Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Life as a casino

Sometimes it is not necessary or even possible for fervent and loyal blog readers to know everything.
Like to learn why the pioneering photographer was once lodged in the Hilton Hotel on the beautiful Caribbean island of Curacao.
Just accept this fact and forget about the why.

Having us come that far, on the table of the spacious room of the Hilton Curacao was a brochure and a cheque of a $ 100.
The brochure was about the casino that was in the basement of the hotel.
And the cheque could be changed at the cashier of the casino for plastic coins to play roulette or blackjack.
To go down to the basement, enter the casino, change the cheque and gamble?
Yes, no doubt.
What to loose?
Hence, when time was available, a visit was made to the casino.
With the cheque in the pocket.

First, a tour was made in the casino.
To see how people were pulling the handles of the one arm bandits.
How they were playing blackjack.
Huddled around the roulette table.

And seeing all those activities and feeling the intensity of the players, the decision was quickly made to leave the place.
Without even cashing the cheque to give gambling a try.
Gambling is not in the blood.
If it makes people happy, fine for them.
But personally gambling is an activity that makes no sense, has no interest and doesn't appeal.
It is seen as a waste of time and money.

In real life, the one outside the casino, making choices sometimes resemble gambling.
But at least those choices can be made from intuition within a social and business context.
And never a choice made in real life can be wrong.
With the right attitude and choosing with sincerity and full conscious directly from the heart, every choice is the best one.
Which cannot be said of gambling in the casino.
You go in, spend $ 500 and how do you come out?
Wiser, better, happier, richer?
If so, gamble on!
If not, stay on this side.


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luvglass said...

To you it's gambling - to the casino it's business. You, individually may win or lose, the casino collectively, always wins. Only suckers gamble!