Friday, July 11, 2008

Habitat adapting

Although all possible openings are masked with tape, flies still manage to somehow get inside the Fuso Szulc.
This is of course very puzzling.
How they do that?

Another question raised by their unstoppable desire to get inside is why.
Why on earth they so desperately need to pay a visit?
What is inside the Fuso Szulc that motivates them so strongly?
Many of the flies try to go outside once they are inside, so what is all this nonsense about?

Somehow flies lack communication.
The ones inside are unable to radio the ones outside that it all makes no sense.

And flies are not that smart.
They know how to get in but do not remember where the entrance was to use as an exit.

Besides, inside they see these flycatchers now covered with dead flies.
And on the floor usually are the ones killed with the deadly fly swapper.
But nevertheless, they fly around like it is a party and a good place to meet and eat.

However, once it was realised that it is impossible to seal off the Fuso Szulc to have no more flies visiting and bothering, a new strategy was applied.

What the flies didn’t know was that the Fuso Szulc is carrying an anti-fly house.

This smart structure has been erected yesterday and the idea is to sit in there, work on the computer and laugh about all those flies seeing now the unreachable target.

The question is if this plague of flies is planned to last the whole summer or that it is just a matter of days.
There might be a connection between the flies and the lagoon.
That these are their breeding grounds.
But then, the water of the lagoon is salty and not a likely home for eggs of flies.
Explaining why there are no mosquitoes here.

For the moment it is all a matter of learning to live with what nature presents.
To adapt to the habitat.


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