Monday, October 26, 2009

Selling the soul

Writing a blog as successful as this one gives a lot of satisfaction and joy.
It also results in receiving all kinds of responses.
Often readers are inspired by a posting and send a personal message with their point of view.
Or advices, recommendations, solutions and tips.
The hate mail during the Bush disaster has stopped of course.
One wrong word about him guaranteed e-mails reminding the blogwriter he was an asshole and more.
Now the messages received are of sweet, participating and encouraging fervent and loyal readers.

And then recently a most friendly lady wrote an e-mail.
Asking if it was possible to publish a text on the blog that she would supply.
What a weird proposal!
More communication revealed the text was going to be about the promotion of online gaming.
And the publication of this text would result in a financial reward.

Open to everything in life, why not go this way?
See what kind of text the online gaming company would come up with?

The financial side was quickly settled.
Although it was a joke.
An amount of € 18 = $ 27 was Paypalled.

A copywriter was assigned by the online gaming promotion company to write a text that would fit in this blog.
And read now for yourself to find out how a copywriter imitates this blogwriter:

How traveling photographers can fill their spare time with online gaming

There is no doubt that being a traveling photographer can be a very exciting experience. It doesn’t matter if you are doing it professionally, or are just taking pictures of your family vacation. It is a fantastic experience. However, like most things, there are a few issues that need to be addressed.
Due to the nature of being a traveling photographer, there is a lot of downtime that needs to be filled. You could be waiting at the airport for a connecting flight, in the back of a bus traveling to your destination, or at your hotel waiting for the day to begin. It doesn’t matter what the circumstance is, these situations can get boring.
It is becoming more and more common to see traveling photographers gaming online while they try and get through these situations. But now, you see them playing online blackjack or even at roulette
This has been made possible be recent technological advancements that have made Internet and wifi connections on laptop computers reliable enough that you can safely take part in online gaming wherever in the world. In the past, you may have been able to bet intermittent Internet connections with really slow speed, but it wasn’t really enough to take advantage of all the online gaming opportunities available. But now, there are no issues with logging on anywhere and playing a few rounds of blackjack or taking a spin at the slots.
And if you really think about it, online gaming is the perfect pastime in these situations. It is really exciting, you can win some money and you can play on your own schedule. Do you have just 5 minutes to kill? You can play a few rounds of video slots. Have a few hours? You could play some blackjack or even poker. It doesn’t matter. You are in total control.
Next time you are traveling and taking pictures and have some downtime, consider using online gaming as a way to fill the extra time you have. Once you try it, you will be hooked!

Of course in this text the points of views and opinions of the real blogwriter are not reflected at all.
On line gaming is an activity everybody is free to exercise and good luck is wished to the ones who, according to the imitator, "try it and get hooked".
The real blogwriter is not interested in online gaming as an activity.
For the reasons why, fervent and loyal blog readers will read tomorrow's posting.

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