Saturday, October 31, 2009

Flower beauty

There is this friend with an impressive physique and a business imperium who doesn't like to have flowers in his house.
For him, putting flowers in the house, is only looking at things dying.

But then there is the "Queen of dreams".

She puts flowers frequently in the living quarters of her palace.

She says:
"Flowers are so beautiful.
They radiate so many colors and beauty.
I love flowers.
I have them in my home when I feel myself linked to the beauty inside myself.
Then I have flowers, otherwise not".

And she has a suggestion to make.
"Pick a flower today"

And the pioneering photographer tips
"Put that flower in your home and feel beautiful".


Friday, October 30, 2009

Somebody urinating

A family wagon parked close to the Fuso Szulc at Punta Boca del Salado, Baja California, Mexico.
Out came three elderly couples.
They went to the beach for shell hunting.
This was observed while inside the Fuso Szulc working hard on a Keynote presentation soon to give in Europe.

After a while the visitors had enough of being on the windy beach and returned to the family wagon.
Next, something intriguing happened.
The three men were ordered by the women to stand away from the family wagon with their backs to it.
Two women went to sit inside the family wagon and the third prepared to squat down next to it for a leak.

Because of the location of the Fuso Szulc, the view from there was a total one.
The men could be seen standing there like naughty boys being punished.
But also the woman preparing to relief herself was in full view.

The pioneering photographer is not a Balinese princes like the "Queen of dreams" happens to be, but nevertheless, he had a decent upbringing.
It is understandable the men were asked to turn their back to the sanitary activity but what when involuntarily the action is seen?
Is it then a demonstration of decency to sit in the Fuso Szulc and turn the head towards the other side to focus on nothing as long as it takes for the urine to splash down?

Or maybe call from the Fuso Szulc?
To yell to the party to make them aware of the painful and embarrassing presence so a re-arrangement of location of the woman in need is made?

But eventually the thought took hold that if they didn't know somebody was involuntarily witnessing the scene, there was in fact no problem.
As long as no joke was played, like leaving noisily the Fuso Szulc right in the middle of the woman's waterfalling.
To have a devilishly pleasure of creating and seeing total embarrassment.
No, best not to say anything and leave those people living their lives the way they want to.

But then what about looking?
Obviously the event was a good subject for the next day's posting on this blog.
As we all know, everything is done to present the fervent and loyal blog readers every day an exciting, thought provoking, amusing and fascinating story.
And here was one!
For the benefit and as a service to the fervent and loyal blog readers, the whole sequence of the event had to be witnessed.
Yes, this woman creating a local tsunami on the beach was seen for your benefit.
Personally, there is no interest whatsoever to see a woman squatting and spraying.
If it had been for the pioneering photographer, he would have continued to work on his Keynote presentation.
But there are the fervent and loyal blog readers to think of.

So down went the pants, the white underpants and close to the family wagon the squatting position was presented.
Close to the car to avoid also the strong whirling wind to wet the legs.
It took a while indeed to relieve indicating how high the urgency had been.
It had been a full one.

Then something happened a man will never do.
She had a white paper handkerchief and wiped her vagina clean and dry.
A man urinates and when he is done, he simply returns the thing where it is lodged.
No paper handkerchiefs, no cleaning, no drying.
No squatting either having drops land on trouser-legs and shoes.
The dirty pigs.

After the urgency had been lifted a most charming action could be observed.
The woman buried the handkerchief and covered the wet spot with sand.

It was then that the men were called they could return to the party.
Not knowing what we know.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

An important message


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Feelings from a rock

Recently a posting was published claiming life is shit.
And two reasons were moved to the front to justify this harsh opinion.

But then many readers responded and in ways that this feeling and opinion that life is shit collapsed quickly and transformed into the usual wave of happiness that is most of the time surfed on.

Conclusion: it really pays off to express widely and publicly any disturbing emotions.
Helping hands around everywhere lifting the demoralized spirit out of the pit effectively and in no time.

Take the "Queen of dreams", who is the dream of kings and queens.
She responded by saying:

"Why suddenly life is shit?
Never life is shit or fantastic.
You judge and earmark it as shit or fantastic:
while life just is.

Only melancholic minds that are sensitive have the tendency to see immediately the whole life as shit once something small goes different as expected or hoped.
This explains the extreme highs and lows in the lives of the sensitive people among us.
I say to you: just let yourself be carried by the stream of life without being judgmental.
Because that only blocks your energy."

Words of a wise person.

But then, if life just is, are we not allowed to have feelings?
Is it no good or unacceptable or amateurish to sometimes think and feel that life is shit?
Like yesterday during the post-siesta walk on the beach along the Sea of Cortez.
Two young women were met who were bathing.
One was voluptuous and shabby.
But the other one, in the tiniest bikini close to creating an international scandal, was of an extreme beauty.
And a natural air of being, free and simple, in spite of the cotton saving dressing.
These two women were lesbians as they were seen kissing.
For the voluptuous and shabby one that is fine, but for the other one, is it then not logic to think for 5 minutes life is shit?

Hell, when it is appropriate to feel something, why not feel it?
To go into the experience and to come out?
Does that make the protagonist a melancholic mind who is sensitive?

Not if the person is build on a rock.
IS a rock.
That sometimes get wet.
That sometimes get warm.
And when it gets wet, it IS wet.
And when it gets warm, it IS warm.
Until it gets dry.
Until it gets cool.
The experience is had and the rock has not changed.

Therefore, it is OK to get wet.
And best is then to feel wet 100 %.
But, and this is vital, experienced while being a rock.
The wetness comes and goes.
And you stay.

This is exactly what happened recently with this caprice of believing life is shit.
Certain events triggered this feeling and instead of pushing it away as inappropriate feelings only for melancholic too sensitive minds, it was fully embraced.
The experience was accepted and lived through.
Enriching life, amusing it and an opportunity to share with other people.
While remaining a rock.
Without the feeling becoming the control tower of the movements in life.
It was just a plane flying by.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Life as a casino

Sometimes it is not necessary or even possible for fervent and loyal blog readers to know everything.
Like to learn why the pioneering photographer was once lodged in the Hilton Hotel on the beautiful Caribbean island of Curacao.
Just accept this fact and forget about the why.

Having us come that far, on the table of the spacious room of the Hilton Curacao was a brochure and a cheque of a $ 100.
The brochure was about the casino that was in the basement of the hotel.
And the cheque could be changed at the cashier of the casino for plastic coins to play roulette or blackjack.
To go down to the basement, enter the casino, change the cheque and gamble?
Yes, no doubt.
What to loose?
Hence, when time was available, a visit was made to the casino.
With the cheque in the pocket.

First, a tour was made in the casino.
To see how people were pulling the handles of the one arm bandits.
How they were playing blackjack.
Huddled around the roulette table.

And seeing all those activities and feeling the intensity of the players, the decision was quickly made to leave the place.
Without even cashing the cheque to give gambling a try.
Gambling is not in the blood.
If it makes people happy, fine for them.
But personally gambling is an activity that makes no sense, has no interest and doesn't appeal.
It is seen as a waste of time and money.

In real life, the one outside the casino, making choices sometimes resemble gambling.
But at least those choices can be made from intuition within a social and business context.
And never a choice made in real life can be wrong.
With the right attitude and choosing with sincerity and full conscious directly from the heart, every choice is the best one.
Which cannot be said of gambling in the casino.
You go in, spend $ 500 and how do you come out?
Wiser, better, happier, richer?
If so, gamble on!
If not, stay on this side.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Selling the soul

Writing a blog as successful as this one gives a lot of satisfaction and joy.
It also results in receiving all kinds of responses.
Often readers are inspired by a posting and send a personal message with their point of view.
Or advices, recommendations, solutions and tips.
The hate mail during the Bush disaster has stopped of course.
One wrong word about him guaranteed e-mails reminding the blogwriter he was an asshole and more.
Now the messages received are of sweet, participating and encouraging fervent and loyal readers.

And then recently a most friendly lady wrote an e-mail.
Asking if it was possible to publish a text on the blog that she would supply.
What a weird proposal!
More communication revealed the text was going to be about the promotion of online gaming.
And the publication of this text would result in a financial reward.

Open to everything in life, why not go this way?
See what kind of text the online gaming company would come up with?

The financial side was quickly settled.
Although it was a joke.
An amount of € 18 = $ 27 was Paypalled.

A copywriter was assigned by the online gaming promotion company to write a text that would fit in this blog.
And read now for yourself to find out how a copywriter imitates this blogwriter:

How traveling photographers can fill their spare time with online gaming

There is no doubt that being a traveling photographer can be a very exciting experience. It doesn’t matter if you are doing it professionally, or are just taking pictures of your family vacation. It is a fantastic experience. However, like most things, there are a few issues that need to be addressed.
Due to the nature of being a traveling photographer, there is a lot of downtime that needs to be filled. You could be waiting at the airport for a connecting flight, in the back of a bus traveling to your destination, or at your hotel waiting for the day to begin. It doesn’t matter what the circumstance is, these situations can get boring.
It is becoming more and more common to see traveling photographers gaming online while they try and get through these situations. But now, you see them playing online blackjack or even at roulette
This has been made possible be recent technological advancements that have made Internet and wifi connections on laptop computers reliable enough that you can safely take part in online gaming wherever in the world. In the past, you may have been able to bet intermittent Internet connections with really slow speed, but it wasn’t really enough to take advantage of all the online gaming opportunities available. But now, there are no issues with logging on anywhere and playing a few rounds of blackjack or taking a spin at the slots.
And if you really think about it, online gaming is the perfect pastime in these situations. It is really exciting, you can win some money and you can play on your own schedule. Do you have just 5 minutes to kill? You can play a few rounds of video slots. Have a few hours? You could play some blackjack or even poker. It doesn’t matter. You are in total control.
Next time you are traveling and taking pictures and have some downtime, consider using online gaming as a way to fill the extra time you have. Once you try it, you will be hooked!

Of course in this text the points of views and opinions of the real blogwriter are not reflected at all.
On line gaming is an activity everybody is free to exercise and good luck is wished to the ones who, according to the imitator, "try it and get hooked".
The real blogwriter is not interested in online gaming as an activity.
For the reasons why, fervent and loyal blog readers will read tomorrow's posting.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Floating for freedom

Well, ironically then.
One of the dogs was biting the comfortable chair to pieces.
And more of those things happening these days.
Life is shit suddenly.
From heights to depths.
Not worth living it lustfully but more like sitting in a waiting room boring it out.

These damned spirals in life.
They either go up high in the sky.
Or they go down to where hell is.

And only because openness is available.
No walls around the life so that many things can happen and many people can enter.

Like Torrit, the dog.
The only canine of Alfredo Gonzales that is not tied up to suffer in the shadow of a tree.
This dog Torrit comes to visit the Fuso Szulc and likes to join when a walk is made.
He gets fresh water, dog crackers and a tin of dog food a day.
Until this morning after his breakfast he tore the expensive and comfy chair to pieces.
Torrit was chased away getting stones flying around his head as a goodbye gift and his party at the Fuso Szulc is definitely over.
Now sitting and reading outside has to be improvised as the Camping World chair is professionally and animalistically destroyed.

And that is only what the dog has done to life recently to make it miserable.
Torrit was joined by a human being.
Someone was allowed to come inside and communicate on the most delicate levels of intimacy.
In a two way vice versa extravaganza of revealing secrets and being totally open and honest.
And then that comfy chair was bitten to pieces as well.

Only thing to do is to focus on being totally in the moment.
To forget about the past and about the future.
However, to be upscale upset about the dog and the person is not helpful to achieve this.

A good friend said: take your time and moderate the negative experiences.
Wise words.

Like every morning, before the wind picks up, a walk is made to a part of the beach where nobody is.
A 20 minutes walk from the Fuso Szulc along the shoreline.
There all clothes are taken off and a dive is made into the Sea of Cortez to swim away.
Away from the land and the dogs and the women.
To eventually float on the back in the salt water moving slowly up and down by the waves.
Feeling total relaxation.
Free of broken chairs and hearts.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Take your weapons of mass destruction home

It is a fact that hardly ever is discussed.
That is kept out of the limelight to not have it become a topic of discussion.
While this fact is threatening the lives of millions of people who are in constant mortal danger.

What is this fact?

The United States is keeping nuclear weapons in Europe.
In Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and the United Kingdom, closely guarded by their own troops, on their own airbases, the United States are keeping 480 nuclear bombs.

This makes the United States the only nuclear power that continues to deploy nuclear weapons outside its own territory.
These 480 nuclear bombs are kept in Europe to have them for possible use against Russia or the Middle East including Iran and Syria.

It is an absolute unacceptable situation but because in Europe nobody ever talks about it, it is not becoming a general public discussion.
That can force the European Governments and the European Union to instruct the United States to take their nuclear bombs home.

It is a ridiculous situation.
Imagine other countries would have airbases of their own in the United States?
Where they would keep nuclear bombs and their own bomber jets?
Their own military personnel.
Just outside from Detroit a large airbase with German soldiers, German airplanes and German nuclear bombs?
Because you never know what Mexico might do.
This sounds as totally absurd from the perspective of an American.
It is exactly the same for the presence of American troops with nuclear weapons in full autonomy in Europe for a European.

Of course there is a history why there are American airbases in Europe.
However, that history goes back over 60 years and the reasons that were convincing in those days have lost any sense these days.

Fortunately, something remarkable has happened recently.
In Germany , general elections have been taking place last month.
As a result, a new German coalition government has been formed consisting of the Christian Democrats and the Free Democrats.
Foreign Minister is Guido Westerwelle who has immediately called for a total withdrawal of American nuclear weapons from Europe.

Guido Westerwelle

That demand may come at a good moment because U.S. President Barack Obama said in April the United States would take concrete steps toward a world without nuclear missiles, although it would maintain a safe and effective arsenal to deter any adversary.
Now discussions are going to take place between the different European countries to come to a consensus.
To start negotiating, with one voice, with the US government demanding immediate removal of these weapons of mass destruction.

Americans are very welcome in Europe.
For business and tourism.
But not as soldiers with nuclear bombs.
Just like in the United States.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Sleeping in freedom

You go to bed knowing that you can wake up when you want.
Often described as the "Sunday feeling".
A version of freedom.

This is part of the Fuso Szulc philosophy.
To be highly creative and productive.
To work hard and seriously.
But to wake up naturally.
No alarm clock.
No commitments.
No appointments or deadlines.

Able to sleep as long as nature thinks is appropriate, is one of the most beautiful and enjoyed aspects of the life.
Every night the horizontal position is taken while the mind enjoys deeply the prospect that sleep is allowed for as long as it prefers.

An innocent fervent and loyal blog reader may think that this approach results in sleeping till ten or eleven in the morning.
This is very much besides the truth.
In fact, the body decides to stop sleeping when the first light of the day appears.
It is the sun rising that is initiating life again.

Even when the night before sleeping has start very, very late, nevertheless the body always wakes at sunrise.
It could sleep longer: that is the freedom that has been created.
But somehow it doesn't want to.

This is probably because life is experienced as something very exciting.
Every time with total enthusiasm and high eagerness the day is begun.
There is a tremendous lust for life.
Every night when it is time to sleep it is realized what a wonderful things there will be to do the next day.
Hence, no time is going to be wasted sleeping many hours while the sun is up and all those wonderful things could be experienced and great things accomplished.

Something to be aware of is that this is not an enforced lifestyle.
Or a self taught discipline.
No, to the contrary.
It is the natural way life likes to be lived.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

No prestigious pretensions please

Visiting a family living on a farm in Mexico and spending a long time with them has many aspects.
One most important one is that each party has a set of moral standards.
When most match a harmonious living together exists.

They actually do, the matching of moral standards.
In may ways the thinking about the things of life by the Gonzales family and the visitor are similar.
In synchro are the ideas about what is right or what is wrong.
Of every detail of life.

There is one major exception though.
There is unity in thinking about how to be vis a vis other human beings.
But an important discrepancy about how to be vis a vis animals.

And this is paramount.
Every day there is interaction with animals at a ranch.
Very visible and present.
Interaction with horses and mules.
With cows.
With goats.
With the dogs.
With the cat.
With the pigs.
With the chicken and roosters.

And the way the animals are treated is not like the standards of the visitor.
For the Gonzales it is the normal way.
While for the visitor it is animal cruelty.
Hence, a clash of standards.

Basically, a visitor can do only one thing when in a situation where no harmony is found in moral standards.
Because to try to change the people that are visited, who opened the doors and the arms, to try to have them accept different standards, is not polite and in any case, a megalomanic illusion.
A prestigious pretension.

Probably the animals would not agree with this point of view but unfortunately in matters like this, they have no voice.

Hence, a visitor can only observe the attitude towards animals and either accept it or go somewhere else.

However, the friendship with the Gonzales is very much alive for over 25 years.
That means there is a high level of flexibility and acceptance.
Room for expressing own points of view and possible different standards.
Like attitudes towards animals.

Therefore, no restrictions are self imposed to inform the Gonzales how appalling the treatment of the animals is felt.
It is clearly expressed.
In detail.
(On behalf of the suffering animals)

But in a good atmosphere.
Without accusing.
Without putting blame and creating guilt.
Treating the subject with humor.
Light and easy.
In a way that it won't matter if they do not have understanding or possibly do not accept the opposing standards that are kindly presented.

Within this context of the issue of treating animals no examples are presented on this blog about how exactly the animals suffer.
That would be disrespectful towards the Gonzales family.
And make a possible change hardly possible.

Now they are made to think about how they handle their animals.
And they may be inspired and come to different conclusions benefiting the animals.

But if the visitor talks to the Gonzales and next informs the rest of the world, the position of the visitor towards the family becomes corrupted.
To the disadvantage of the horse, the mule, the cow, the goat, the chicken, the rooster, the pig, the dog and the cat.
And are fervent and loyal blog readers anxiously waiting to learn details about animal cruelty?
Let us remain in harmony.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Battered hardly

The storm is over.
In the end it moved that far south of the peninsula that its impact was moderate.
There was rain for over 24 hours but not pouring.
And only in the night strong winds but no tree had to worry about them.

So, what was originally announced as a hurricane of the highest category and the second strongest ever, weakened tremendously into simply some cloudy, windy and rainy weather.
The Fuso Szulc bravely even remained in the dry river bed where never flowing rainwater was seen.

Nevertheless, these hurricanes and storms have to be taken seriously.
They are like a ticket in a life and death lottery.
A depression can weaken but also can get stronger.
It can bring hard needed rainwater or it can bring destruction.
One must be very on the alert and watch the progress of these depressions closely.
Better to be serious about them than frivolous.
Like this guy in San José del Cabo, the nearest town.
He went swimming in the Sea of Cortez liking the huge waves a lot.
His funeral is next week.

Now everything is settled to enjoy a beautiful four weeks at Punta Boca del Salado, Baja California, Mexico.
With the Gonzales family.
Having peace, harmony and time to prepare precisely the coming European tour.
And the launching and PR of the new book "Sequences: the ultimate selection".

The sun is shining again.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Battered badly

People in the southern part of Baja California are afraid.
Because one of the strongest hurricanes ever is on its way.
Likely to hit land on wednesday.
If so, it will bring heavy rainfall and strong winds.
But most of all it will bring destruction.
And that costs money.
Catapulting welfare back into badfare.

For the moment the Fuso Szulc is parked in the dry river bed near the rancho of the Gonzales family.
The Sea of Cortez has huge waves that manage to go beyond the beach.
A large laguna has formed.
Soon the Fuso Szulc must move to higher grounds.

On wednesday the hurricane is expected.
Together with the Gonzales family, we will relocate to a place offering the most protection.
And see what happens.
But it is a 50/50 situation.
If the hurricane really hits, impossible not to suffer damage.
It's destiny now.

If postings fail in the coming days, it is because of this hurricane.
Remain stand-by for learning eventually of possible survival.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Per se praise

The day starts with one hour of swimming in the warm water of the large swimming pool.
Exactly as the day had ended the day before.
It has become almost like an experiment.
How many hours a day of exercising, in this case swimming, until the body indicates that it is tired and needs rest?
An hour in the morning and an hour in the evening has no results.
Energy levels are not affected.
As of today therefore 40 minutes of running will be added to the exercise program.
See what happens.
If the limit where tiredness or exhaustion begins can be reached.

Meanwhile the first photo critic has written a piece on the new book "Sequences: the ultimate selection".

An authority in the Netherlands and beyond, Mr. Rommert Boonstra says that the sequences are one of the seven world wonders in photography.
That sequences are about nothing and everything.
That they storm heaven without leaving earth.
That they connect in a harmonious way the minimal and the eternal.
Sequences, according to Mr. Boonstra, are a monument for the good life.

They come close to the unbelievable, he writes.
And he makes a very correct assessment: sequences are not conceptual.
Because conceptual is an image illustrating a philosophical idea.
But with sequences image and idea join and unite in an exuberant way.
Mr. Boonstra's conclusion is that the sequences return to life the secrets that modern existence has desperately tried to vanish from us.

An artist can only dream to have such a criticism about the work made public.
At the same time it gives a feeling of justification: that another person manages to truly and deeply understand the work.

But does the publication of such a text by a critic have any influence on the person?
Does it make feel proud and better?
Or does it improve the self esteem?

It turns out that it is not hard at all to remain in today's reality.
To have the personality not affected by what a critic writes about the work.
Because the focus is fully on the here and now.
Like today: the journey will be made from La Paz to the rancho of the Gonzales family.
That event fulfills fully the feeling and thinking.
And is the only thing important that really matters.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Together too long

A sad thing to see is a couple together too long.
They have adjusted to each other in such a way that awareness of even presence of the partner is hardly noticed.
And loving and fighting have become empty actions.
Every emotion and expression lands on dried sand instead of in the other's heart.

These rather depressing thoughts came to mind while in the middle of the struggle to get the Hughes Motosat internet system working.
This time it took two days to eventually access the internet.
Two days together with Hans trying anything possible to get the system working.

And by now, countless are the times the Hughes Motosat internet system broke down.
Countless are the hours and the days spent to try to fix things.

Consequently, it is like a couple together too long.
Nothing that happens can create anymore excitement or any other emotion.
It is all dead.
Except for a feeling of disappointment.
For having to deal with a totally flawed product without having an alternative.


Friday, October 16, 2009

A personal message for you

This morning a personal message of the photographer himself arrived in the offices of the Fuso Szulc.
We were requested to transfer it to the fervent and loyal blog readers.
Therefore the report of the visit of the CCC( the copulation center for coconuts) that took place yesterday will have to wait for publication on this blog for some other time.
This is what the photographer believes he has to tell you:

Dear fervent and loyal blog reader,

I am delighted to write you informing that next month my new photo book "Sequences: the ultimate selection" will be published.
On November 29, 2009 the first copy of this book will be presented by Voetnoot Publishers at an exhibition of vintage and new sequences in Galerie Baudelaire in Antwerp, Belgium and I will attend.
You will soon receive an invitation for this event.

"Sequences: the ultimate selection" is a large and voluminous photo book.
It is 1.2 inches high and has a size of 8 x 13 inches with a hard cover.
In this photo book of 238 pages , 125 sequences are published
That's over 500 images.
Many of the sequences in "Sequences: the ultimate selection" have never been published before: over 30 of the 125 sequences.

I am happy to inform you that Voetnoot Publishers has a special offer for "Sequences: the ultimate selection".
You can reserve and order a copy of this unique book today.
And then "Sequences: the ultimate selection" photo book will be shipped to your home free of charge.

This way you are guaranteed to have a copy of "Sequences: the ultimate selection".
My former books with sequences are all sold out.
And remember, this offer includes free shipping!

Here are the instructions how to purchase "Sequences: the ultimate selection".
Transfer an amount of € 75 (Euros) or US$ 115 to IBAN account number BE78320002174486 in the name of Stichting Voetnoot, Sint-Paulusstraat 41, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium.
The BIC-code/Swiftaddress of the bank is: BBRUBEBB.
Indicate on your transfer to which address you like to have the photo book shipped.
You will receive "Sequences: the ultimate selection" in early December: just in time to make it a beautiful Christmas gift.

Besides the regular photo book "Sequences: the ultimate selection", an "Art-edition"will be published in a limited edition of 150 copies.
This exclusive and deluxe photo book is numbered and signed by the artist.
It also contains an original, high quality, numbered and signed sequence.
If you are interested to purchase the "Art-edition" of "Sequences: the ultimate selection", you need to transfer an amount of € 150 (Euros) or US$ 225.
It will also be delivered to you early December at no extra shipping costs.

This special offer, free shipping on the photo book "Sequences: the ultimate selection" and on the "Art-edition", is active until December 1, 2009.

In case you have any questions, Ms. Anneke Pijnappel of Voetnoot Publishers will be happy to receive your call from the USA at 011.
From other countries: international access code and next
Or send an e-mail to Ms. Pijnappel at:

Kind regards,

Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski


Thursday, October 15, 2009

To be or to wait

Waiting is losing control of your life.
Something or someone else deciding what when happens.

That can make a person feel frustrated.
Like jailed.

But is that justified?

These days a HN7000S modem for the broken Fuso Szulc Datastorm Motosat satellite system is on its way.
Purchased last Friday, the selling company in Calisco, Mexico promised to send it by airplane so that the HN7000S modem would arrive last monday.
We are thursday now and no HN7000S modem has arrived in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.
The selling company was contacted to ask what happened.
To hear it was not send by airplane to La Paz.
It was send all the way to Tijuana, at the US border with San Diego, 1.500 km away from La Paz.
And now the HN7000S modem is in a delivery van slowly driving from Tijuana to La Paz.
Stopping so that the driver can have his night's sleep.
Stopping in every town on the way to deliver parcels.
Probably the HN7000S can be installed tomorrow friday.
When the delivery van has no flat tire.

Until now, one week of waiting in spite of all the promises.
An exercise in feeling frustrated and upset or to feel flowing in a beautiful river.
To fight life or to accept life.
To oppose the situation and feel stuck or to accept and see how to use the waiting time in the best way.

Recently, over a sushi lunch, good friend Hans Krakaur said that life is making decisions.
To not have things happen to you and tolerate that they control you.
Hans claims that we can decide how we feel about what happens in our lives.

This interesting theory can be applied to the current situation.
There is the choice to feel frustrated or not.
However, that means that the person in this situation must be able not to be carried away by the emotion.
Once the emotion overwhelms, it controls and steers.
Being in the commotion, turbulence and energy of the emotion, no way a person can move into a position of decision.
To decide to feel frustrated or not.

Hence, step one: relax.
If an emotion comes up: let it come.
And then: let it go.

Step two: decide.
Most of the time the best is to accept the situation and go for alternative activities.
But sometimes we need to put pressure on the source of the one trying to frustrate.

In both cases to be relaxed and peaceful is the most effective.
Alternative activities can be found easily when at peace with the situation.
Effective correction of naughty people works better too when calm and wise.

Today is another day of waiting for the HN7000S modem to come.
But the decision is that the situation is not one of waiting.
The HN7000S is on its way all right but now and here other activities are employed that are interesting, beautiful, fulfilling and positive.
The HN7000S modem has moved to the background.
More relevant things are in the forefront.

Hence, there is no waiting.
It vanished.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Unable to be unhappy

It is not easy to admit to have failed.
Especially, when the failing was very dramatic.

As many fervent and loyal blog readers will remember, yesterday it was announced that two days of unhappiness were going to be performed.
And already the first day was completely disastrous.
There were the usual feelings of happiness and optimism and joy of life that were impossible to replace by feelings of unhappiness.

Maybe it was because of the daily swimming in the large pool of the trailer park.
Not only is this seriously boosting the libido and making the body feel as if it is housed inside Arnold Schwarzenegger, it also results in feeling elated.
An almost unreal sensation of joy and bliss, but this after minimum 45 minutes intensive swimming.

Maybe it was because of seeing Alma again.
A long time friend who lives in La Paz surrounded warmly and affectionately by her four children.
Alma is going to start a Reiki massage centre in January 2010 in La Paz.
It will be a fabulous place with peaceful and harmonious interior designing.
Soft music, candles, incense.
And specialty will be Reiki by two experts.
Four hands massage.

It is great to be with Alma now because she is so optimistic, full of life and plans and at the threshold of a new major period in her life.
One of the challenging issues opening the new Reiki place is to find an appropriate name for it.
A name that appeals.
That can be understood by the local population and by the visiting foreigners.
The suggestion was made: "Alma Cares"

Alma was informed about the plan to be unhappy for two days.
She said she noticed no problem that it was not very successful.
She said she saw the usual happy and life-lust man with her again.

And so it also went seeing Gaby and Xavier.
A top time with lots of laughing and warm sharing.
Not one moment of unhappiness.

And then, as a climax, an issue that needed to find a solution with the "Queen of Dreams" found the perfect answer opening the way for a journey that will be made together to Spain in December.

So, are you going to try to be unhappy today then?

What a stupid question.


Because obviously yesterday has demonstrated it simply is not possible.


Because it is not in the nature of the person, dummy.


Well, because that's the way a person is born.


Probably of chromosomes and specific DNA.


That's how we are made.


Oh, shut up.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Unhappy for two days

Now it is tropical storm Patricia coming to La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.
Tomorrow it will slash its heavy rains and 90 kmh winds on La Paz and Cabo San Lucas and the whole south of the peninsula.

This has been a wet summer in Baja California.

One big hurricane.
Several tropical storms.
And many thunderstorms.
Dumping tremendous amounts of water on the land.

This can be seen.
What usually is a desert, are now green fields.
Trees and bushes full of leaves.
Plants everywhere with flowers.
Grass growing on the sand.
Baja California has changed from an arid area into a garden.

How wonderful !
Two days of heavy rains and next, weeks and weeks of green nature surrounding the people.

In the meantime it has been decided to be unhappy today.
And maybe tomorrow too.

The usual emotional state of being is of happiness, contentment, bliss and positivism.
To feel like that constantly is a privilege and wonderful.
But now the experiment is made to see if it can be even intensified by being two days very unhappy.
Because after those two days, returning to happiness, bliss, contentment and positivism, it will be experienced as feeling super the super for returning to this elated state so well known.
Like coming emotionally home.
After a two days journey into unhappiness.

Is this is a sudden idea?
An impulse?
To decide to be unhappy for two days?

Something has happened that give reasons to be unhappy.

Oh, really?
Tell us, pioneering photographer!
Did something else break down in your Fuso Szulc maybe?

Are you crazy?
To imagine that technical failures can make a human being unhappy?
Not this one!

So, what is it then?

No, can't reveal it publicly.
Some real close friends know though.

Let's see: has it to do with your work?
Is the publication of a book maybe cancelled?

It has nothing to do with the work.

Means it has to do with your private life then?


We are getting closer then.
Has it to do with a person in your life?

Look, stop playing Sherlock Holmes.
It is nobody's business.
The only thing to tell publicly is that two days of unhappiness will be practiced and that is all you get.

(He is getting upset!
What could trigger this weird way of doing?
A man always happy deciding to be unhappy for two days?
Who has a clue out there?)


Monday, October 12, 2009

Weird karate raindrops

It is the HN7000S Hughes modem that decides where life is now.
The new one has to come from Colima, a city on the mainland of Mexico.

It can arrive today.
Or tomorrow.
Maybe in two days.

After which the new modem needs to be installed.
Have all the settings right so that internet can be accessed again with the Fuso Szulc Datastorm Motosat Satellite System.
That can take a while too.

Of course a true adventurer does not sit and wait passively to remain idle.
But see it as an opportunity to have new experiences.

Yesterday on the beaches of La Paz the Panamerican youth champion in karate was photographed.
Hector Gonzales is a local celebrity and will go to the world championships in Morocco next month.

Also yesterday, the first version of the invitation card was received for the coming exhibition of sequences and the presentation of the new book "Sequences: the ultimate selection" on november 29 in Galerie Baudelaire, Antwerp, Belgium.
Designed by Henrik Barents the invitation card stands out by the way he applied lettering.

Some people may think it is weird.
Or even wacky.
For sure unorthodox.
But the pioneering photographer loves the card and the way it is designed.
It is as different, unique and intriguing as the sequences are.

Meanwhile, it is raining in La Paz.
This season it has received a lot of it.
Nature is content.
Trees and plants are growing vigorously. b
There are flowers and birds singing
All for us.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

How a victim can be victorious

You are who you are and this is from the time you are alive.
In mother's womb.

Already during the 9 months there, awareness of the outer world exists and those experiences are added to who you are.

After birth, the loading of experiences and influences increases.
And when the threshold of adulthood is crossed you are who you are plus a load of extra's put on you by parents, family, school, religion, culture, tradition and anything else that was happening around you.

This can be a good thing.
When you are born in a happy family with love between the parents.
In a peaceful situation with harmony, good health and prosperity.

Therefore, no matter who you are, the rest of your life you will operate a lot based on everything that was put inside you in the first 20 years of your life.

Now, what to do when the influences of the first 20 years have been partly extremely negative?
You have two options:

Go down the drain and end in the gutter.
To accept to be drowned and overwhelmed and dominated by the negativity of the past.
To become an alcoholic, a drug addict, unsuccessful in work and relationships.

Or, you can work on dissolving the extremely negative influences of the past and sublimate them into positive driving forces in your life.
You can work on liberating yourself from the influences of the experiences of the past to reach the core of who you really are to use as the only platform to live from.

Option 1 is the most easy, convenient and logical.
You just give in.
You refuse to fight and you sleep outside the ring.
Even the people around you will agree: after what you have been going through as a child they see it as only logical you drink and drug yourself into oblivion.
You have the best excuses not to become who you are and be meaningful for yourself and the community.

Option 2 is the hard way.
It is crossing hell.
Walking through a bush fire.
Swimming an ocean.
Losing almost everything.
But if life has any value to you, it is the only way.
It offers the chance to make right what was wrong.
It is the way to dump the garbage left in you by others and once cleaned up one discovers the true self from where life has the best quality.
For you and for the others.

Depending how bad it was, it can take a lifetime to free oneself truly from past negative influences.
This is not a problem because the process itself of liberation, although difficult and hard, is very fascinating and eventually fulfilling.

One aspect of this process of liberation is very typical.
During moments of dealing with the past when remembering the specific events, it is very easy to get a feeling of being a victim.
Which, in a way, is a very justified feeling.
Isn't someone who is abused not a victim?

However, to feel a victim is a very dangerous position to take.
Because it offers justification for failure, inaction and inadequacy.
Most of all, a person feeling a victim easily slips into depressions and other negative emotions.
To operate in life with the conviction one is a victim, closes every way to liberate and get out to go to who you are.

The key to deal with the past in a positive and constructive way therefore is to be able to see oneself not as a victim.
But as a person who had a series of experiences that are the signs along the way to reach the core of the own being.
Once this attitude is reached, the process of dealing with the past becomes more easy, interesting and productive.

It is very difficult not to feel a victim.
Even for persons who have managed to enter the territory of the real self almost completely.
The reason is that remembering experiences of the past comes with the emotions attached to it.
These emotions drive the person into thinking and feeling to be a victim.
Unless there is an awareness about it.
To observe oneself slipping into victimhood but to detach of that movement through a high level of awareness.
To stay in the true self and have it not hauled into a poisonous pit.

A victim can become victorious.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

mauling monopolies

Internet by satellite is the solution for people living in far away places.
And who are on the road.
Basically you need a satellite dish and a modem and you are on the internet through a connection with a satellite.
If you are traveling you can even have an automated system.
That a satellite disk automatically goes from the place where you happen to be automatically to the correct satellite.
In that case you need a satellite disk controller that works in collaboration with your modem.
Of course these systems come with a router so that in the area where you are you can get on line through your own WIFI.

If you live in a house and you want satellite internet with a dish and modem, you are going to spend between $ 200 and $ 300.
Including installation.
If you want the mobile system on your RV, that costs more of course as the satellite disk is very sophisticated.
But a simple system for a house, that includes a Hughes HN7000S modem, not more than $ 300.
With rebates and special offers even only $ 200. (Satellite Star Internet)

Next, you pay a monthly fee to be on internet that depends of the quantity of use.
These fees are fixed no matter what you paid for purchasing the system.

But what now when your Hughes HN7000S modem breaks down?
What happened with the internet satellite system build into the Fuso Szulc expedition vehicle?
How to replace the modem for a new one?
While you know that it has to be the same HN7000S modem: any other won't work in the set up you have.

You may call the supplier/installer of your system and he will tell you a new HN7000S modem will cost $ 800.
How can that be when you have paid for your complete system, dish, cables, modem, installation, a meagre $ 200 ?

You may want to do some research about this Hughes HN7000S modem.
And find out that as a customer and user you are in a position of disadvantage.
Because Hughes and its dealers/installers have put so many advantages on their side.

First of all, a modem has been made connected to a subscription to a service provider of satellite internet connection.
Like you can't buy an iPhone without a AT&T contract.
So, it is not that you simply can buy a modem and switch the broken one for the new one.
Each modem has a specific number and your subscription and internet access only works with the one you had from the beginning and registered with the service provider.

Second, modems can only be bought from certified Hughes distributors and installers.
They are not for sale in Wal*Mart.
And between Hughes and their dealers/installers is in all probability a complex system of bonuses, percentages and sharing, the customers don't know anything about.

Therefore, when the modem breaks down, you call your installer.
Who will come with a new modem.
Replace the broken one and inform the service provider of the switch of modem.
So that in their computers the assigned registration is changed and customer can return on the internet.
And how much is that?
$ 800 plus tax and maybe service costs, thank you very much.

Now, a smarter person will go to the local library where is internet also and roam to check where to find a cheaper solution for the problem of the broken modem.
To find a company in Montana, Montana Satellite Supply, that sells new HN7000S modems that are without contracts with a service provider.
Unlocked ones therefore.
How much?
$ 449,95 + tax +shipping/handling.

You could order this modem, connect it yourself and then call your service provider to request a change of modem assignment.
They may charge for that though.

But you also will wonder why a new Hughes HN7000 modem together with a satellite disk and everything else needed costs $ 200, a single new modem in most places $ 800 and in Montana $ 449,95.

To make things even more absurd, the modem in the Fuso Szulc broke down while in Mexico.
To buy a new modem in the USA and have it shipped to Mexico is not really an option.
Takes a long time, weeks, and the Mexican customs may charge up to 60 % import tax.

But no despair.
In Mexico they also have Hughes satellite internet distributors/installers.
For how much do they sell a brand new HN7000S modem with two years guarantee including setup and helpdesk?
$ 300 thank you very much again.

Obviously this HN7000S modem is an object that is used to make money.
Its real value may be less than $ 100.
But it is made into a tool to squeeze as much money out of the customers as possible.

It is pretty amazing that these kinds of business practices are legally allowed.
A customer who has a modem that breaks down must buy the same one: that is how it is designed.
And next the customer is made to pay a fortune in order to replace the modem.

These kinds of monopolistic business methods are very much in the disadvantage of the customers.
Who obviously are not protected by their government.
This is different in Belgium and Italy.
Also in those countries iPhone wanted to practice their monopolistic marketing.
Offering an iPhone including a two year contract with one specific phone company.
No choice: that or nothing.
The governments of Italy and Belgium believed this was not a demonstration of fair business.
A person that buys a cell phone must have the freedom to chose which plan with which phone company it prefers.
Therefore, by law, in Italy and Belgium iPhones are sold unlocked by Apple itself.

The customer in the USA with a broken modem has another option though.
A ridiculous one.
When the modem breaks down after two years, the contract with the service provider can be cancelled.
Next, a whole new setup is ordered.
For $ 200 a new dish, cables and modem will be installed.
To throw away the two year old dish.
Instead of paying $ 800 to have only the modem replaced.

Two warnings:

on the market are also refurbished HN7000S modems.
It is not always made clear if the price mentioned means a brand new one or a used one.
Be aware and check before making the purchase.

The HN7000S modem for $ 300 in Mexico comes with a two year subscription.
It means canceling the existing account and opening a new one.
This can be done but the purchase of the modem, the delivery, the installation and the assigning is a not very simple procedure and one really needs help of an expert.
In La Paz, Baja California, Mexico is a most friendly and highly experienced expert who can do it for you:
Hans Krakaur to contact at:


Friday, October 9, 2009

Say no, Mr. President

How about awarding the gold medals to certain athletes for the next Olympic Games before these Games have even started?
How about giving a couple of millions to somebody as the winning price for a lottery before is known which ticket has won?
How about claiming your daughter is Miss World even before she is wearing her first bra?

These thoughts came to mind when it was learned that President Barack Obama of the USA has been awarded the Nobel Peace Price.
His Olympic gold medal, his millions for the lottery and his first bra.

Because, let's be fair, what impressive results has Mr. Obama achieved until now that justifies the Nobel Peace Price?
He has all kinds of good intentions for sure.
But those are words only.
Meanwhile the Palestinian-Israelian conflict is worse than ever as Israelian foreign minister Lieberman has explained yesterday.
The trouble with Iran and North Korea is now not different than one year ago.
The war in Afghanistan is worse then ever too.
Meanwhile we are still having as many nuclear weapons worldwide as ever before.
Isn't then the question not justified to ask what the hell has Mr. Obama actually accomplished to get this Nobel Peace Price?

The answer to the question is that the Nobel Peace Price committee has not followed the regular procedure by comparing the results of activities of different individuals choosing the one that in their eyes has contributed the most to peace on this earth.
Instead, this time they have made a political decision.
Intending to influence the coming policies of Mr. Obama.
Putting a heavy load on his shoulder.
Loading him up with sky high expectations.
Forcing him to live up to the award he has received.

For example, impossible now for Mr. Obama to declare war on Iran.
In other words, the foreign policy of the USA for the next years is coming from Oslo, Norway.

This is why, if Mr. Obama is a true American and a real independent politician and without any personal vain, he must kindly refuse to accept this time the Nobel Peace Price.
He must show courage, personality and independence by saying: no thank you very much but do consider me again after I finish my presidential term(s).

How can Mr. Obama still be convincing if he accepts a price he has no facts achieved to justify them?
His stature is put at stake by the Oslo Nobel Price committee.

Therefore we say: Barack, be a Rock! Say no, thank you.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The ripper tripper

Electronic engineer Hans here in La Paz took the Hughes HN7000S modem out of the Fuso Szulc.
Opened it and was surprised to see all the oxidation on the inside of the metal housing.
Obviously the result of spending so much time near the ocean.
His theory is that the electronic circuits are possibly affected by the salt and humidity.

Hans is now trying with all the knowledge and expertise he has to try to repair the modem.
To find out what components are malfunctioning to replace them if possible.
And that would be swell.

Because a new Hughes HN7000S modem costs $ 800 ex tax, shipping and handling.
An incredible price.
Same strategy obviously as the US company Dometic has with its Seitz Heki RV products.
In a recent posting it was explained how Dometic sells parts of Seitz Heki products for prices hundreds of percents higher than what they sell for in Germany.

Modems are sold in a package: a customer pays one price and gets a modem, the satellite disk, a router, all cables and installation included.
Modems as such are not really sold.
Usually they last several years.
Until a new model comes out and customers upgrade to a better system and change their whole digital internet exhibitionism.
New disk, new modem, new router, etc
Therefore, if by chance a modem stops working, good luck.
Hughes can sell it for the price they like.
And make a real profit.
Like the ink cartridges strategy of printer manufacturers.

Inside a Hughes HN7000S modem is hardly anything.
60 % of the space is empty.
There is just one rather small motherboard with a bunch of electronics.
A battery that is welded to the motherboard and irreplaceable.
And it is clear also now that the reset button on the back of the modem has been disabled by Hughes.

$ 800 for this damned thing.
Two years old.
How not to feel cursed?

Fortunately there is one HN7000S in a shop in Cabo San Lucas.
A miracle by itself.
So, if Hans can't fix it, the Fuso Szulc goes to Cabo for costly modem replacement.

Nevertheless in an excellent mood.
Seeing friends in La Paz and enjoying high speed internet connection.
To SKYPE for hours with the "Queen of dreams".


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dead or alive

The Datastorm Motosat Satellite System had been working for about a week with no problem.
Even this afternoon around 5.
On line to check the stock market, the hurricane centre and to handle the evening mail that had come from Europe.
At 8 in the evening the Datastorm Motosat Satellite System was switched on again to watch the news on internet TV from the Netherlands.
Access to the internet was not possible.
The LAN-light on the modem was not illuminated.
What means that the Datastorm D3 controller has no connection with the Hughes HN 7000S modem.
A range of emotions.
After a serious problem one week ago, resulting in being off internet for 3 days, now this.
Why this new problem?
How to fix it?
Something for tomorrow.

The whole day occupied with trying to fix the Datastorm Motosat Satellite System.
Without success.
Somehow the D3 controller is not getting in touch with the Hughes modem.
It is not the cables.
They have all been checked and they are perfect.
It is not the Linksys router.
The current one has been replaced with one that is in reserve and the problem persist.
It must be the settings then.
But all the settings in the D3 are correct.
What is suddenly causing this problem?

The D3 controller has been updated with the latest firmware.
A new Satellite table has been uploaded.
Is not solving the problem.

Locking to the satellite is now impossible.
When the D3 controller is assigned to search for the SatMex5 satellite it makes the satellite dish spinning around and around.
Without that it stops to search at all.

Nor is it possible to access the software of the modem.
Because this goes through the D3 controller, the modem is unreachable.

There are no more ideas what could be a solution.
And it is impossible to understand why suddenly, out of the blue, this problem exists.

Juaquin came by.
The guardsman of the resort under construction.
He had a problem of his own.
For a month now he has not been paid.
His $ 600.
Juaquin is getting desperate no money coming in.
He has two kids in school in La Paz and his wife in the village an hour from the resort.
They need money to live and to study.
He is thinking now to return to work as a fisherman and leave the resort under construction.
To take his loss and not have it grow higher.
This he wants to announce to the representative in La Paz of the American owner of the resort.
So he gets either money quickly or he can leave and start fishing.
From the resort, climbing on the roof of the building, he can use his cell phone and, with interruptions, call La Paz.
But he has no credit anymore.
One may wonder why he is not getting paid.
And Leonardo at La Ballena, the storage place of the resort at half an hour walk,
Doesn't the American owner of the property have no more $ 1.200 per month to pay the guardsmen?
He's playing it tough because if Juaquin and Leonardo walk away, all the building equipment and materials will be stolen in a few days.


Switched on the Datastorm Motosat Satellite System.
On the D3 controller the LNB light is not coming on.
That rings a bell.
Datastorm Motosat Satellite System supplies the customer with a CD-ROM with a rudimentary manual.
There, something has been read about the LNB light.
"LNB light will illuminate when a modem is connected to the D3."
The D3 unable to recognize the modem is presuming no modem is connected.
Hence, no LNB light on the D3.
What else does the CD-ROM say about this problem in troubleshooting?

Problem: States that the D3 is in DiRECWAY mode and cannot communicate
with the modem.
- Make sure the modem is connected to the network.
- Check the network settings on the D2 in accordance with the
D2/Modem Quick Setup Guides.
- If connected via a router, disable the router firewall.
- Reboot the modem.
- Double check all connections and network settings.

Sure, the modem is connected to the network.
The settings in the D3 are correct.
The firewall in the router is disabled.
The modem has been rebooted and even reset with a button on the back.
And still nothing positive happening.

Some time later the D3 was switched off and on and this time the LNB light came on contrary to this morning.
But the LAN light on the modem still not working...
This makes the puzzle more complicated.

Yesterday on the roof of the Fuso Szulc, all connections between the cables and the disk itself were checked.

What could it be?

Every 3 minutes or so, all 5 LED lights of the modem come on for a split second.
As if to say, it wants to but it can't.

It is either a software problem or a hardware problem.
A software problem is not very likely.
The Datastorm Motosat Satellite System was working well one moment and two hours later suddenly it stopped.
Software and settings are not expected to change by itself.
In any case, the latest firmware has been uploaded in the D3 controller and all settings are OK.

Leaves the hardware to house the problem.
It could be the modem that has broken down.
Never heard of such a thing though.
Or the connection of the cables.
Let's check them inside and on the roof once more.

All this is a challenge.
To learn to remain quiet.
Not to get upset.
To avoid to get angry, frustrated, violent, destructive, foul, mad, nervous and crazy.
Of course it is not good communication by internet is made impossible by the failing Datastorm Motosat Satellite System.
There are new developments with the publication of the photobook of the project "The most beautiful people in the world".
Next month will be the most important Book Fair of Frankfurt where the "The most beautiful people in the world"-publisher is going to for making deals with other publishers to have the book come out in different languages and countries.
Right now planning for this important event is going on and as an author there is deep involvement.
That is, when it is possible to communicate.
The other publisher, of the book "Sequences: the ultimate selection", is in the final stages of printing the book and organizing the events dressing it.
Also this needs a high level of involvement to share responsibility and have major input.
This has stopped as of the moment the D3 can't find the modem anymore.
As well as different other projects currently being developed.
While of course social life through internet has stopped completely also.
Next, hundreds of people can't read the daily blog and may wonder what is the matter this time.
Maybe even with a feeling of worry because the last posting was about dreams where death came to get the pioneering photographer.
Maybe fervent and loyal blog readers think it actually happened?

In those circumstances it is maybe the best strategy to leave El Triple immediately to return to La Paz to ask help and solutions from Motosat by telephone.
In the past this has happened.
Because in fact, many, many times this Datastorm Motosat Satellite System has caused serious problems.

But these days a different feeling dominates.
It refuses to be the slave of the caprices of the Datastorm Motosat Satellite System.
Life is not centered around it.
Let it be silent for awhile.


Juaquin, the guardsman of the resort under construction came by.
He is going to La Paz to visit the office of the Mexican representative of the American owner of El Triple resort.
To demand the money he is waiting for during one month.
Good fortune Juaquin is going to La Paz today!
He got a 100 Mexican Pesos to buy credit for his mobile phone to call good friend Alonso there.
Who will, like ten days ago, inform several people that the pioneering photographer didn't die but that again the Datastorm Motosat Satellite System is down.
Explaining the silence.

Meanwhile, during the night, a tremendous storm developed.
With very strong winds from the South, dark clouds and occasional rain.
Creating a paradox: in case the Datastorm Motosat Satellite System had been working, the system would have needed to be switched off and the satellite disk folded against the roof.
Due to the strong winds.

A new experiment to undertake.
How about switching off the D3 controller and the Linksys router.
And switch on the Hughes HN 7000S modem.
To connect the modem with an ethernet cable straight to the computer.
Would that give access to the settings and the control panel of the modem?
Let's try!

First surprise: when the D3 has no power, the LNB light is on anyway.
That indicates a modem is connected to the D3.
Ethernet cable from modem to Linksys router disconnected and plugged into the computer.
Impossible to access the modem.

New idea!
To change the ethernet cable between modem and Linksys router.
Maybe the cable went bad.
Isn't it either.

Another idea.
On the back of the modem is a reset button.
When that has been pushed nothing has been happening.
No lights on the modem coming on or anything.
How about switching off the Linksys router and the D3 controller and then reset the modem?
Nothing happening again.
The only thing with the modem that shows activity is the power light being on and every 30 seconds all lights flash for a second.

Meanwhile, this storm is pretty serious.
Lots of rain and very strong winds.
Over 50 km per hour (30 MPH)
Barometer down to 1002 mb.
Impossible to go outside.
What a weird games life plays.
First it locks the permanent pilgrim out and isolates of the worldwide community by sabotaging the Datastorm Motosat Satellite System.
And as if that was not enough, now the weather makes the isolation even more complete.
Due to the storm, only inside the Fuso Szulc is where one can be.


Life without internet.
Reality forces to admit it is fine too.
It feels like being on a holiday while on vacation.
Even while the storm keeps on dumping rain and the time is therefore spend inside the Fuso Szulc.
There are things to do anyway.
No reasons to run away from El Triple and hurry to La Paz to dive into an internet café.
Everybody can wait.
And the persons that should know that death has not reached dominion have been called by Alonso.

Next, the Dometic fridge broke down.
Was that another indication to stop the retreat at El Triple and return to civilization?
Where the world is crazy but where they can fix modems and fridges?
One can live without internet.
But far away from shops, the food is in the fridge and the freezer and when they stop working there will be only cooked rice to eat.
In strong winds and rain an effort was made to figure out what was wrong with this Dometic fridge.
Somehow rainwater had gotten into the backside of the fridge and affected the electric connection.
Drying and cleaning them resulted in new life for the fridge.
Allowing to resume the retreat at El Triple.

It is 28 days now and the mental state is at its best.

This can go on and on.