Thursday, October 15, 2009

To be or to wait

Waiting is losing control of your life.
Something or someone else deciding what when happens.

That can make a person feel frustrated.
Like jailed.

But is that justified?

These days a HN7000S modem for the broken Fuso Szulc Datastorm Motosat satellite system is on its way.
Purchased last Friday, the selling company in Calisco, Mexico promised to send it by airplane so that the HN7000S modem would arrive last monday.
We are thursday now and no HN7000S modem has arrived in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.
The selling company was contacted to ask what happened.
To hear it was not send by airplane to La Paz.
It was send all the way to Tijuana, at the US border with San Diego, 1.500 km away from La Paz.
And now the HN7000S modem is in a delivery van slowly driving from Tijuana to La Paz.
Stopping so that the driver can have his night's sleep.
Stopping in every town on the way to deliver parcels.
Probably the HN7000S can be installed tomorrow friday.
When the delivery van has no flat tire.

Until now, one week of waiting in spite of all the promises.
An exercise in feeling frustrated and upset or to feel flowing in a beautiful river.
To fight life or to accept life.
To oppose the situation and feel stuck or to accept and see how to use the waiting time in the best way.

Recently, over a sushi lunch, good friend Hans Krakaur said that life is making decisions.
To not have things happen to you and tolerate that they control you.
Hans claims that we can decide how we feel about what happens in our lives.

This interesting theory can be applied to the current situation.
There is the choice to feel frustrated or not.
However, that means that the person in this situation must be able not to be carried away by the emotion.
Once the emotion overwhelms, it controls and steers.
Being in the commotion, turbulence and energy of the emotion, no way a person can move into a position of decision.
To decide to feel frustrated or not.

Hence, step one: relax.
If an emotion comes up: let it come.
And then: let it go.

Step two: decide.
Most of the time the best is to accept the situation and go for alternative activities.
But sometimes we need to put pressure on the source of the one trying to frustrate.

In both cases to be relaxed and peaceful is the most effective.
Alternative activities can be found easily when at peace with the situation.
Effective correction of naughty people works better too when calm and wise.

Today is another day of waiting for the HN7000S modem to come.
But the decision is that the situation is not one of waiting.
The HN7000S is on its way all right but now and here other activities are employed that are interesting, beautiful, fulfilling and positive.
The HN7000S modem has moved to the background.
More relevant things are in the forefront.

Hence, there is no waiting.
It vanished.


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Anonymous said...

But you're still blogging, posting, postulating. Do you really need this expensive modem?