and an incredible aura of friendliness.
In his old pick-up truck were seven more persons.
His father, three of his daughters and two children from another family.

The name of the cordial man was Felipe and he belongs to the family of the nearest rancho.
Called Tepetate.
It is their cows and horses that can be seen sometimes near the lagoon.
Probably all the land that can be seen from the encampment belongs to Felipe and his family.

While there was a conversation with Felipe, his father walked towards the lagoon to check on his cattle.
This is because although the water of the lagoon is salty, cows do drink it.
For this they go into the lagoon and sometimes sink into the mud.
Sometimes rather deep.
Unable to get out, they die.

Felipe had come to fish.
And as Mexicans do, they take the whole family with them.
Except his wife who remained at the rancho.

He drove away to a spot where he could come with his truck closer to the beach to try as a cattleman his fisherman’s luck.

Some time later he returned to the Fuso Szulc to pick up his father who had been roaming around the large lagoon.
But he could not be seen.
He was missing.
We all mounted a dune and Felipe used the Fuso Szulc binoculars to spot his Dad.
The old man seemed to have disappeared.

Hence, it was agreed with Felipe that when the father was seen, he would be invited to sit in the comfortable chair next to the Fuso Szulc, to have a cup of tea or maybe a fruit juice and to be picked up by his son later.

An hour later Felipe drove up to the settlement for the third time only to inform that the father had been found.
He had been walking along the beach to the spot where the fishing had been going on.
And out of politeness Felipe came to bring the good news.

It has been agreed with Felipe to visit his farm.
When supplies are finished and a trip has to be made to La Paz, the Rancho Tepetate is on the way.
With great pleasure the vow made of “Mi casa es su casa” will be honoured.

What is impressing of meeting Felipe and his family is the warmth and friendliness of them.
Like the Gonzales family always demonstrate at their rancho at Punta Boca del Salado.
Immediately there is a kind of togetherness.
The fact that a visitor chooses to stay on their land for a while is considered an honour and an exciting event.
Rural Mexicans are used to live in a community consisting of an extended family plus acquaintances and friends.
Highly socially skilled, with hardly an ego that is looking to satisfy personal interests.
The only interest above everything is the others.
And that includes the neighbour too.

It is not just a matter of camping near a lagoon and the ocean in Mexico.
And nothing more.
To the contrary.
To be here for a longer period of time results in things that one by one come from that situation.
Experiences that influence to enrich the process of inner growing.


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