Monday, October 12, 2009

Weird karate raindrops

It is the HN7000S Hughes modem that decides where life is now.
The new one has to come from Colima, a city on the mainland of Mexico.

It can arrive today.
Or tomorrow.
Maybe in two days.

After which the new modem needs to be installed.
Have all the settings right so that internet can be accessed again with the Fuso Szulc Datastorm Motosat Satellite System.
That can take a while too.

Of course a true adventurer does not sit and wait passively to remain idle.
But see it as an opportunity to have new experiences.

Yesterday on the beaches of La Paz the Panamerican youth champion in karate was photographed.
Hector Gonzales is a local celebrity and will go to the world championships in Morocco next month.

Also yesterday, the first version of the invitation card was received for the coming exhibition of sequences and the presentation of the new book "Sequences: the ultimate selection" on november 29 in Galerie Baudelaire, Antwerp, Belgium.
Designed by Henrik Barents the invitation card stands out by the way he applied lettering.

Some people may think it is weird.
Or even wacky.
For sure unorthodox.
But the pioneering photographer loves the card and the way it is designed.
It is as different, unique and intriguing as the sequences are.

Meanwhile, it is raining in La Paz.
This season it has received a lot of it.
Nature is content.
Trees and plants are growing vigorously. b
There are flowers and birds singing
All for us.


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