Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Unable to be unhappy

It is not easy to admit to have failed.
Especially, when the failing was very dramatic.

As many fervent and loyal blog readers will remember, yesterday it was announced that two days of unhappiness were going to be performed.
And already the first day was completely disastrous.
There were the usual feelings of happiness and optimism and joy of life that were impossible to replace by feelings of unhappiness.

Maybe it was because of the daily swimming in the large pool of the trailer park.
Not only is this seriously boosting the libido and making the body feel as if it is housed inside Arnold Schwarzenegger, it also results in feeling elated.
An almost unreal sensation of joy and bliss, but this after minimum 45 minutes intensive swimming.

Maybe it was because of seeing Alma again.
A long time friend who lives in La Paz surrounded warmly and affectionately by her four children.
Alma is going to start a Reiki massage centre in January 2010 in La Paz.
It will be a fabulous place with peaceful and harmonious interior designing.
Soft music, candles, incense.
And specialty will be Reiki by two experts.
Four hands massage.

It is great to be with Alma now because she is so optimistic, full of life and plans and at the threshold of a new major period in her life.
One of the challenging issues opening the new Reiki place is to find an appropriate name for it.
A name that appeals.
That can be understood by the local population and by the visiting foreigners.
The suggestion was made: "Alma Cares"

Alma was informed about the plan to be unhappy for two days.
She said she noticed no problem that it was not very successful.
She said she saw the usual happy and life-lust man with her again.

And so it also went seeing Gaby and Xavier.
A top time with lots of laughing and warm sharing.
Not one moment of unhappiness.

And then, as a climax, an issue that needed to find a solution with the "Queen of Dreams" found the perfect answer opening the way for a journey that will be made together to Spain in December.

So, are you going to try to be unhappy today then?

What a stupid question.


Because obviously yesterday has demonstrated it simply is not possible.


Because it is not in the nature of the person, dummy.


Well, because that's the way a person is born.


Probably of chromosomes and specific DNA.


That's how we are made.


Oh, shut up.


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