Thursday, October 22, 2009

No prestigious pretensions please

Visiting a family living on a farm in Mexico and spending a long time with them has many aspects.
One most important one is that each party has a set of moral standards.
When most match a harmonious living together exists.

They actually do, the matching of moral standards.
In may ways the thinking about the things of life by the Gonzales family and the visitor are similar.
In synchro are the ideas about what is right or what is wrong.
Of every detail of life.

There is one major exception though.
There is unity in thinking about how to be vis a vis other human beings.
But an important discrepancy about how to be vis a vis animals.

And this is paramount.
Every day there is interaction with animals at a ranch.
Very visible and present.
Interaction with horses and mules.
With cows.
With goats.
With the dogs.
With the cat.
With the pigs.
With the chicken and roosters.

And the way the animals are treated is not like the standards of the visitor.
For the Gonzales it is the normal way.
While for the visitor it is animal cruelty.
Hence, a clash of standards.

Basically, a visitor can do only one thing when in a situation where no harmony is found in moral standards.
Because to try to change the people that are visited, who opened the doors and the arms, to try to have them accept different standards, is not polite and in any case, a megalomanic illusion.
A prestigious pretension.

Probably the animals would not agree with this point of view but unfortunately in matters like this, they have no voice.

Hence, a visitor can only observe the attitude towards animals and either accept it or go somewhere else.

However, the friendship with the Gonzales is very much alive for over 25 years.
That means there is a high level of flexibility and acceptance.
Room for expressing own points of view and possible different standards.
Like attitudes towards animals.

Therefore, no restrictions are self imposed to inform the Gonzales how appalling the treatment of the animals is felt.
It is clearly expressed.
In detail.
(On behalf of the suffering animals)

But in a good atmosphere.
Without accusing.
Without putting blame and creating guilt.
Treating the subject with humor.
Light and easy.
In a way that it won't matter if they do not have understanding or possibly do not accept the opposing standards that are kindly presented.

Within this context of the issue of treating animals no examples are presented on this blog about how exactly the animals suffer.
That would be disrespectful towards the Gonzales family.
And make a possible change hardly possible.

Now they are made to think about how they handle their animals.
And they may be inspired and come to different conclusions benefiting the animals.

But if the visitor talks to the Gonzales and next informs the rest of the world, the position of the visitor towards the family becomes corrupted.
To the disadvantage of the horse, the mule, the cow, the goat, the chicken, the rooster, the pig, the dog and the cat.
And are fervent and loyal blog readers anxiously waiting to learn details about animal cruelty?
Let us remain in harmony.


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Anonymous said...

I don't like people make animals suffer, I have myself two dogs and one cat, and I think take care of them, one of them Dogo, I found it in a abandoned arroyo near La Paz with the terrible illness mange, I took it to the Vet and I spent a fortune in it but he recovered fast, and I felt very good with the action I did with this wonderful Dog, that's my comment,
Alonso Lopez,
La Paz, BCS