Sunday, October 18, 2009

Per se praise

The day starts with one hour of swimming in the warm water of the large swimming pool.
Exactly as the day had ended the day before.
It has become almost like an experiment.
How many hours a day of exercising, in this case swimming, until the body indicates that it is tired and needs rest?
An hour in the morning and an hour in the evening has no results.
Energy levels are not affected.
As of today therefore 40 minutes of running will be added to the exercise program.
See what happens.
If the limit where tiredness or exhaustion begins can be reached.

Meanwhile the first photo critic has written a piece on the new book "Sequences: the ultimate selection".

An authority in the Netherlands and beyond, Mr. Rommert Boonstra says that the sequences are one of the seven world wonders in photography.
That sequences are about nothing and everything.
That they storm heaven without leaving earth.
That they connect in a harmonious way the minimal and the eternal.
Sequences, according to Mr. Boonstra, are a monument for the good life.

They come close to the unbelievable, he writes.
And he makes a very correct assessment: sequences are not conceptual.
Because conceptual is an image illustrating a philosophical idea.
But with sequences image and idea join and unite in an exuberant way.
Mr. Boonstra's conclusion is that the sequences return to life the secrets that modern existence has desperately tried to vanish from us.

An artist can only dream to have such a criticism about the work made public.
At the same time it gives a feeling of justification: that another person manages to truly and deeply understand the work.

But does the publication of such a text by a critic have any influence on the person?
Does it make feel proud and better?
Or does it improve the self esteem?

It turns out that it is not hard at all to remain in today's reality.
To have the personality not affected by what a critic writes about the work.
Because the focus is fully on the here and now.
Like today: the journey will be made from La Paz to the rancho of the Gonzales family.
That event fulfills fully the feeling and thinking.
And is the only thing important that really matters.


Rajendar Menen said...

Your work is exceptional. No doubt about that. Those who have the courage to break away from the much hewed path normally lead exceptional lives. Congratulations and more power to your eye!

Dawn Pier said...

congratulations michel! Praise well deserved. And congrats as well for not allowing it to make your ego explode! :-)