Sunday, October 25, 2009

Floating for freedom

Well, ironically then.
One of the dogs was biting the comfortable chair to pieces.
And more of those things happening these days.
Life is shit suddenly.
From heights to depths.
Not worth living it lustfully but more like sitting in a waiting room boring it out.

These damned spirals in life.
They either go up high in the sky.
Or they go down to where hell is.

And only because openness is available.
No walls around the life so that many things can happen and many people can enter.

Like Torrit, the dog.
The only canine of Alfredo Gonzales that is not tied up to suffer in the shadow of a tree.
This dog Torrit comes to visit the Fuso Szulc and likes to join when a walk is made.
He gets fresh water, dog crackers and a tin of dog food a day.
Until this morning after his breakfast he tore the expensive and comfy chair to pieces.
Torrit was chased away getting stones flying around his head as a goodbye gift and his party at the Fuso Szulc is definitely over.
Now sitting and reading outside has to be improvised as the Camping World chair is professionally and animalistically destroyed.

And that is only what the dog has done to life recently to make it miserable.
Torrit was joined by a human being.
Someone was allowed to come inside and communicate on the most delicate levels of intimacy.
In a two way vice versa extravaganza of revealing secrets and being totally open and honest.
And then that comfy chair was bitten to pieces as well.

Only thing to do is to focus on being totally in the moment.
To forget about the past and about the future.
However, to be upscale upset about the dog and the person is not helpful to achieve this.

A good friend said: take your time and moderate the negative experiences.
Wise words.

Like every morning, before the wind picks up, a walk is made to a part of the beach where nobody is.
A 20 minutes walk from the Fuso Szulc along the shoreline.
There all clothes are taken off and a dive is made into the Sea of Cortez to swim away.
Away from the land and the dogs and the women.
To eventually float on the back in the salt water moving slowly up and down by the waves.
Feeling total relaxation.
Free of broken chairs and hearts.


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