Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Feelings from a rock

Recently a posting was published claiming life is shit.
And two reasons were moved to the front to justify this harsh opinion.

But then many readers responded and in ways that this feeling and opinion that life is shit collapsed quickly and transformed into the usual wave of happiness that is most of the time surfed on.

Conclusion: it really pays off to express widely and publicly any disturbing emotions.
Helping hands around everywhere lifting the demoralized spirit out of the pit effectively and in no time.

Take the "Queen of dreams", who is the dream of kings and queens.
She responded by saying:

"Why suddenly life is shit?
Never life is shit or fantastic.
You judge and earmark it as shit or fantastic:
while life just is.

Only melancholic minds that are sensitive have the tendency to see immediately the whole life as shit once something small goes different as expected or hoped.
This explains the extreme highs and lows in the lives of the sensitive people among us.
I say to you: just let yourself be carried by the stream of life without being judgmental.
Because that only blocks your energy."

Words of a wise person.

But then, if life just is, are we not allowed to have feelings?
Is it no good or unacceptable or amateurish to sometimes think and feel that life is shit?
Like yesterday during the post-siesta walk on the beach along the Sea of Cortez.
Two young women were met who were bathing.
One was voluptuous and shabby.
But the other one, in the tiniest bikini close to creating an international scandal, was of an extreme beauty.
And a natural air of being, free and simple, in spite of the cotton saving dressing.
These two women were lesbians as they were seen kissing.
For the voluptuous and shabby one that is fine, but for the other one, is it then not logic to think for 5 minutes life is shit?

Hell, when it is appropriate to feel something, why not feel it?
To go into the experience and to come out?
Does that make the protagonist a melancholic mind who is sensitive?

Not if the person is build on a rock.
IS a rock.
That sometimes get wet.
That sometimes get warm.
And when it gets wet, it IS wet.
And when it gets warm, it IS warm.
Until it gets dry.
Until it gets cool.
The experience is had and the rock has not changed.

Therefore, it is OK to get wet.
And best is then to feel wet 100 %.
But, and this is vital, experienced while being a rock.
The wetness comes and goes.
And you stay.

This is exactly what happened recently with this caprice of believing life is shit.
Certain events triggered this feeling and instead of pushing it away as inappropriate feelings only for melancholic too sensitive minds, it was fully embraced.
The experience was accepted and lived through.
Enriching life, amusing it and an opportunity to share with other people.
While remaining a rock.
Without the feeling becoming the control tower of the movements in life.
It was just a plane flying by.


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Rajendar Menen said...

It is decades since I have been depressed. The last time I was seriously depressed was when I broke up with some girlfriend long ago. Silly kid stuff; I laugh at it now. Everyone has to go through this -- like acne and measles and adolescence. Ever since, I live in eternal gratitude and spend my birthdays in total meditation. Every day I do yoga and meditate for an hour and am enveloped by bliss and energy. Power rushes through the nadis and I am on a high. It is like a drug. A natural high. Plus I live in a country of almost 1300 million people and, by an accident of birth, I am in the top 100 million. I have food, shelter, clothes, skills, health, education, fellowship of the entire world, renown and, most important, YOGA! When people crib or are depressed, I have no idea what they are talking about. Doesn't make sense. It is so easy to be happy like it is so easy to be healthy. The soul is meant for joy and not depression, and the body is meant to healthy if you look after it. They also go hand in hand.

Smell the earth.
Cheers to life!!!!!!!!