Friday, October 23, 2009

Sleeping in freedom

You go to bed knowing that you can wake up when you want.
Often described as the "Sunday feeling".
A version of freedom.

This is part of the Fuso Szulc philosophy.
To be highly creative and productive.
To work hard and seriously.
But to wake up naturally.
No alarm clock.
No commitments.
No appointments or deadlines.

Able to sleep as long as nature thinks is appropriate, is one of the most beautiful and enjoyed aspects of the life.
Every night the horizontal position is taken while the mind enjoys deeply the prospect that sleep is allowed for as long as it prefers.

An innocent fervent and loyal blog reader may think that this approach results in sleeping till ten or eleven in the morning.
This is very much besides the truth.
In fact, the body decides to stop sleeping when the first light of the day appears.
It is the sun rising that is initiating life again.

Even when the night before sleeping has start very, very late, nevertheless the body always wakes at sunrise.
It could sleep longer: that is the freedom that has been created.
But somehow it doesn't want to.

This is probably because life is experienced as something very exciting.
Every time with total enthusiasm and high eagerness the day is begun.
There is a tremendous lust for life.
Every night when it is time to sleep it is realized what a wonderful things there will be to do the next day.
Hence, no time is going to be wasted sleeping many hours while the sun is up and all those wonderful things could be experienced and great things accomplished.

Something to be aware of is that this is not an enforced lifestyle.
Or a self taught discipline.
No, to the contrary.
It is the natural way life likes to be lived.


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