Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Unhappy for two days

Now it is tropical storm Patricia coming to La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.
Tomorrow it will slash its heavy rains and 90 kmh winds on La Paz and Cabo San Lucas and the whole south of the peninsula.

This has been a wet summer in Baja California.

One big hurricane.
Several tropical storms.
And many thunderstorms.
Dumping tremendous amounts of water on the land.

This can be seen.
What usually is a desert, are now green fields.
Trees and bushes full of leaves.
Plants everywhere with flowers.
Grass growing on the sand.
Baja California has changed from an arid area into a garden.

How wonderful !
Two days of heavy rains and next, weeks and weeks of green nature surrounding the people.

In the meantime it has been decided to be unhappy today.
And maybe tomorrow too.

The usual emotional state of being is of happiness, contentment, bliss and positivism.
To feel like that constantly is a privilege and wonderful.
But now the experiment is made to see if it can be even intensified by being two days very unhappy.
Because after those two days, returning to happiness, bliss, contentment and positivism, it will be experienced as feeling super the super for returning to this elated state so well known.
Like coming emotionally home.
After a two days journey into unhappiness.

Is this is a sudden idea?
An impulse?
To decide to be unhappy for two days?

Something has happened that give reasons to be unhappy.

Oh, really?
Tell us, pioneering photographer!
Did something else break down in your Fuso Szulc maybe?

Are you crazy?
To imagine that technical failures can make a human being unhappy?
Not this one!

So, what is it then?

No, can't reveal it publicly.
Some real close friends know though.

Let's see: has it to do with your work?
Is the publication of a book maybe cancelled?

It has nothing to do with the work.

Means it has to do with your private life then?


We are getting closer then.
Has it to do with a person in your life?

Look, stop playing Sherlock Holmes.
It is nobody's business.
The only thing to tell publicly is that two days of unhappiness will be practiced and that is all you get.

(He is getting upset!
What could trigger this weird way of doing?
A man always happy deciding to be unhappy for two days?
Who has a clue out there?)



JeffinOttawa said...

It must be a woman.

Anonymous said...

...or a man.

Anonymous said...

Or his woman fooling arouind with another man