Friday, October 9, 2009

Say no, Mr. President

How about awarding the gold medals to certain athletes for the next Olympic Games before these Games have even started?
How about giving a couple of millions to somebody as the winning price for a lottery before is known which ticket has won?
How about claiming your daughter is Miss World even before she is wearing her first bra?

These thoughts came to mind when it was learned that President Barack Obama of the USA has been awarded the Nobel Peace Price.
His Olympic gold medal, his millions for the lottery and his first bra.

Because, let's be fair, what impressive results has Mr. Obama achieved until now that justifies the Nobel Peace Price?
He has all kinds of good intentions for sure.
But those are words only.
Meanwhile the Palestinian-Israelian conflict is worse than ever as Israelian foreign minister Lieberman has explained yesterday.
The trouble with Iran and North Korea is now not different than one year ago.
The war in Afghanistan is worse then ever too.
Meanwhile we are still having as many nuclear weapons worldwide as ever before.
Isn't then the question not justified to ask what the hell has Mr. Obama actually accomplished to get this Nobel Peace Price?

The answer to the question is that the Nobel Peace Price committee has not followed the regular procedure by comparing the results of activities of different individuals choosing the one that in their eyes has contributed the most to peace on this earth.
Instead, this time they have made a political decision.
Intending to influence the coming policies of Mr. Obama.
Putting a heavy load on his shoulder.
Loading him up with sky high expectations.
Forcing him to live up to the award he has received.

For example, impossible now for Mr. Obama to declare war on Iran.
In other words, the foreign policy of the USA for the next years is coming from Oslo, Norway.

This is why, if Mr. Obama is a true American and a real independent politician and without any personal vain, he must kindly refuse to accept this time the Nobel Peace Price.
He must show courage, personality and independence by saying: no thank you very much but do consider me again after I finish my presidential term(s).

How can Mr. Obama still be convincing if he accepts a price he has no facts achieved to justify them?
His stature is put at stake by the Oslo Nobel Price committee.

Therefore we say: Barack, be a Rock! Say no, thank you.


luvglass said...

You are right on point Michel. He has a lot of potential, but nothing accomplished to date to warrant such recognition.

Ken Norton - Image 66 Media said...

Oh, but that would insult the committee. That wouldn't be very diplomatic, would it? Of course he's going to accept it! You don't get to be president without being narcissistic.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong on this one, Michael. Judy

Anonymous said...

I think you are right, het did not yet earn it. But maybe this is what the world needs right now: a hero who will make a change, a man to put our hopes to. Het could be that man.